Custom Made Demon King - Chapter 125

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Chapter 125: Chapter 125 - Second Gear

Chapter 125 Second Gear

Roy could only stop because of the abnormal condition of his body .

He began to check his physical condition but was surprised to find that his magic power was running through the nodes in his body very smoothly, as smoothly as usual . There was not the slightest stagnation at all . But once Roy tried to take another Magic Energy Growth Potion, that painful swelling appeared again .

This made Roy realize that his current magic power seemed to have reached a limit .

In fact, as early as when his magic power reached about three thousand, Roy noticed that the number of magic power nodes in his body no longer increased with the increase of his magic power . That meant that the magic power circuit possessed by the frost demon bloodline had been completely constructed in Roy’s body .

But this situation had not attracted Roy’s attention at that time…

The bodies of demons were special . They used their hearts as the energy center for magic power, and then they used the magic power nodes all over their bodies to form a unique, network-like magic power circuit . Magic power was a type of invisible and intangible energy, and it did not have any attributes at all . When demons cast magic, magic power first poured out from their hearts and quickly transferred through each magic power node . After activating the entire magic power circuit, the attributeless magic power would transform into elemental energy and finally form magical energy with an attribute .

Take Roy for example . The Magic Energy Growth Potions he produced using the energy of souls was actually pure, attributeless magic power . After consuming the Magic Energy Growth Potions, Roy’s body would absorb the magic power within and store it in his heart . This was the so-called growth of magic power . This was the so-called growth of magic power . Roy’s magic power circuit was Dark Cold, which could be regarded as a kind of mutated magic power circuit and different from the ones of other frost demons . When he wanted to activate ice magic, magic power would quickly surge out from his heart, activate his mutated magic power circuit, and transform the attributeless magic power into magic power with both the dark and frost attributes . The description of this process might be rather verbose, but it was actually completed in a rather short amount of time . It could be said that it was so fast that it was almost impossible to detect, almost instinctively .

This way, Roy could use the Dark Cold energy as he wanted…

The same was true for other demons, whether they were demons using flame powers or dark powers . Different demon bloodlines brought about different magic power circuits .

Roy’s problem now was that there was nothing wrong with his entire magic power circuit, but it seemed like the magic power volume of his heart had reached its limit .

Roy unconsciously wagged his tail and touched his demon horns as he started to ponder .

During this period of time, Roy did not know if it was an illusion or not, but he felt that his demon horns were becoming better and better to the touch, especially the parts close to his head . They felt warm, as though he was touching a warm piece of jade . Whenever he had this feeling, Roy could not help but want to get a mirror to take care of them and see if they were already patinating…

Having said that, he had come into contact with many demons in the middle Abyss, and he found that many demons cared a lot about their demon horns . Both male and female demons were like this . Unless absolutely necessary, they would not use their demon horns as weapons…

Hmm, it seems like we’ve digressed . Roy stopped letting his thoughts wander and began to consider how to solve his current situation .

Clearly, a magic power value of five thousand was not the limit . In Roy’s impression, high-rank demons like Xeron had a massive amount of magic power that definitely exceeded five thousand .

Then, how did those high-rank demons store more magic power?

This question was also probably another obvious difference between middle-rank demons and high-rank demons…

Increasing the number of hearts, such as turning a heart into two or three? This might indeed increase the number of magic power reserves, but after thinking about it, Roy tossed this thought out of his mind . He felt that, other than some demons with special abilities, most demons could not control how their bodies grew, and it was impossible for more hearts to grow out of thin air .

This thing isn’t a tumor…

A bigger body? That doesn’t seem right . A larger body did not mean a larger heart, thus being able to contain more magic power . A larger body contained more blood, but magic power was not blood! The so-called magic power volume was just a concept, and its storage method was different from that of blood .

If this were the case, all high-rank demons would probably be giant creatures about fifty meters tall and have fifty-meter waist circumferences…

Roy thought of several solutions, but finally, the only method he felt reliable was compression!

The reason was very simple . Everyone knew that in the case of an object with a fixed volume, the higher the density, the heavier it was . It would probably be the same when it came to magic power . If he could compress his magic power and reduce the volume it occupied in his heart, it might be able to free up some space to accommodate the further growth of magic power .

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that this was the right idea, so he could not wait to start experimenting .

But after trying, Roy realized that it was much more difficult to compress magic power than he thought . Magic power was invisible and intangible, and it was extremely difficult to affect externally, let alone compress .

Roy tried for a long time but to no avail, making him slightly crazy and even wanting to use the system to solve this problem .

However, he only had this thought but did not really do so because he felt that there was no need to waste his souls on this kind of thing . In any case, he had just returned to the Abyss from the Pirates of the Caribbean world, so he had plenty of time to experiment slowly and experience the joy of training…

Hmm, come to think of it, isn’t this like cultivation in novels?It’s just that they’re doing immortal cultivation, and I’m doing… demon cultivation .

Over the coming days, besides taking Fat Tiger out to hunt monsters and obtain souls every day, Roy spent the rest of his time trying to compress his magic power .

But in the end, Roy realized that he was taking the wrong direction after testing various methods .

As mentioned earlier, it was extremely difficult to use external force to affect magic power . Instead, he could achieve this by taking advantage of the characteristics of magic power itself .

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The method Roy finally found was actually very simple . It was to use the characteristic of magic power being able to flow smoothly in the circuit and repeatedly expanding and shrinking the magic power in the circuit!

When expanding, he pushed it to the limit as much as possible so that his magic power would spread evenly to every node in the circuit . When shrinking, he would try to shrink it to the limit and not let any leak out at all .

During the entire process of releasing and retracting, it should be as fast as possible, and he had to complete ten or more cycles in a second .

This entire process slightly resembled the process of blood spreading in his body . He treated the magic power center in the demon heart as a pressure pump to push the magic power out before taking it back again . Increasing the frequency of the cycles was equivalent to increasing the frequency of his heart beating and constantly increasing the magic power excitement in his body!


Roy called this entire process ‘Second Gear’!

After doing this tempering method for a while, Roy was happy to find that his magic power was really starting to become denser! This was because his magic power became more tense during the process of shrinking and expanding, so he could gradually begin to compress it!

Of course, Roy’s current magic power of five thousand was considered a large amount of magic power, and it would take him a long time to compress this much magic power completely .

Time did not matter . To Roy, a demon, time was now probably his least valuable thing…

Roy got down to tempering and compressing his magic power . What he did not know was that despite him feeling that it was not easy to find this way of compressing magic power, for many middle-rank demons, let alone spending a few days of experimenting to find this method, even a few years might not necessarily be enough!

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Why were there so few high-rank demons? The reason was that not only did they have to purify their bloodlines, but they also needed to find a way to compress their magic power and increase their magic power capacity . Many middle-ranks might accomplish the first point since all they needed to do was to just keep devouring souls, but 99% were stuck on the latter one!

High-rank demons were already members of the ruling class of the Abyss, so it was impossible for them to spread the method of promoting to high-rank demon . Unless it was for their offsprings, in which case they might give a hint or two when leaving the memory inheritance . And those demons with the bloodline of high-rank demons would also treasure these memories and not easily tell others .

This was a unique monopolistic behavior of the demon elite . It was precisely because of this that many demons were stuck at the top-middle rank and could not promote .

But when it came to Roy, it seemed so… logical . He wanted to compress his magic power, and after experimenting with it for a while, he actually did it! He did not feel much about it himself, but if other middle-rank demons had seen his entire exploration process, they would probably find it unbelievable because it went so smoothly that it was terrifying!

And all of this seemed to be caused by his so-called ‘Chose One of the Abyss’ talent…

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