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Custom Made Demon King - Chapter 212

Published at 18th of October 2020 04:26:01 PM

Chapter 212: Chapter 212 - Time Paradox

Chapter 212 Time Paradox

The day after Roy put away the Red Sea Egg, Ulthane returned as promised and appeared in front of Roy .

And this time, he brought back the new Frostmourne!

There was no change in the shape of the sword, but Roy felt that the proportions of the reforged Frostmourne seemed to be even more perfect at first glance!

Ulthane was indeed worthy of being a master of the makers . The sword he had reforged was much better than the one Roy had drawn with his hands . To put it simply, the current Frostmourne was now more in line with the golden ratio!

In terms of visual effects, it naturally looked more perfect .

“A masterpiece!” Ulthane could not wait to boast to Roy the moment he saw him . “There’s no doubt that it is definitely one of my masterpieces!”

He placed the sword gently on top of his thick index finger, and then Frostmourne maintained its balance on his fingertip without moving at all! This meant that the center of gravity of the sword had reached a perfect balance and harmony . Then Ulthane gently flicked Frostmourne, and a humming sound came from it, which did not dissipate for a long time, indicating that the material of the sword was very uniform, which was why it caused such a resonance .

But unlike before, Frostmourne was now glowing with a rich light blue color, which was an extremely cold aura . Ulthane explained, “I used the metal ‘Death Abyss Cold Copper’ to fuse with the original Abyss demon iron and formed a new type of alloy . This special material was something I found in the Kingdom of the Dead, and it was able to play the biggest enhancement on the original curse powers! Then I used the flames of the ‘Dead’s Phosphorus’ to reforge the body of this sword . It’s a very unique cold flame, so it eventually formed this cold death aura . Although this cold aura is different from your frost power, it has a great amplification effect on your frost power . Here, I have to say this to you . This sword didn’t originally have any effect on the power of frost, but you actually dared to call it Frostmourne?!”

Even though Ulthane had not returned the sword, Roy knew that after Ulthane had reforged Frostmourne using materials from the Kingdom of the Dead, he must have given the sword a powerful force of death!

Not only that, but Roy discovered that Ulthane had engraved a small line of words on the sword: Just as the blade rends flesh, so must power scar the spirit!

Therefore, Roy was now blushing with shame and dumbfounded . The shame was because when he made the sword, it was indeed an imitation and merely had the shape . He was dumbfounded because he discovered that this sword seemed to be… about to become the original version!

Damn it! What the hell is going on? Roy’s mind was in a turmoil as he asked Ulthane, “Did you engrave this line of words yourself?!”

“Of course!” Ulthane nodded proudly . “This is an inscription of a maker! Every time I forge a weapon, I will engrave a corresponding sentence . These words generally match with the nature of the weapon . Your Frostmourne matches this sentence very well!”

Roy was speechless . It doesn’t matter if you engrave some words, but the problem is… the problem is…

Could the one in his hands be the true Frostmourne? The one in Azeroth is actually brought there by me in the future?!

Roy now had a feeling of space-time confusion . He did not know if there was a Warcraft world among the Infinite Worlds connected to the Abyss . If there is, then at what point in time is it? If the fake I made is really the Frostmourne in the future, then…

In particular, Frostmourne is said to be a demon weapon forged by the dreadlords . Could I be the dreadlord who forged the weapon?! Isn’t this too ridiculous?

While Roy was still thinking, Ulthane stuffed Frostmourne into his hands and said, “Okay, how about you try it out?”

Roy held Frostmourne and quickly opened the system interface to check its attributes .

Frostmourne (Reforged)

Level: Pseudo-Divine Artifact

Material: Unknown Alloy


Frost-type Magic Power Amplification: 3X

Bleeding (Enhanced): Wounds inflicted by this sword will not heal normally .

Strength Absorption (Enhanced): Enemies injured by this sword will have a portion of their strength absorbed to enhance the wielder .

Expulsion (Enhanced): Enemies injured by this sword will experience stronger world power . Gravity (Enhanced): Enemies injured by this sword will withstand the impediment of greater gravity .

Curse of the Dead: The living creature killed by this sword will become undead creatures and be enslaved by the wielder .

Soul Hunger: This sword yearns to obtain a powerful soul infusion . If the wielder is not Demon Osiris, then the soul will gradually be stolen .

Oh no! When Roy saw Frostmourne’s attributes, he felt that it was very likely .

After being reforged, Frostmourne’s Acknowledgement attribute disappeared, and the attack power attribute Roy set was also gone . The original curse abilities were still there, and they were all enhanced . Perhaps due to the material, Frostmourne actually had two more attributes, and they were exactly the same as the Frostmourne attributes in his impression!

In the system’s evaluation, Frostmourne had become a pseudo-divine artifact . This might be because this sword had yet to receive a soul infusion, which was why Roy had shouted ‘Oh no’ . He found that if he wanted to make Frostmourne become a true divine artifact, he might really have to give this sword to others to use… For example, Arthas…

So now, the question was, What should I do with my current situation??? Am I the one who realized the Lich King, or is it the Lich King who realized me?

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This kind of time paradox question simply made Roy’s head ache…

“What’s wrong?” Ulthane looked at Roy’s changing expressions and could not help shaking his hand in front of his eyes .

Roy shook his head, freeing himself from these thoughts . “It’s nothing . I just suddenly feel that demons seem to be unable to escape from the shackles of fate…”

“Of course!” Ulthane nodded . “No one can clearly explain things like fate . It’s the same for angels and demons . It’s the greatest power of the Creator!”

“Let’s not talk about this anymore . I’ve resolved the problem with the Red Sea Egg . It’s time for me to leave!” Roy said .

“Aren’t you going to test the power of this sword?” Ulthane asked with wide-opened eyes .

“Ha, do you want me to destroy this place again?” Roy laughed . “In that case, I’ll do what you want!”

With that, Roy held Frostmourne and was about to move when Ulthane suddenly responded and quickly pulled him . “Stop! Stop! I understand . Leave quickly! Get out of here!”

Roy was just saying it . He was not in the mood to test his sword, so he took the opportunity to put Frostmourne away .

When he came, he entered through the rune key . When he went out, Ulthane personally sent him out, so there was naturally no need to say anything . Looking at the spatial channel slowly closing, Ulthane heaved a sigh of relief . Although he had forged a weapon for Roy, to be honest, anyone coming into contact with demons was under pressure . Ulthane had forged the sword for Roy, and he had the intention of completely ending the relationship between him and Roy…

Fortunately, this demon is much more interesting than other demons… and isn’t too frustrating… Ulthane thought as he turned around and left .

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After Roy reappeared in the human world, the first thing he thought of was not returning to the castle but creating a special ‘limiter!!

It was a black band on his tail used to conceal Roy’s current power!

After all, he still had to report to Lilith . Of course, he could not let Lilith sense that his power had increased substantially, so he specially made this limiter to suppress his power . Of course, this was not enough . He had to make it look like he had failed .

So after thinking about it, Roy gritted his teeth and tore off his right arm!

After his Fusion had succeeded, his activity attribute increased dramatically, so his lost arm could be regrown at any time . But now, Roy was using a limiter to suppress the activity force, making this regeneration much slower . It was only with this severely injured and dying appearance that Roy could go to Lilith to report .

This time, he did not go back secretly but instead flew through the air and let the demons in the human world see his appearance as much as possible .

When he contacted Julia, she was shocked by his appearance . If she had not known about Roy’s plan a long time ago, she might have been confused by Roy’s appearance .

Roy did not delay . He seized the opportunity to bring Julia back to the volcano, had her open the spatial channel to the Black Stone again, and then went to see Lilith…

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