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Custom Made Demon King - Chapter 214

Published at 18th of October 2020 04:26:00 PM

Chapter 214: Chapter 214 - The First Place

Chapter 214 The First Place

On the way back, Julia and Roy whispered to each other .

“Mother Lilith seems to still have doubts . Otherwise, she wouldn’t have used her magic to test you!” Julia said . Roy nodded . “That’s for sure . I’m merely a high-rank demon after all . It’s a little unbelievable that I only lost an arm to escape from Raphael! But from this point of view, it’s precisely because Lilith is very clear about Raphael’s strength that she also feels that it’s impossible for me to steal the Red Sea Egg from him!”

Julia pondered for a while and found that Roy’s words were indeed reasonable . Lilith might even think that Roy had not even seen what the Red Sea Egg looked like . After entering the Charred Council Space, he quickly escaped . It was precisely because of this perfunctory method that Roy only lost an arm .

Of course, these things were not important now . What was important was that the Red Sea Egg was in Roy’s hands .

After seeing Lilith, Roy did not need to hide anymore . He took off the limiter on his tail and restored his attributes to their peak state . Under Julia’s surprised eyes, a thick horny layer grew all over Roy’s body, his muscles swelled again, and both arms became the same .

“You’ve… become much stronger again!” Julia said in surprise . “Your current magic power aura far exceeds that of high-rank demons . Have you already advanced to demon lord?”

“No!” Roy shook his head . “Although I’ve become much stronger, I still seem to be a little short of becoming a demigod! If promoting to demon lord was so easy, then the entire Abyss wouldn’t have so few demon lords . ”

“That’s true!” Julia nodded and asked curiously, “Then, what level are you now?”

Roy could not quite answer this question . In fact, after becoming a high-rank demon, there was no longer any distinction between the upper, middle, and lower levels like low and middle-rank demons . When Roy first promoted to high-rank demon, he was already stronger than many high-rank demons in terms of combat strength . If it were still divided between upper, middle, and lower, he should have been at the middle-high-rank level before . But after the dramatic increase in his strength from Fusion, he had already surpassed the upper-high rank!

If he really had to use a suitable term to describe his current strength, it would probably be ‘quasi-demon lord’!

In other words, he only lacked an opportunity to promote, and then he could truly become a demon lord…

In addition to possessing the strength of a demigod, a so-called demon lord had to have at least the power to tear through space! As long as he could achieve this, he could enter those rift worlds at the lower levels of the Abyss, or small worlds!

It was said that these small worlds were separated from the Abyss . Many of these small worlds had environments suitable for demons to live in, and there were many monsters and demons living in them . Only by cleaning out these small worlds, establishing their sovereignty, and becoming the sole overlord would they truly be called demon lords!

This method of occupying territory was different from when Roy had delineated a territory in the Abyss . In small worlds, demon lords could set rules as they wished, and the demons and monsters living in these worlds had to follow the will of the demon lords .

Moreover, after reaching the demon lord level, even if demon kings wanted to recruit them, they would have to pay a price and even respect their opinions . To put it bluntly, this relationship was like the one between kings and great aristocrats in the human world . The demon lords were the great aristocrats and were loyal to demon kings . When kings wanted to wage war, they could summon the aristocrats to participate . But usually, how aristocrats ran their territories was their own matter, and even the kings could not interfere .

Therefore, if Roy wanted to become a demon lord now, apart from continuing to strengthen himself, he also needed to understand some knowledge about space magic .

When Roy realized this, he was secretly glad that his idea to diversify his strength was completely correct . If he had continued down the path of a frost demon, he might have become very strong, but in fact, the path to promoting to a demon lord had already closed to him .

In other words, becoming stronger was actually to make yourself less weak, less vulnerable, and less likely to be defeated .

For example, take Lilith . Everyone knew that she was a succubus and was good at charm magic, but what about it? From the way she helped Roy restore his lost arm, she still had amazing time magic! Time magic was a rather neglected and abstruse branch of magic . Not only did it require incomparably powerful magic power to drive it, but it also required profound knowledge . How could an ordinary succubus do this?

If Roy wanted to control the powers of space and time, he naturally had a way, but this meant that he would need a large number of souls to exchange with the system .

Ever since entering this Darksiders world, Roy had harvested a lot of souls, but as the End War continued, it became more and more difficult to obtain the souls of ordinary humans in this world . There were hundreds of thousands or even millions of demon soldiers spread across every corner of this world, and they divided up a large number of souls . Even so, there were still a considerable number of souls that dissipated and fell into the reincarnation cycle in the Kingdom of the Dead . The greatest number of souls that Roy had obtained was from trading with Fury, one of the Four Horsemen .

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Therefore, Roy was now considering whether he should return to the Abyss .

Of course, the good things in this world were not limited to only souls . There might be many other things, such as the Red Sea Egg that Roy obtained or the shattered Armageddon Blade . These items that could be regarded as divine artifacts were definitely good things, but it would not be easy for Roy to obtain them . This world was a considerably high-level, high-magic world, and there were many demon king-level big shots . It would definitely not be easy for Roy to snatch food from their hands .

Roy had already obtained the Red Sea Egg, and he was not greedy, so he decided to quit while he was ahead .

Therefore, Roy and Julia did not return to the castle they lived in but instead flew west and planned to go back to the alternate space where the Abyss Outpost was before passing through it and returning to the Abyss .

However, Julia hesitated about Roy’s decision .

After all, she was a personal guard of Samael, a fallen angel personally created by him . Although she had accepted the fact that Samael was sealed during this period of time, the concept of loyalty in her mind made it difficult for her to abandon the sealed Samael and return to the Abyss .

After she said this to Roy, Roy understood very well . He floated in the air and pondered for a while . “How about this? Let’s go back to Samael’s sealed place and see if there’s a way to remove the loyalty contract between you and Samael . ”

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Of course, Roy wanted to pull Julia completely to his side . He was about to become a demon lord, and he needed at least some people who were loyal to him . Julia was Roy’s partner, and she was naturally one of them . He only needed to figure out a way to get Samael to completely transfer Julia to him .

Thus, Roy planned to find Samael first . He did not intend to participate in the plans and arrangements of the big shots . Of course, it would be good if Samael was willing to give up Julia for a small price . But if Samael was unwilling, Roy was prepared to use the system to solve this problem .

After knowing Roy’s plan, Julia was very happy . The two of them flew toward the city where they had first descended . Samael had fought the Destroyer there, so after being sealed, the sealed place was definitely there .

After flying for about three days, Roy and Julia once again returned to the first battlefield of the End War…

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