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Custom Made Demon King - Chapter 61

Published at 18th of October 2020 04:27:07 PM

Chapter 61: Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Get Up! Roy!

What happened next was as Roy expected . Xeron could only escape .

The Meteor Shower had consumed a large amount of his magic power, and he had not recovered much of it, so he did not have the ability to use the spell again . Moreover, even if he could use Meteor Shower again, it would not have helped .

After the gogs were killed by the approaching elven warriors and the succubi suffered quite a few losses, Xeron felt that he could no longer fight back, so he turned around and escaped .

What angered the remaining deep abyss demons, big demons, and four or five succubi was that Xeron ordered them to stop the elves while he escaped on his own!

These deep abyss demons and big demons roared angrily at this order, but they had to obey Xeron . This was because when Xeron summoned them, they had signed contracts that required them to listen to his orders so that they could participate in the war . At the time, they did not think much of it since the conditions Xeron gave in the contract were very generous . However, they did not expect that in this battle, they did not enjoy the thrill of killing and plundering souls but were instead beaten like dogs! And now, Xeron ordered them to stay behind and delay the enemy, so how could they not be angry?

“Damn it! Xeron! Don’t let me see you in the Abyss!!”

A big demon roared angrily as he was killed by the elves and turned into flying ashes .

This time, it could be said that Xeron had tricked them . They were all high-rank demons and did not need to be polite to Xeron, so they all cursed him viciously . Xeron and these high-rank demons were also enemies, but those succubi, who were angry when they were killed and expelled, did not dare to shout like this .

However, Xeron turned a deaf ear to them and continued to run . He used his remaining magic power and teleported away from the battlefield to flee to the rear . To him, he already had many enemies, so he did not care about the number . There was no friendship between demons anyway . As long as he could run away, he could remain in this world and did not need to worry about returning to the Abyss and encountering enemies .

Roy witnessed this scene with his own eyes through the gaps of the corpses . Had he been silly and had not pretended to die while fighting, it was not difficult to imagine that he would have also had to bring up the rear . In fact, Roy had never believed anything Xeron said . He said that Roy had the bloodline of a high-rank demon and would take good care of him, but that was purely because he felt that he could make use of Roy, this elite demon . When it truly came to Xeron’s own safety, he would not hesitate to abandon all the troops to help him break out .

The elves were not careless . After killing and expelling all the demon soldiers, the dragons once again rose into the air . Ryland and the other two heroes led their troops to chase after Xeron . This was the Heroes of Might and Magic world, not like in the game where they could directly return to their cities as soon as they ran . Among the elven troops, the losses of the dragons were not much, and they still retained powerful maneuverability . Therefore, there was a high chance of chasing down Xeron and killing him .

The elves had no intention of letting this arrogant demon go . Although they knew that killing this demon would be difficult without the help of the human angels, and also that it would cost a huge price to kill and expel this demon, they could not let Xeron have his way even if they could not truly kill him .

The elves started to give chase with a rumble . However, they could not just leave the bodies of their compatriots on the battlefield, so they left a small group behind to gather their comrades’ corpses .

Although Ryland knew how to use the Resurrection spell, he could no longer resurrect these dead elven warriors because, generally, souls could only stay for a very short period of time after their deaths . After exceeding this time limit, their souls would begin to dissipate . This period of time was so short that Ryland had not had time to restore his magic power and cast this spell . Therefore, it could be said that these warriors had truly died in battle .

Dead bodies without souls would only turn into undead even if they resurrected, and then they would become delirious undead…

The elves could not bear to let their compatriots turn into undead, so the troops left behind decided to collect the corpses of their compatriots and give them a funeral in the elven way .

There were only about fifty people left behind to clean the battlefield . They extinguished the remaining flames on the battlefield and collected the remains of their compatriots . However, there were many who could not even leave their corpses behind and had burned to ashes in the flames, causing these people to grieve .

At this moment, a dwarf came to the edge of the battlefield . He saw quite a number of compatriot corpses, so he walked over and carefully pulled apart a group of stacked centaur corpses while shouting to the others to come and help .

However, just as he pulled out the body of the first centaur captain, he suddenly saw a dark red spot under the corpses!

Before the dwarf could understand what was going on, a savage tail came from behind and pierced straight through him!

The dwarfs rushing over to help were shocked! The pile of corpses on the ground was suddenly sent flying, and a tall figure appeared in front of everyone!

Demon! Demon?!

The demon that suddenly appeared from the corpses still had their comrade pierced through on his tail . He had an extremely strong body, and the claws of his hands shone with terrifying light . The demon wings on his back spread open, making him look extremely large . And most importantly, the demon was emitting an uneasy black mist that rose slowly in the air like smoke from a cigarette!

His body seemed blurry in this rising black mist, as though light became distorted as soon as it hit him!

It was a demon exuding an ominous aura!

Roy had appeared . In fact, it was beyond his expectations for the elves to leave some troops to clean up the battlefield . He had thought that the elves would give priority to chasing Xeron, but when he saw them moving the corpses and about to expose him, he had to appear!

As soon as he appeared, Roy did not say anything and immediately started killing . He did not believe that these dwarfs would watch him without doing anything, so he simply struck first!

With the help of the Bloodlust skill on him, Roy’s body became even bigger . The dark power of the Dark-Dark Fruit and the blood-red light of Bloodlust matched each other, making Roy look especially terrifying . He took advantage of the time the dwarfs had yet to react and flicked his tail, throwing the killed dwarf out and smashing him into two other dwarfs . He mustered all his strength and stomped on the ground, causing a huge pit . With shocking speed, he appeared in front of another dwarf, kicked him off the ground, and then waved his claws, cutting this dwarf in half!

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“Quick! Kill him!” The dwarfs finally reacted and roared as they rushed at Roy with their weapons .

However, how much combat power could troops left behind to clean the battlefield have? Only the height of these dwarfs could cause some trouble for Roy . However, the height difference between them disappeared when Roy placed his hands on the ground and advanced on all four!

Roy was already accustomed to killing in the Abyss, so he had no mercy at all when he killed these dwarfs . As enemies, if Roy wanted to live, then they had to die .

Although Roy was currently a low-rank demon, his combat strength was not weaker than some middle-rank demons . In the past, Roy might have been still lacking in defense when facing so many enemies, but the Dark-Dark Fruit’s power helped him resist a lot of damage . As long as he could endure the pain, he could fight as he wanted .

A black mist vortex appeared in Roy’s palm, and then a powerful attractive force appeared . A dwarf farther away from Roy flew up and landed in his palm . Roy held the dwarf’s short legs and swung him violently against another dwarf . With a thud, the two dwarfs had their bones smashed into pieces and died vomiting blood .

Having the impression of the abilities of the original Dark-Dark Fruit, Roy managed to develop the Black Vortex move after a few tries!

Seeing his companions die tragically, one of the dwarfs roared and threw the hammer in his hand at Roy . However, before it could get close to Roy, it suddenly stopped in midair and then strangely turned back at an even faster speed . It even crushed the head of the dwarf who threw the hammer!

This was Roy using Psychokinesis . Now, not only could he transform Psychokinesis into an air shield, but he could also use it to act directly on the kinetic energy of objects . He could use Psychokinesis to stop items and reflect them back, which was equivalent to a repulsion effect .

The Dark-Dark Fruit had a strong gravitational force, and Psychokinesis could form a repulsive force . This was equivalent to having two force fields!

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These fifty-odd dwarfs did not cause Roy any trouble . Ten minutes later, the battle ended with Roy winning and killing all these dwarfs alone .

Unlike in Xeron’s demon army back then, where Roy was basically slacking off while fighting, it was different now . Roy was fighting for himself, so of course he had to be serious…

After all the dwarfs died, there were no more sounds on the battlefield other than some scattered flames that had yet to extinguish, making crackles .

He raised his head and saw many balls of light floating around the battlefield . There were… a lot of them!

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