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Dagger - Chapter 23

Published at 20th of August 2019 10:45:21 AM

Chapter 23

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"What a beautiful statue . ", Kate remarked .

"Mhm . ", Drake nodded in agreement .

"I think we should get out of here, this is a Holy Ground, the time flow here might be faster or slower than on the outside . ", Allen said .

"But then, the only way out here is back to that tunnel full of spiders . ", Kate said .

They saw no other way out other than from where they entered .

"So, we're going to battle our way through?", Drake asked .

"Obviously no, even Allen can't stand properly, we need to find an another way . ", Kate said .

"Where did all these animals came from? Could there be an entrance that they use?", Drake pondered .

"They're probably just reproducing in here since the curse took over the whole mountain . ", Allen's answer broke Drake's hope .

"I guess it's battling our way through the tunnel?", Drake said .

"Or let's just wait in this place until master finds out that we're not back for a long time?", Kate suggested .

"No, what if the time flow in here is faster than on the outside? That means we'll probably be here for a long time . ", Allen said .

"Hais . ", Kate sighed . "Is there really no way to get out of here?"

"Eeek . . . ", the three suddenly heard a screech, they looked at the direction of the sound, and saw a little girl who was carrying a basket of carrots . After which, the little girl then suddenly ran away .

"Wait! Wait!", Kate ran over to the woman .

"Leave me here, you're the only one who can catch after that girl, Kate will never catch up, even with her flicker, I'll catch up with the both of you . ", Allen said .

"Alright . ", Drake helped Allen to steady himself, afterwards, he activated his Speed Amulet and rushed towards the woman .

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Drake ran with all his might, as the little girl was about to reach the wall, the boy overtook her and blocked her way .

The little girl was startled that Drake overtook her, as the former was about to run into an another direction, she saw Kate blocking her way .

"Please, don't kill me!", the little girl dropped her basket on the ground; she then cried and begged for mercy .

"We won't hurt you . We just want to ask where did you come from?", Kate said .

"Really?", the little girl asked .

"Yes . ", Kate answered .

"But you look like killers with what you're wearing . ", the little girl said .

'Oww . . . she's so cute . ', Kate inwardly said, after which, she slapped herself, "What was I thinking?!"

"Are you okay, big sister?", the little girl asked .

"Yes . ", Kate said .

"Will you really not hurt me then, big sister?", the little girl's eyes seemingly became bigger while looking at Kate . The latter suddenly felt, as if the whole world was begging to have pity on it .

"Hey, I'm here so did you catch that little girl?", Allen waved from afar .

Kate went out of her stupor when she heard Allen's voice . After which, she nervously gasped for air .

"Are you fine?", Allen slowly walked towards Kate .

"Don't worry, I'm tougher than you are . ", Kate said .

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Allen only awkwardly scratched the back of his head, he then saw the little girl and unconsciously blurted out, "Eeek . . . a lolita?"

"Lo . . . lita? You called me a lolita?", the little girl's eyes moisten, and she started crying out loud, startling the nearby animals .

"Oh! He didn't mean it, he didn't mean it! Stop crying, you're not a lolita!", Drake tried to comfort the little girl, but it was in vain .

"You just had to call her like that!", Kate punched Allen in the gut .

"Ugh . ", Allen kneeled on the ground as he held his stomach in pain .

The little girl stopped crying for a moment when she saw that Allen was punched, however, she started crying again afterwards .

When Kate saw that, she suddenly got an idea and looked at Allen, "I'm sorry for what I'm going to do . "

"Alright . . . wait, what are you going to do?", Allen asked . However, Kate didn't answer and she approached him .

Hais, I think we all know where this is going .

. . .

Few minutes later, Allen was now lying flat on the ground, unconscious . On the other hand, the little girl was laughing so hard that her stomach started to hurt .

Kate patted her hands on each other to wipe off the dust on her gloves .

"See, we're not going to hurt you . ", Kate said .

"I believe you now . ", the little girl wiped off the tears of her face, it wasn't tears of sadness, but tears of joy .

Meanwhile, Drake thought, 'This little girl is a sadist . '

"Laura, where are you?", a muscular man suddenly aopeared from far away .

"Ehh . . . father?", the little girl realized who it was, and ran to her father .

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"Laura! Where have you been?", the man asked .

"I was feeding the animals, but then I saw these three weird people . ", Laura pointed to the trio .

"Huh?", the man noticed the three kids .

"Hello mister, we accidentally came in this chamber after we escaped spiders on the tunnel that attacked us and we won't hurt anyone . ", Kate explained to the man .

"Hmm . . . alright . ", the man immediately believed .

"Wait, why did you trust us so fast?", Kate asked, she thought that the man was easily to trick .

The man, as if knowing what was Kate thinking, laughed and said, "You'll never be able enter this place if you had bad intentions or are evil, and you would die immediately after you enter this chamber . "
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After a pause, the man asked, "So then, what do you kids want?"

"We want to get out of here . ", Kate said .

"Oh, come with us first, you can leave by tomorrow or the day after . ", the man said .

"But then, we don't have enough time . ", Kate answered .

"Don't worry, the time flow in this place is faster than on the outside world . ", the man said, then looked over at Allen . "Ehh, is there something wrong with that guy?"

"He became unconscious due to his injuries . ", Kate said .

"Then carry him up, don't just leave him lying down there, his injuries might worsen . ", after which, the man signalled the kids to follow him .

Kate and Drake carried Allen on their shoulders and followed the man .

After following the man, they reached a dead end on a stone wall, however, the man and Laura kept walking until he passed by the wall and disappeared .

This surprised Kate and Drake, afterwards, the man called out to follow them . The two kids, while carrying Allen, passed through the illusion and they saw that they entered an another passageway lit by torches .

A few minutes of walking, they finally reached a smaller chamber .

This time, there was a large village inside this chamber, the villagers were living a normal life under the protection of the Holy Statue in the main chamber .

"This . . . I never thought that there'll be a village inside the mountain . ", Drake gasped in surprise as he saw everything .

The villagers near the entrance of the passageway saw that there were newcomers . Their interests were immediately piqued and they looked over the trio .

"Laura, go back to the house, I'll accompany these three to the elders . ", the man said .

"But father, I want to go there too!", Laura said .

"No, this is an important errand, go back to the house and help your mother prepare our meal . ", the man said .

"Hmph!", Laura snorted in displease, however, she didn't dare disobey her father and left .

"Come on, I'm bringing you three to the elders, you can drop your friend by the healer's home . ", the man said .

. . .

On the way, they dropped Allen by the healer's house and continued following the man .

Before bringing them to the elders, the man, who introduced himself as Vitomir, offered them a tour throughout the village .

Kate and Drake agreed at once, during the small tour, they saw cultivated farmlands, small establishments, an apothecary's house, etc .

During the tour, they also found out that the people in this village were remnants of the barbarians who didn't get to escape from the curse on Mount Watchtower . When the curse was about to reach them at that time, they accidentally entered the passageway which led towards the chamber where the Holy Statue was .

"The elders are people who joined the attack on Mount Watchtower, they could've left already a long time ago through an another tunnel, but they didn't, they said that the resources in here are enough to live for a whole town . ", the man explained .

After a pause, he added, "They said to us that the main reason why they didn't leave is because that the nomadic region had scarcity in food, water, and even other basic necessities . My grandfather and grandmother, who were also elders said that they had no choice but to attack the southern region of the Trigurniburg Kingdom, and they already begged to live in the southern region those times, however, the king at that time didn't give them a chance and they were even driven away . "

The two kids were attentively listening to Vitomir's story, when they were being taught about the history of the southern region, they only knew that the barbarians were attacking the said region because they wanted to kill .

'Now, it makes sense . ', both of them had the same thought .

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