Dagger - Chapter 44

Published at 20th of August 2019 10:45:00 AM

Chapter 44

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Dawn . . .

There were three figures running across the farmlands in a haste towards the southwest direction .

They were none other than Mr . Sanchez, Drake and Kate .

"Halt . ", Mr . Sanchez and the two kids stopped .


Suddenly, an arrow rain came for them .

"Damn it, they knew we were going to rescue Allen!", Kate gritted her teeth in anger .

"This must be their main force . That means there's going to be an another team that will take Allen away! Go on, I'll take care of these bunch . ", Mr . Sanchez said .

Drake and Kate nodded and didn't waste more time and sprinted away while protecting themselves from the rain of arrows .

"These people probably already knew that Allen has the dagger . Damn it! I'm going to slaughter all of them for doing something like that to a kid . ", Mr . Sanchez didn't hide his fury and disappeared from his location in an instant .

At the same time, blood flowed in the farmlands .

However, Mr . Sanchez's conclusion was wrong, the people from that secret organization still didn't know that the treasure was inside Allen . As the treasure's aura couldn't be sensed by them due to their weak power .

Though, they still treat the kid as a bargaining chip in case the tavern owner and his disciples could escape their ambush .


The two kids dashed through the farmlands . They were currently using a treasure provided by Mr . Sanchez so that their running speed would be extremely fast or else if would've taken them half a day or whole to arrive on the farmlands .


They exited out of the farmlands and saw hills from afar . In addition, they also saw about a hundred of armored barbarians from afar .

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"Did they really bring a whole army just to block us?!", Drake remarked .

"They think too highly of us . ", Kate added .

"I'll get them busy . With your flicker you can bypass them easily . ", Drake said .

"But shouldn't we rescue Allen together?", Kate asked .

"No . You heard what master said, there might be an another team of enemies that would take Allen away . Go, rescue him, I'll try to catch up . ", Drake said .

"Alright . ", Kate didn't hesistate anymore and escaped the battlefield while Drake was taking care of the enemies .



The steel door of the underground room opened up and several black robed men entered the room and looked at the pitiful Allen .

Seeing the kid was still conscious, all them approached Allen and one of them asked, "Where's the treasure?"

The one who asked was none other than the leader of the group who caught the kid .

Allen didn't answer and kept quiet .

The leader punched Allen in the face and asked again, "Where's the treasure?"

Nevertheless, the kid still didn't answer .

"Knock this nuisance out and let's take him back to headquarters . ", the leader commanded .

"Aye . ", the black robed men responded .

"Nuisance? You're the nuisance . ", suddenly, Allen stated with a deep voice .

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The kid swiftly got out of the magical ropes that were binding him to the chair .

"Get him!"


The black robed men charged towards Allen .

The enemies struck out with their weapons, but Allen swiftly dodge all of them .

The kid suddenly disarmed one of the men who was holding the dagger and used his own weapon against him .


A head flew in a flash .

The other people were surprised, including the leader .

On the other hand, there was no trace of emotion on the face of the kid .

"Damn it, get him!", the leader didn't hesitate to join the fray and they charged together towards Allen at the same time .

"How cute . ", Allen backed off until he was already near the wall . After getting a certain distance between the wall, the kid did a backflip and his bare feet was planted on the walls, then using the wall as a jumping board, he charged towards one of the black robed men .


The man's head flew off and the kid rolled away from the men and sent out a new skill .


A dagger flash was sent out, and flew towards to the men, but on the way, it suddenly split into many smaller flashes .

The skill was called (Multi-Flash)! Imagine launching this skill while being in a tight space, it would spell doom for your enemies!

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They were caught off guard, and raised their weapon to protect them . However, five of them died before they even got to raise their weapons!

At first, ten people entered the room, plus the leader . Now, there were only three people left with the leader .

Seeing what just happened . They inwardly panicked and tried to retreat towards the door . However, as soon as they turned around, they saw Allen by the door!


"Wasn't he just back there?"

Of course, they didn't know that Allen initiated (Flicker)!

They were frightened to what was happening, afterwards they felt despair loomed over them . Even the leader has beads of sweat running down his forehead .

As they were about to do a last struggle, the kid suddenly appeared right in front of them! This time, Allen didn't use (Flicker) but initiated (Burst Steps) . A movement skill that would allow one to have a burst of speed in a short distance .

-pshew- -pshew- -pshew-

Three heads flew from their bodies and to the ground . Only the leader was left behind . He felt that his scalp went numbed and he accidentally stumbled on the floor while retreating backwards .

"I retract my statement earlier . You're not a nuisance . You're just pathetic . ", Allen sent out (Dagger Flash) and the leader's head was cut off .

The kid turned around and walked towards the door . As he was about walk out . He felt that there was something wrong and he turned around again .

There, he saw the leader's head was reattaching to his body .

"Damn it . . . you kid! DIE . . . !", in an instant, the leader's body suddenly turned red and his body expanded .

Seeing what was happening, Allen didn't hesitate to run away .


Kate could now see a castle on the hills from afar .

As she was about to stop to wait for Drake or Mr . Sanchez, a death energy ball was coming towards her .

Luckily, because of her quick reaction skills, she dodged the energy ball just in time . She then looked towards the woods where the attack came from, and saw a man holding a staff, who walked out of the said location .
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"I knew that there was somebody who escaped that wall of meat . ", the man remarked .

Kate inwardly cursed her bad luck . The treasure she was using to increase her speed was actually only for continuous usage for a long period of time, if she stopped, then she would have to wait for 30 minutes for the treasure to be available for use once again .

Suddenly, a blackish translucent dome surrounded the area where the man and Kate was!

'A great necromancer?', Kate thought . Great necromancers were as powerful as adepts . However, one shouldn't still underestimate their capabilities, like the adepts, they have 5 spells, but their overall strength were much more powerful than adepts!

She recognized the man as a great necromancer because of the dome that suddenly appeared, which was one of the skills that a great necromancer could learn,

Kate noticed that she couldn't use her flicker inside this area . In addition, she felt that her speed was reduced by 20%!

After which, she looked seriously towards the great necromancer and payed attention to him .

"Why so serious? It's not like I will kill you immediately . Hehehe . . . ", the great necromancer chuckled .

Suddenly, the great necromancer chanted a spell and pointed at Kate . The latter couldn't dodge on time and felt that her speed became even slower! She felt that her current speed was only 40% of her original speed, not just that, she could also feel that her energy was slowly being eaten away .

Including the dome and the death energy ball, the great necromancer already used three of his skills .

Even though Kate could only utilize 40% of her original speed, she wasn't flustered and sent out dagger flashes towards the man .

The man chanted out a spell . Afterwards, smoke formed on the ceiling of the dome and went towards in front of the man which blocked the dagger flashes, then the smoke turned into a giant undead wolf with green eyes .

"Get her . ", the man pointed towards Kate .

"Awoooo . . . ", the giant undead wolf howled and charged forward .