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Dark Empress - Chapter 4

Published at 8th of September 2018 05:21:03 AM

Chapter 4
She had completely messed up . (Zuben: Is that so?)
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How could she forget that a man’s self-esteem should not be provoked? Why had she teased him? Wouldn’t it attract his attention more? (Zuben: I don’t know, you’re the Master of Men)Jiang Chuwei, you were supposed to be low-key, not attracting attention!And now as a result of her impulsiveness, Chuwei was so regretful her intestines were green . And because of Xiahou Yin, her days were sad . He now slept in Fengyi Palace, but she hadn't been sleeping . She didn't want to get eaten by him, so she slept on the chaise longue under the window while he slept in her bed . Though it was her own choice not to sleep in her bed, she could not sleep . She was now tired, cranky and achy . She had been sleeping on the chaise longue for a few days, and so her muscles were now sore . Even though she had a soft quilt cover, she was still sleeping on a hard chair, she could not move freely . But the bastard occupying her bed was sleeping very well . Every morning, he got up early and she had to get up with him to help him dress in his court clothes while dozens of eyes were staring at her . He was only putting on clothes why did he need so many palace maids taking care of him?!But she was gentle and demure Su Xiurong not feisty and arrogant Jiang Chuwei, so she kept meditation and held down the anger full of teeth and blood . But it had only been a few days and she already could not stand it . She yawned wiping the teardrops from her eyes . She moved her chair into the shade as the sun moved across the sky . Perceiving her movements, Xia Xi held the parasol over her to cover her from the sun and Chun Xi fanned her . ‘Niangniang, are you alright?’ Xia Xi asked as she gave her a bowl of summer plum soup . She looked worriedly at the tired face of their mistress . Her dark circles were so deep . The past few days, the Emperor had stayed the night in Fengyi palace, and the Empress’s dark circles were getting deeper each day . It seemed that the Empress was too tired from the Emperor’s attentions, although she didn't have personal experience, Xia Xi blushed; she had heard about this things that went on from the palace wet nurses, and the mistress’ body was also weak, the only thing she could do is give her tonics to drink . Chuwei, not realising Xia Xi’s misunderstanding, drank the plum soup and listened to the soft applause,‘Your Majesty is so great!’A beautiful woman wearing a dress reminiscent of twilight stood a few steps to the left of Jiang Chuwei . She had six palace maids with her . In comparison, the Empress was much inferior with only two . Chuwei was wearing a plain white dress to combat the heat . She only had one ornament in her hair and it was also white . Nestled under the shade of the tree, she looked like a ghost . Hurry up . . . she thought mournfully as the day wore on, she was dying . She was so tired and sleepy, Chuwei yawned again and cast her gaze to her left . She had heard that Qingling Fei was a beauty of the first order of the Shengyuan Dynasty . She had also attended the Dowager Empress’ birthday banquet, looking very beautiful . Her beauty was very different from Chuwei . Her beauty was comparable to the clear and serene moonlight . To be fair, Chuwei as she was now, was more suitable to be an outside mistress and Qing Fei was the kind of woman one married and worshiped in the house . Just as she was in the past . . . but now she was just a humble piece of black charcoal, alas . Chuwei lamented in her heart as she studied the shining clear eyes and beautiful fair and flawless skin, no wonder she was favoured . That Xiahou-pervert has good taste . She had taken the chance to size up the concubines at the banquet; all of them were high ranking beauties . Yet, it was strange that he had so many concubines, but had not put a child in one of them . It seems like he was good to look at but of no use; a quick shooter, haha . (Zuben: What did we learn about issuing challenges we don’t have the power to win?)Her gaze returned to the man standing on the training field . He was wearing only trousers, his torso bare; showing off his strong upper body . Under his pectorals he had beautiful six pack abs(Zuben: What else?) . He lifted the arrow to the bow and pulled it, as he did so his muscles bulged . Such beautiful lines glistening with sweat enhancing the appearance of strength, exuding lustre under the sun . (Zuben: *rolls out of her head)Selling the show . Chuwei’s lip curled in disdain as she watched the arrow strike the heart of the target . Qing Fei cheered immediately, but the woman under the shade remained silent .
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She was hot and dying! If this guy wanted to practice his marksmanship under such a hot sun, that was his business . Why did he need her to be his audience? She was already dark enough, how could she withstand such a hot sun?Besides if he really needed to cheer squad, there were many beautiful women who were willing to applaud him . Why does this black charcoal have to join the fun? (Zuben: This author keeps going on about ‘black charcoal’, do they come in other colours?)Ugh . . . she just wanted to sleep!She couldn’t survive anymore, she wanted her bed, she wanted to sleep!Feeling the waves of resentment from the shade of the trees, Xiahou Yin cheerfully smiled and pulled the bow . He released it and fired the arrow . The new arrow split the first arrow in half . (Zuben: Show off)He heard Qing Fei’s applause but did not change his expression . He took the next arrow from Yongfu and pulled the bow . This was his daily habit . As a ruler, in addition to studying literature, he worked on his martial arts . Under General Guojiu’s strict personal guidance, he had good martial arts and also knew the importance of keeping up physical fitness . Everyday, he spent an hour in the training field; sometime he practiced archery, sometimes he sparred with the Palace guards, he could not slacken - he wanted absolute victory . After firing the last arrow, Yongfu took the bow . Immediately, Qing Fei rushed up with a clean towel to mop his brow . ‘Your Majesty, you have worked hard . ’ she said breathily with undisguised love in her eyes; this beautiful Emperor captured her heart . She had only entered the palace for one year, but she had already captured his favour . And she believed that in time, she would rise to the coveted position of Empress . She didn’t bother glancing back at Su Xiurong . Although, the Emperor was spending a lot of time at Feng Yi palace, she knew it must be because the Dowager commanded it . When the Dowager was not around, was the Empress not afraid, ugly and useless? How could she even compare?Xiahou gave Qing Fei a smile . He was not stingy with his affections, as long as she didn’t touch his bottom line, he would always be gentle . ‘Your Majesty, would you like to come to Qingling palace tonight for dinner? Qing Er personally made the Emperor’s favourite;  Yunnan pork stuffing and the wine you like…’ she said with a bright smile; the emperor had said what he loved most about her was her smile, as long as he saw her smiling, he would agree to what she said . But Xiahou Yin did not answer, his gaze had moved to the figure under the shade of the tree . He looked at his Empress’s face and realised she wasn’t reacting at all . (Zuben: Did you see me? Did you?)Noticing the Emperor’s gaze on them, Xia Xi and Chun Xi were surprised, they turned to their master; she was fast asleep with her mouth hanging open . Xiahou narrowed his eyes and smiled . He brushed off Qing Fei and headed for the person under the shade . ‘Emperor…?’ Qing Fei called after him, she had been left in the cold for the first time (Zuben: . . . ) because of Su Xiurong?! How was this possible?Seeing the Emperor was walking over to them, Xia Xi became nervous, ‘Niangniang!’ She called nervously trying not to be too loud, ‘Wake up . ’ The emperor was on his way! What should she do?!‘Hmm…?’ Chuwei barely opened her eyes reluctantly, she wasn’t alert and her speech was slurred, ‘what is it…’She looked at Xia Xi in vacant confusion, suddenly she was turned away from Xia Xi . ‘Ah--!’ she was suddenly awake, fearing she would fall . Xiahou Yin had picked her up, his black eyes glinting with mischief . She reached out to stabilise herself with his shoulder but he was sweaty she wanted to retract her hand, but the fear of falling kept her holding on . ‘Xia…!’ she was so angry she wanted to swear - she almost blurted it out, but she fortunately remembered where she was and said instead, ‘Scared Chen qie to death, your Majesty . ’Only god knows how much she wanted to kill him . She put on a shy smile . ‘Did you see the archery?’ Xiahou asked with a sly smile . ‘I saw it, the Emperor is very skilled . ’ Chuwei said with a smirk, but it was a wobbly one for she was afraid of falling . The skin under her hand exuded heat . She was close enough to him to feel his breath on her skin . Her heart suddenly went into overdrive, it felt very strange . Since she had grown up, she had not been carried like this . Xiahou Yin was so strong he could carry her with one hand . (Zuben: How big is this dude?)‘Is that so?’ he asked as he reached over to wipe the saliva stains on her mouth . Her right cheek still had the imprint of the chair . This woman really dared to talk!Xiahou gave a wolfish grin as he said, ‘I didn’t expect the Empress to have such a heroic dream . ’
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Chuwei’s face stiffened and twitched; she had actually drooled when she fell asleep, how shameful! She took a look around and saw that Qing Fei was glaring at her . What happened? When did she provoke the woman?Chuwei was surprised by this development, but she was not in the mood to figure out what had happened to Qing Fei . The first thing to deal with was Xiahou . She put on a timid expression and used a soft voice while glaring at him,‘Oh, you like to poke fun at me, your majesty ah! You’re sweating so much, you have to go and bathe quickly otherwise, you may catch a cold and Chen qie will be distressed . ’Distressed my arse! He should fall ill, so he didn’t come to bother her anymore . ‘Is that so?’ he replied with a raise of his eyebrows, ‘Seeing the Empress’ concern makes me very happy . ’ he said with a smile . He did not put her down but hugged her closer and walked out of the training field . Chuwei was shocked . Suddenly, there was a feeling for foreboding, her voice could not help but tremble a little, ‘Your Majesty, where are you taking Chen qie?’‘Didn’t the Empress say I have to bathe? It would be a sin to make the Empress feel distressed . ’Urgh disgusting! Was that what she said?Chuwei vomited in her mind, but his next words made her blood run cold confirmed her bad hunch,‘Since the Empress is so concerned about me, you can serve me and wait on me . ’Hmph! Did he think she would be afraid of him?She wasn’t one of those little pure girls who blushed when she saw a man’s body . She was not only proud of her feelings, her experience was also rich . So when Xiahou took of his last piece of clothing before her, her expression did not change . Which man’s body hadn’t she seen yet, but she didn’t expect to be not only good looking but that was quite impressive . (Zuben: Show-er or grow-er?)Compared to the men she had seen . . . well . Xiahou wins, but it was just like a silver plated iron spearhead, otherwise, he should have lots of children by now?She thought about her diagnosis of Xiahou’s premature ejaculation and her lips twitched . Xiahou entered the bath and leaned against the rim of the bath . He saw Chuwei’s smirk and he raised his eyebrow, ‘Why are you smiling?’‘Haha . . premature ejaculation . . *cough*’ she said carelessly . She coughed a few times as though she didn’t say anything and looked around . ‘This bathroom is really good; a natural hot spring! Haha…’ she said trying to change the topic but it was too late . To say a man was afflicted with premature ejaculation was a great insult to his pride . This was a shameful accusation no man could stand for it!‘Jiang Chuwei, do you want to try it?’ He didn’t mind showing her proof but he feared she would not dare . Tut . . . men!Chuwei could not help but roll her eyes in her mind, but there was nobody about so she didn’t need to play the timid mild-mannered woman . She had been holding back a long time!She folded her arms across her chest, and looked at him up and down . She had to admit, at this moment, Xiahou looked rather sexy and charming .
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His black hair was untied hanging down around his face, so that his beautiful face looked wild . Water drops hung over his chest, his strong abdominal muscles were clearly visible underwater . Now that the noble robes were gone, he looked less refined, like he had a wild aggression and no patience, like he would rush to pounce on a person . . . but that person would not be her,She held her chin up in a show of strength, ‘I am not interested in you . ’ Her expression was very proud, her arrogance was not inferior to him . But this gesture evoked a man’s desire to conquer . If one could tame her and win her obedience, the taste would be exquisite . Xiahou’s eyes glimmered in excitement; she was always surprising, sometimes impulsive, sometimes calm, sometimes bold and amazing . Like now, seeing a man’s body and not being scared, as though she took it for granted . But yet, sometimes she was timid and afraid . He thought she was trying to hide herself, not to reveal anything . She obviously hated him, but she acquiesced to him because she was afraid her life was not guaranteed . There was one immutable thing - her eyes . They were always bright and direct, hiding the arrogance, restraining herself waiting for an opportunity to strike when no one was watching . She was like a lioness than a wildcat; strong and beautiful . He believed that if he hadn’t accidentally walked in on her, she would have pretended to be Su Xiurong; timid and retiring, then cursed him behind his back and wait in the wings to be rich before disappearing into thin air . Xiahou smiled and said, ‘I really want to thank my mother . ’ for forcing him to go to Fengyi palace, otherwise, he was afraid he would have missed her . That would have been a pity . ‘Why?’ Why was he talking about the Dowager? Chuwei did not understand . Xiahou smiled at her, his eyes glowing with fascination, ‘You may not be interested in me, but I am very interested in you . ’ He was very interested . Chuwei scoffed her expresion disdainful, ‘I am so tired of that line . ’ She said . All the men she had been with had said that to her . Xiahou’s eyes flashed dangerously, ‘Have you had many men?’‘Not as many as your harem . ’ she replied with a smile . She could not hid her prideful tone, but it was her brilliant record!Xiahou certainly heard her pride, she didn’t hide her expression at all, ‘Are you from a brothel?’ Was that why she was so familiar with men?Chuwei laughed, it was natural to be considered this way, ‘In my hometown, women are free to do as they please . As long as they are not married, they can be with as many men as they like . A man can do it, so can a woman . ’Xiahou had never heard of this kind of thing before, it was rather unusual, ‘Your hometown sounds special . ’‘Of course,’ it was much better than this dreary place . ‘What about your family?’ he asked curious about her past . But he saw her stiffen, and the bright eyes dulled . Although, she recovered quickly Xiahou knew he had asked the wrong question . Chuwei smiled with no emotion, ‘They are all gone, there is only me . ’ she said nonchalantly . But the usually direct gaze did not meet his . ‘Is it…’ to see her smile so desolately so contrary to her usual arrogance made him aware of her hidden fragility . (Zuben: ah the clincher; let me protect you and be your new fam!)Xiahou was not used to her like this and he realised that he did not like it . He wanted her to continue to be vibrant,‘It seems . . . you are alone and helpless here . ’ a deep voice approached her . Chuwei was surprised when a hand grabbed her ankle and pulled her down . She yelled, falling into the bath . Warm water rushed into her nose and mouth . Struggling to the surface, Chuwei’s nose was snotty, she squirted water out of her mouth and her eyes were red . ‘Xiahou, you hateful bastard!’ She was so angry she wanted to kill him, especially hearing his laughter; it made her more crazy . Xiaohou was laughed happily . Her drenched embarrassed appearance thoroughly amused him . Seeing her gritted teeth like she was eager to take a vengeful bite out of him as though he was a piece of meat felt really good . She really suited his impression of her as a lioness, very pleasing . ‘You bastard, you dare laugh at me!’ Chuwei was so angry, she was ready to pounce on him but he suddenly grabbed her braids and pulled her to him, hard . ‘Ouch!’ she frowned as she crashed into his arms . She was furious; she clawed her fingers to scratch his eyes when he suddenly called her,‘Weiwei,’ affectionately . With familiarity . Her hand stilled, and Chuwei’s heart leapt . She looked up at his handsome face and he smiled at her . ‘Did your family call you this?’ he asked as his large warm hand caressed her face . Her reaction confirmed it . Her tempting lips fluttered, ‘Weiwei,’ he called again . He wanted to see how she would react; would she be angry and not allow him to call her thus?Chuwei stared at him, she hadn’t been called that since her parents died . It was just a pet name, she had never thought of it much . In this world, the only person she had was herself . Her family and friends were not here, she could only rely on herself . She wasn’t afraid, she was used to it . She stood alone and that was all there was to it; she was Jiang Chuwei: Brave and independent Jiang Chuwei . But now hearing this pet name called again, after so long, she was surprised to find out how lonely she was . She wanted to die for her parents . She wanted her idiot brother back . She wanted her best friend beside her . But they were not here, only she remained . In this place, she could only rely on herself…Hot tears spilled from her eyes, this time, she really did not feel strong . Xiahou’s smile fell as he saw her tears . He hadn’t expected her to cry, it made him feel bad . He hadn’t expected her to cry in front of him . Shouldn’t she be angry? She should be fangs and claws; so angry she wanted to tear him apart, instead, she was crying . He didn’t intend to make her cry, it was just a familial nickname, but she was crying, her tears falling into his hand . He was caught off guard . She wasn’t sobbing, just tears falling from her eyes . Her silent sorrow made him feel very distressed . Xiahou’s heart softened, suddenly things became clear . (Zuben: I can see clearly now the tears have fallen) She wasn’t really strong, she was lonely . She probably was the loneliest person, she was afraid of herself more than anyone else because she only had herself here . His chest felt pained, as though he was being swayed by her . Her tears fell into his heart . He realised he didn’t like to see her crying, he didn’t like it at all . But how could he soothe her? He couldn’t stand idly…He sighed softly, and bowed his head to kiss her eyes . He kissed the salty tears down her face and finally claimed her soft lips . She did not resist as he licked her bottom lip . She felt his warmth, gently comforting her . (Zuben: Was it now . . . ?)Her teary lashes trembled as he kissed her . She knew she should stop it, and kick him and teach him a lesson, but she could not move . His warmth touched her heart, and she greedily wanted more . She wanted to hold on to this good moment, at least for now, she would not be lonely . She wrapped her arms around his neck and deepening the kiss, the tip of her tongue teased his mouth like a tangled flame . He was surprised that she would return his kiss, but for her to use her tongue; licking him bit by bit, eroding his breath . His desire was ignited . It wasn’t the first time he’d kissed, the body was familiar to him but he knew it was different . She was not Su Xiurong . Su Xiurong did not kiss like this . Su Xiurong did not seduce him like this . This was Jiang Chuwei in his arms . Jiang Chuwei who ignited him like fire . His eyes darkened with lust . He sucked on the teasing tongue, swallowing her arrogantly sucking on the sweetness of her small mouth . His arms slid down to her bottom and lifted her up against his desire . He was already hard and he could feel her softness through her thin under-robe . The sensation of his manly desire made her feel numb between her legs . His heated length seemed to aim for her . (Zuben: Like an arrow to the target, heh)‘Ah…’ she sighed as her body trembled with excitement as she felt him between her legs . She longed to twist her hips and bring her body closer to him . ‘Are you sure…?’ he asked, his voice was hoarse with desire . His eyes were burning, trying to scorch her but he wanted her to be sure . She kissed him in reply, biting his lip fiercely . At this moment, she didn’t want to care about anything . She just wanted his warmth before her to run through her and enrich her…She wanted him! (Zuben: Morning regrets…)

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