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Dark Empress - Chapter 5

Published at 9th of September 2018 08:39:01 AM

Chapter 5
In the jade decorated bath; steam filled the room and the sound of trickling water could be heard undercut by the slick sound of kissing .
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Chuwei was plastered against Xiahou . Her arms were tightly wrapped around his neck . Her undershirt was off and only her black dudou and snow white drawers remained . He pushed her against the stone steps of the bath, her wet drawers clung to her skin outlining the charming mound . The powerful heated length rubbed against her evoking her desire . Her small tongue was swallowed up, and she swallowed his body fluids . Her tongue refused to admit defeat and counter attacked plundering his breath . She kissed very well . She understood how to provoke a man’s desire, making him fascinated with her eventually becoming her captive . Xiahou Yin was driven to lose all reason . He wanted to take possession of her, have her beneath him to see her enchanting side . His hand slid under her dudou, the delicate skin was silky and smooth because of the water . It made him want to leave marks on her . He held her small breast; it sat in his palm . He found it was bigger than the impression under her clothes . He ran his thumb over the tip of her nipple, she twitched and moaned . This enthusiastic response mad Xiahou feel novel . It was not the first time he touched this body, but the reactions were completely different . Su Xiurong was always timid and stiff between the sheets . Her demeanour bored him, so he rarely touched her . If he did it was just between her legs and that was it . But now he only flicked the tip of her nipple and the delicate body in his arms trembled, her breathing became shallow and the bud quickly became pointed in his hands . This sensitive reaction was fascinating to him, he could not help but want to explore it more . He wanted to make her more charming . Xiahou took off her dudou, bent over her breast and ran his tongue over her nipple . He circled round the areola and then bit into the delicate flesh . He took turns teasing both her breasts, as his hands stroked down her silky skin looking for her sensitive spots one by one . The fiery length between her legs did not let her off . He prodded her with his desire, through the stitch of her drawers, grinding back and forth in the water as if to enter her . Increasing the impact again and again . With his attack provoking ripples in the warm water, Jiang Chuwei began to feel a rising heat within her, she tightly grasped his shoulder as she orgasmed?!She had not expected her body to be so sensitive, all of a sudden, abundant love juice gushed from her body . Her fingers bit into his shoulder as the exquisite tension gripped her . As quickly as it came, she weakly fell against him, her small mouth gasping for air with tears hanging in the corner of her eyes from the sudden climax . Xiahou was stunned, he hadn’t expected that simply teasing her would cause her to climax . The scent of her teased his nose, and her ordinary face was dyed in lust . She was so unbelievably charming, he just wanted to look at her for a while . For the first time, he thought she was beautiful . It was the first time he was so very attracted to this body . For the first time, he wanted to take possession of her . Make her belong to him - the thought suddenly appeared in his mind . Xiahou gazed at the small face beneath him, he watched as her dazed expression gradually became lucid . He kissed her little mouth, swallowing her breath . His hot tongue slipped into her mouth wanting to taste her sweetness . He ripped off her drawers and grabbed her round buttocks with his hands holding his hardness against her entrance . His grip tightened as he suddenly thrust into her . ‘Oh…’ she cried as she was suddenly occupied . Her tight flower squeezed around thick hard length . Chuwei grimaced as tears ran down her eyes . In addition to the intense discomfort, there was the feeling of fullness . She could feel his burning length within her, and she was tightly wrapped around him . She could hear his heartbeat, the smell of his breath . She looked up at him with misty eyes . They looked at each other . His expression was hungry, his eyes were glittering with sparks that made her legs go soft: He wanted to consume her? The thought made her lower abdomen tighten, her inner walls wrapped around him like it was trying to break him . Xiahou hissed through his teeth and groaned . He kissed her and bit her lip, the pain made her angry and the burning heat buried within her slowly receded . The delicate flesh squirted as he moved . He could feel her throbbing around him, then he slammed back into her . Her muscles contracted around him tighter in excitement . The sudden wave of pleasure had her trembling . His large hands gripped her buttocks using this to thrust into her again and again . She got wetter with each thrust . The warm fluid poured into her love hole as he entered almost driving him crazy . She wanted to pant for air, she wanted to groan but he caught her lips in his and did not let go . He captured her breath as he thrust deeply in and out of her, scalding hot, as though he wanted to capture her soulShe could not help but be afraid, but the more fearful she was the more her inner muscles sucked him in and held him tight . Each one of his thrusts made her shudder with pleasure . Each wave of pleasure began to culminate towards climax . Her warm hole gushed out honey unceasingly . The slick sounds to thrusting reached her ears occupying her mind bringing her to the brink of madness . ‘No mo . . ’ left her lips as she tried to put up some resistance, but the words and her lips were engulfed . (Zuben: very much too late for resistance)Her body was under his control . He put her in a variety of lewd positions . Her turned her back to him and made her hold on to the stone steps while he thrust his thick manhood into her from behind,‘Nn ah…’ she cried . She looked up and pulled forward - wanting to escape . He smacked her buttocks, grabbed her by her waist and pulled her back . ‘Where do you want to escape to? He asked, his hoarse voice was evil and sexy . His fingers sought her wet slit . Her red pearl was as beautiful as a ruby . He touched deeper letting her honey cover his hands; touching where they were connected . ‘Don’t ah…’ she cried . Shaking her head to beg for a reprieve but he suddenly thrust his hand in her mouth, making her taste her love juices . The two fingers caught her tongue making her swallow just like the mouth below hungrily engulfed him; he felt so good he could not stop . Xiahou was like an insatiable beast, demanding wildly to occupy her; not just her body but her restless soul .
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He pulled out his long fingers from her mouth, crystal threads connected him to her small lips . He grabbed her wet hair and turned her head so he could kiss her red and swollen lips . His thick phallus that was deeply buried within her suddenly stopped its onslaught . His hot tongue deepened their kiss, sucking on her tongue and licking her teeth . ‘Nn…’ the sudden cessation made her frown . She pushed at him and twisted her hips; eager for his fierce penetration . It was obvious that she was tiring, and too much pleasure was making her weak but the desire to be taken still held her and she could not hold back her need . She was like a lascivious and greedy slut moving her hips against him, grinding herself against his meat stick but it did not satisfy her desires .  Xiahou watched her dissatisfied expression and licked her lips before he asked, ‘What do you want? Tell me…’‘Want…’ she replied and stuck out her tongue to entangle with his . ‘What do you want?’Greedy lust invaded her body like ants making her lose her mind . All she was left with was the need to be occupied forcefully by him, ‘Please give it to me…’Hearing the words he wanted to hear, Xiahou could no longer suppress himself . He grabbed her and withdrew and drove his hardness in deep into the heart of her flower hole . ‘Ah~’ the delicate body at the edge of climax broke through the peak several times, and her love juices flowed out . The sound of slimy fluid echoed as he thrust in and out . Her orgasm made her intimate muscles spasm pulling his cock deeper into her . Her enchanting body was like a man-eating flower making a man willing to die within her body . (Zuben: fo realz?!) But in this moment, she belonged to him . Xiahou Yin buried his cock deeply in her and the deep pleasure made Chuwei’s sight darken . His burning liquid filled her and her flower swallowed it greedily . He grit his teeth as her intimate muscles tightened around him . His cock pulsated feeding her core and dyeing her completely…Chuwei fainted . ♛ Chuwei thought it was shameful how sensitive Su Xiurong’s body was, but to so thoroughly enjoy the pleasure of sex was all her . She had fainted in the bath and Xiahou Yin had to carry her back to Fengyi Palace . Thinking of it made her blush . She could only blame herself for her loss of reason and the moment of weakness . She hadn’t thought deeply about it since she had just wanted the warmth of another person and since someone was willing she used it . As a result, it was too late for rational discourse . Also she enjoyed it, she had to reluctantly admit . She had thought that pervert was just an empty gourd, she hadn’t expected him to be so skillful . She ended up begging for mercy many times . Remembering how she begged him to fuck her, Chuwei buried her head under the quilt and gave a moan of chagrin . She’s never been so embarrassed in her life, and she had just said she wasn’t interested in him . Then she got eaten up in the next moment . It was his fault! Calling her “Wei Wei” . ‘Wei Wei,’Yes, that was how he said it . It sounded so very good . His voice was that middle bass that she liked, listening to it made her heart burst in excitement . (Zuben: People catching feelings . . . )‘Wei Wei . ’‘What? Don’t keep calling . . . whoa!’ She turned over to find him on her bed . She scambered backward clutching her quilt and glared at him . When did this guy come? Did he materialise like a ghost! There was no sound of him entering, and Chun Xi, Xia Xi? Why didn’t they let her know her was here?‘They both went to prepare breakfast . ’ he replied seeing the question in her mind . He reached out to undo the ties at her neck . ‘What are you doing?’ Chuwei asked clutching the quilt to her chest . What is this pervert up to? Did he not have enough yesterday . Xiahou raised his eyebrows and said, ‘Changing your clothes,’ then his eyes narrowed and he smiled, ‘Or what do you want me to do?’He saw the hickey on her neck and his eyes held a hint of mischief . He hadn’t planned on doing anything but her attitude made him feel sorry for himself . (Zuben: wha?)Seeing his heated expression, Chuwei’s heart leapt in her chest; she was not a fool, she understood what that look meant . (Zuben: I call it the ‘hungry wolf’ look)
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She scampered back, ‘Hey! You . . . whao!’ but she was caught by the ankle . She wanted to kick him, but his hand grazed her calf and slid up her leg . ‘Oh…’ she shivered . Her resistance was crushed and his strong body pressed against her and locked her in his arms . (Zuben: All talk and no trousers)‘Your reactions are very adorable . ’ All he did was just touch her and she was aroused . He ran his fingers against the seam of her drawers . The fabric was soon moist after running his fingers over her mound a few times, ‘So fast . ’A forceful finger pierced the mouth of her honey pot through her drawers . Chuwei bit her lip trying to resist the desire to moan . Dewy eyes glared at Xiahou angrily and she snarled, ‘Go away!’‘Do you really want me to go?’ he asked with a disbelieving raise of his eyebrows, as his fingers teased her moist petals attacking her weakness . He moved closer and bit her ear lobe, he could feel her tremor; so this was also a sensitive area . The hot wet tongue licked her ear and then whispered, ‘But your body seems to want me . Look, the mouth below is so wet!’This damned pervert!Chuwei was so angry she wanted to bite him but her body was dyed in lust under his teasing; hateful! This body was too easy to provoke . No! She would not give in!‘Xiahou, you better leave me . . . ah!’ she was about to say when he suddenly bit her neck while his thumb pressed against her hidden bead and the lower abdomen rioted . Oh . . . damn it! She couldn’t do it . . . Just as she was about to surrender a sound of exclamation returned her sanity . She turned to see Xia Xi and Chun Xi bringing their breakfast . Their faces were cast down and they were blushing . ‘Pardon us, your Majesty, us nubi will retire . ’ they said nervously . ‘Wait,’ Xiahou stopped them, ‘Set the table . ’‘Yes . ’ The two maids quickly set the food out on the table, made everything tidy and quickly retreated . From start to finish, they both dared not look at the bed . Xiahou bit her lip and penetrated her mouth with his tongue kissing her arrogantly while his fingers continued to tease her and her drawers were wet with her honey . Her breathing was messy, her mouth full of his taste . She unconsciously grabbed his robes pulling him to her, her tongue responded enthusiastically to his . Then Xiahou pulled back, ‘Hungry? He asked, as he licked her lips . ‘Yes . . . ;’ she nodded . She wanted to eat him, her eyes were fascinated and her body was screaming with need . She wanted to throw him down . ‘Let’s have breakfast!’ he announced with a smile and got out of bed . He went to the table, sat down and began to set his meal . Eh? Chuwei looked at him, puzzled . Her body still trembled with desire and her honey pot longed to be filled . ‘Aren’t you hungry?’ he asked cheekily as he ate, ‘And, didn’t you say you didn’t want me to touch you?’Chuwei realised she had been played . She felt stupid, this damned git!She clamped her legs together; she was so angry she wanted to knife him . But her core was like it was filled with ants, making her uncomfortable . She bit her lip and her face was red . ‘What? You don’t want to have breakfast?’ He asked staring knowingly at her clenched legs . What breakfast? What she wanted right  now was to eat him . Chuwei wanted to cry; she didn’t want to want him, but how could she be eaten a few times? She rubbed her legs together and tried to take deep breaths to calm herself, but she could not push away the hunger and thirst . What was with this body?Su Xiurong, I hate you!‘I want you to come to me . ’ Xiahou said as he picked up a glass of light wine . He was waiting for her knowing she would yield . He knew how enthusiastic she was . She wasn’t the kind of woman to hold back her desires . She was very direct in her passion . This is what he discovered yesterday . This woman named Jiang Chuwei had a variety of expressions that fascinated him; he was not bored .
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Chuwei gritted her teeth . She saw him looking like he’d won . She knew he had decided to take her; hateful! This feeling of being downwind was really bad . But . . . she wanted him . She tightened her lips and hesisted for a moment before she shook her hands out and jumped out of bed, saying, ‘Xiahou, we’re on friendly terms, aren’t we?’Like an Empress, she walked proudly towards him taking of her night coat as she walked . She took off her drawers and untied her dudou . She didn’t mind being naked before him . Her labia was glistening under the morning light, and love juice dripped down between her legs . ‘On friendly terms?’ He repeated as he raised his eyebrows staring at Chuwei’s naked body; she was so skinny that he couldn’t see an ounce of flesh . She was not overtly seductive or sexy, but the sight of her made his mouth dry . She sat astride him and boldly touched his crotch . She fondled his hardness beneath his clothes, it heated her palm . She licked her lips and gave him a sly smile,‘This means, as long as this old lady is not tired of you, we can roll . ’She rudely pulled off his belt and pulled down his trousers . She held the hot member in his hands and ran her hands up and down it for a few times . She raised her round hims and sat herself down slowly towards on him . Letting him into her flower hole inch by inch . ‘Mmm…’ she let out a sigh of satisfaction when he reached the deepest part . Knowing her boldness, and having personally witnessed her behaviour, this woman still surprised him . She began to wind her hips around, her soft, warm and wet flesh squeezed him, making him thicker and huger . ‘And if you don’t satisfy me, I will leave you . ’ she said running a finger along his hard chin and smiled charmingly, ‘and go and find another man . ’Xiahou raised his eyebrows and replied, ‘Do you think there are other men in this palace?’Chuwei also learned to raise her eyebrow like his did, and smiled, ‘Do you think I plan to stay in this palace forever?’ Sooner or later, she would leave this ghastly place . Xiahou blinked . Her announced made him inexplicably mad . It seemed that no one could keep her, even if he possessed her body, she was telling him she was still free and her could not bind her to him . This realisation irritated him . He kissed her forcefully as he reached out and swept the food off the table . Her pressed her down on the table, forcefully opened her legs and thrust into her with force . ‘Ah!’ she cried in discomfort for he went in too deep . She frowned and bit her lip . Hearing her protest he was even grew harsher, he grabbed her breast and left deep finger prints . She wanted to leave? Never . He would not allow it . No reason to even consider it, he just would not let her go . She would never leave this place . When she realised his anger, Chuwei smiled; she knew her words had angered him . She had said it intentionally; did he think he could control her? Even if her body longed for him, her heart was still her own, he could never bind her!She bit her lip and provoked him into a more intense possession . She smiled to herself, proud in her heart that she could provoke his emotions . How could she not be self satisfied?As a modern woman, how could she not know what this proud man is mad at? Isn’t that a man’s total self esteem, thinking that he owned her body?Humph! He should be so lucky!♛In the royal study, the night pearls lit the room . Xiahou sat in daze, he looked at his desk sullenly . Yongfu stood by his side holding a candlestick quietly . Since they had left the training field, the emperor’s face had been dark like he had eaten a few pounds of explosives . Several ministers had been verbally flayed by the Emperor after . This was the first time he had seen the Emperor’s anger . He had been waiting on the Emperor for a long time and he always had a cool and calm demeanour, he never revealed any trace of emotion . But today was abnormal . Yongfu tried hard to think about what could have caused this . He thought back to the training field, the Emperor was practicing his archery . The Empress sat in the shade reading a book . The Qing Fei sought audience and the Emperor allowed it . The consort whose beauty was like a heavenly fairy fell gently into the Emperor’s arms telling him she wanted his attentions, and the Emperor also agreed that he would like to see her . The two of them were very affectionate, the Emperor was smiling happily . Everything was normal, but in the next moment, the Emperor’s face sank . He remembered that the Emperor looked towards the shady tree where the Empress was concentrating on her book . The Emperor’s face became impassive . If he thought more deeply about it, the Emperor’s current state was related to the Empress, but what did the Empress do?She had not fought with Qing Fei in a bid for the Emperor’s attention, such a thing would have angered the Emperor . (Zuben: Not in this case, it wouldn’t) Once there were two nobles who fought before the Emperor, they went on so long that the Emperor got angry and demoted them to commoners . Since then, no one in the Palace dare argued with the Emperor present . So Yongfu could not fathom what could have happened . Snap!Yongfu jumped . He looked down at Xiahou Yin; in his hand, a sable writing brush was broken in two . Yongfu was shocked, he quietly asked,‘Your Majesty, are you alright?’‘I’m alright . ’ Xiahou said with a frown and a dismissive wave of his hand . He leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes . Xiahou thought about the training field this afternoon and his mood got worse . He would be with Qing Fei . At her request, he had promised to go to Qingling Palace for dinner . Because he had agreed, Qing Fei smiled more warmly, and no man could resist that smile . Qing Fei was beautiful, with a refined temperament and she was well versed in the four arts, she had a gentle personality and knows the cardinal principles, therefore, would naturally obtain his affection and favour . If it hadn’t been for Su Xiurong, she would have the phoenix seal . She was his favourite, a beautiful woman, who would not like her? Compared to a woman who does not know how to be good, Qing Fei was very cute . If it wasn’t on his order, that woman would not appear on the training field . Since she was forced to be at the training field, she had camped under the shade of the tree . She concentrated on her book, turning a blind eye to his and Qing Fei’s canoodling . She leisurely drank tea, ate cake and read . She gave a smile to Chun Xi who was standing to one side fanning her . She turned a blind eye to him . He couldn’t tell how he felt, but he could only say he felt uncomfortable right now . He walked to the shade of the tree were she sat, and informed her coldly that he would be having dinner and staying at Qingling Palace that evening . She merely nodded and replied, ‘Oh good,’ without even looking at him . She continued to read as though he was not there . Was that it? Not competing . Not surprised . Not disappointed . Nothing at all, as if he was against her…This realization made Xiahou’s emotions worsen . For more than a month, he only favoured her only even when she was unruly, he let her get into his head . It was the first time he had ever done given his full attention to one woman . It had become very natural to spoil her, she was very special . She wasn’t clingy nor was she afraid of him, she didn’t allow him to do anything he wanted . She decided what they did or did not do . But since he was so indulgent, someone’s courage was getting bigger, and she was getting more arrogant . She even dared to swear at him, always looking at him in a daring manner, never respectful . To her, he wasn’t the Emperor, he was just Xiahou Yin . Xiahou who she did not like, whom she only obeyed in bed . Xiahou admitted that he thought she was very interesting . She made him feel refreshed . Even though it had been a month, his interest in her was not waning but deepening . With her near him, he was happy . (Zuben: Maybe you should just admit you’re in love and go grovel?)He liked her and her specialness, it was like having a rare toy but this toy was not so rare . He realised this in the training field today . She didn’t care about falling out of favour, she did not care about Qin Fei or him . To her, Xiahou Yin was nothing . She did not have him in her heart at all . She . . . did not like him . This realisation made his chest feel tight, he got angry and fought with her . Now matter how good he was to her, she was dismissive of him; that hateful woman!He had walked off in a huff but she did not react . Like a fool, he was the only one bothered . But what was he bothered about? He only thought she was interesting, he was waiting for the interest to wane and then he would throw her over . She was only a woman . It wasn’t as though he didn’t have other concubines to occupy him . He could always turn and favour another . Wasn’t it all the same to Jiang Chuwei? But why wasn’t she bothered and he was? (Zuben: Just bow to your Empress and be done with it)Xiahou could not understand, it was the first time he had ever been this aggrieved . And all this was because of that damned woman . He got up from his chair . ‘Your Majesty, would you like to go to Fengyi Palace?’‘No, tell Fengyi Palace I will not be coming there tonight . I will go to Qingling Palace . ’ Since she did not care why should he?Why should he care about her? Qing Fei was beautiful and gentle; several times better than that woman . He was stupid to have favoured and pampered her so much . Pamper a woman who did not care for him . Since she was nothing new, he will take back his favour . Hmph! She had better not come crying to him . (Zuben: Haha, so childish)Xiahou stood proudly and walked out of his study, headed for Qingling Palace . As for that Jiang Chuwei woman . . . he did not care! (Zuben: So no grovelling?)

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