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Dark Empress - Chapter 8

Published at 17th of September 2018 08:36:04 PM

Chapter 8

Dark Empress Chapter 8 (H)

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Warm Cold Palace: In the middle of the night, Jiang Chuwei woke up with a start . Her sleepy eyes looked round to find a figure in white standing outside the canopy of her bed . She was shocked and her sleepiness vanished instantly . Looking at the figure, she said nothing, just bit her nails on one hand nervously while holding her belly with her other hand . After a while, she heard a faint sigh and the figure approached the bed . Her heart began to thud in her chest . The canopy opened and the mattress dented; she saw him . For some reason, her eyes and nose stung and she felt like she wanted to cry . Oh! How she hated pregnancy; it made her very vulnerable . Holding back her tears, she watched him silently . He also said nothing . Neither of them moved . They just stared at each other in the dark . After what seemed like a long time, a warm palm covered hers over her rounded belly . She trembled and quickly pulled back her hand . But his did not leave; he pulled away her thin night coat and gently stroked her belly . She could hear her heartbeat in the deep silence, and she believed he could hear it too . But the baby inside her seemed to sense her nervousness, and kicked . His hand paused; the strange kick had been felt . Xiahou’s heart was filled with inexplicable excitement . He was unable to let go of this woman and his child . But it was so helpless . He sighed in the bottom of his heart and looked up at her . She was awake, but she refused to speak to him . Was she angry that he had shut her away?Still angry he refused to let go of her?He leaned close to her . Chuwei held her breath and closed her eyes . She felt a soft kiss on her lips . His warm tongue gently probed, opened her mouth and slipped in . He kissed her softly, coaxing her tenderly making her heart thump . His familiar body covered hers, careful not to press down on her . He opened the top of her night coat and quietly held her small soft tender breast . She hadn’t worn a dudou . Pregnancy not only made her flat chest bigger, it also made the nipples sensitive and painful . So she slept wearing a thin night robe . His hot humid mouth covered the tender breast, the tip of his tongue licked the tip of her nipple and swirled around it . The hardened nipples were quickly suckled . He held both breasts together and licked them in one, his sharp teeth grazed against her sensitive nipples . In the dark, she could hear the lewd sounds his lips and tongue were making . Chuwei bit her lower lip trying to resist the coming pleasure . But his hand held her small mouth preventing her from holding back her mewls,‘Ahnn…’ a lusty groan leaked out and the apex of her legs stirred, she could feel a touch of wetness flow out of her . Her nipples were released from his lips and tongue, they glistened in the dim light . He caressed down her body, and the tip of his tongue gently licked her round belly . He pulled off her white drawers and lifted her legs placing them on his wide shoulders .
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His warm tongue lapped at her petals with gentle movements, like he was caring for the most delicate flower, sliding over the quivering flesh and carefully opening the pink wrinkles to reveal the beautiful nucleus . His long fingers stroked her fleshy petals and slowly plunged into her flower hole . The tight flesh nervously swallowed him, then tightly sucked him in, not letting him retreat . His hot tongue kept at licking her petals, and his buried fingers twitched back and forth . The mouth of her flower relaxed slightly, and his tongue plunged, gently playing with her . ‘Ah . . . ~’ Chuwei arched her back, her legs tensed due to the sexual excitement . Her pregnancy had made her body more sensitive and emotional . After a while, the love juices stirred by his fingers mixed with his saliva, soaked her legs . He sipped and drank her . His sucked on her deeper, his long fingers stirred her insides more quickly . His tongue squeezed into the flower hole, and it was drawn in by her inner muscles . ‘Ah~ don’t…’ she tried to protest, but her hips were firmly held down . She gripped the bedsheet as her body jolted a few time before she had no choice to climax . Xiahou took out his fingers, and the sweet love juice immediately poured out . The tightened flower bud was like a juicy peach, and she smelled sweet . Chuwei gasped for air as her legs were lowered and her clothes were ripped off . He pulled her so she was kneeling in front of him with her lips against his thick length, he did not force her to open her mouth, he just gently caressed her hair . He was waiting . He didn’t have to wait long . Her warm mouth gently covered the top and a soft hand held him while the other stroked the soft pouch underneath . Her moist tongue licked the hot and burly phallus, then shenfilled her small mouth with him . Listening to his sexy sighs, she drew him deeper . Her small hand caressed his fragile pouch; the strength of her touch was moderate . His reaction to it let her know he liked it, and made her feel empowered . She sucked around the tip and felt him tremble . She smiled smugly, the tip of her tongue wet the head leaving it glistening .  As she teased his desire, her flower petals became wet and stirred, eager to be filled and enriched . She rose and sat over him . Her small hand still caressed him, holding him up . She widened her legs and held him against her wet meat flaps . She sat slowly opening up her tightly closed folds and stretching out the delicate flesh . ‘Ah~’ she sighed with pleasure as she let him enter her completely burying him deeply within her . Xiahou let her move by herself watching her with fiery eyes . As his big manhood entered her tight love tunnel, it got excited and thickened . She bit her lower lip and wrapped her arms around him . She lifted her round buttocks up and down seeking a pleasurable rhythm . Her spring tide coated his pelvis making it glisten . Her pressed her round hips against him, moving gently . Her body was still in the afterglow of her climax so she became weak and soft on him after a few ups and downs . Her face was pressed against his neck, and she sighed . He stroked her sides; his desire was still tumescent buried deeply and tightly in her flower hole . He enjoyed the squeeze of her inner muscles . ‘Can’t you?’ he teased as he lifted her powder soft jaw and kissed her small mouth . He thrust his narrow hips up eliciting a charming moan . He did not stop, his fiery manhood continued to prick her, hitting the heart of her flower hole . The tip of his tongue stirred in the sweetness of her mouth . Saliva ran out of their mouths making a slick sound . He turned her over so he was behind her, still gently protecting her belly . He lifted her leg up and suddenly entered her . Her intimate muscles tightened hard at his attack, his desire was pulled in deeper . He was strongly sucked in again and again . His fiery head rubbed the tender flesh and more fluid was stirred up . In the darkness of the night, it was more exciting more exciting for the two . ‘Oh~ ah~’ her orgasms came wave after wave . She was forced to cry out unable to withstand his violent demand . She hugged her stomach, because he was so fierce worried that there would be an accident, but her inner walls tightened because of tension and her body was more sensitive to his heat .
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He did not slow down, he thrust deeper more violently, like he was trying to absorb her not letting her free . How could he not be enough for her? The more she cried, the more she was afraid, the more wildly he thrust into her . She wanted to collapse under his onslaught . It was only when they were like this that he could have the feeling that she belonged to him . He grabbed her head and covered her crying little mouth, eagerly swallowing her breath, and his burning meatstick continued to squeeze into the heart of her as if to completely destroy her . (Zuben: I wonder what does it matter if a mouth is little or big, the kiss is the same, is it not? Or is this another standard of sexually attractive beauty thing?)She was better off being driven to madness by him, so that she would not want to go anywhere…‘Oh~’ she moaned after he kissed her breathless . The pleasure invading her ming . Her body was tight and giving her a sense of falling to her death . Just as she couldn’t breathe, he let go of her mouth . She gasped for air . He gave a final thrust deep into her . Her vision went dark as she felt his burning liquid being poured into her . She she could not help but tremble and black out . He still held her with her back against his sweaty chest . He held clasped her hand that was held over her belly . Chuwei slowly roused . She was only out for about a minute and she realised he was still inside her, and she was held with her back against his chest; she could feel his heartbeat gently across her skin . She looked down and both their hands covered her belly as though to protect their baby . For a moment, she thought, she should let go and hold on to him for her lifetime…But it was only for a moment, the next moment reason ruled and she did not forget her resolution . Biting her lip, she closed her eyes and said,‘Let me leave after giving birth to the child . ’ She knew she could not take her child with her, so she would just treat it as a deal: Her child for her freedom . She wasn’t sure he would promise her . He could keep her shut away for her life . If he wanted her to hate him, he could . After a long pause, she heard his reply; low, hoarse but firm . ‘Very well, I promise you . ’
 ♛ In the next few months her small belly suddenly grew, almost overtaking her small body . Chuwei was afraid for herself . She had eaten a lot in the past few months, her food intake had become very good . In the final months of her pregnancy; she was hungry every hour . She suddenly had a meat craving; every meal must have meat in it . Whether it was oily garlic roast chicken or soft and tender boiled red jujube chicken, she loved it . She also wanted for chicken fried in flour; which she felt very satisfied to eat . In addition, she loved sweet pastries . She ate sweet scented osmanthus cake, hibiscus cake, candies and gingko tofu soup . Her mouth did not stop consuming food . Whatever she wanted to eat, they would make . In the evening, a servant will come to her room and give her snacks . She was still confined to the cold palace, but her bedding was replaced with silk and feather stuffed quilt . Her skin was currently too delicate for anything coarse . Her normal clothes were thrown away and she was given light but soft thin clothing . She did not know what the fabric was but the clothes were very comfortable to wear . That person stayed with her at night . When she was hungry, he would feed her, and once she had had enough to eat and drink, he would have his fill of her . His loving was still fierce, she was always forced to cry for mercy, but she also enjoyed the pleasure he gave her . As her stomach grew larger, she could not withstand too much bed exercise; she didn’t allow him to have her again . But sometimes he really wanted and she would acquiesce and satisfy him with her hands and mouth .
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Well, she admitted that watching him surrender under her teasing made her full of happiness . To be able to control the weakness of a proud man was very satisfying . She was still wilful, and she got emotional, she lost her temper and even cried . But she did not want to act like a child . In the face of her emotions, Xiahou was always gentle; he would coax and cajole her, even when she bit or kicked him, he did not fight back . Sometimes, when she was too inflamed, he simply kissed her and made her melt in his arms . The eyes that looked at her were always deep making her heart speed up . She would try to escape, speaking of light topics to avoid the topic they both wanted to avoid . Sometimes under his painful pampering, she thought about not leaving, but she did not let the thought settle . She had been determined from the start she would not stay in this palace; she would not let herself become a pitiful woman waiting for his favour . Even if he was good to her now, it could only result in hurt . She could not believe in the love of an Emperor when there were many beautiful women around him . And she was a not a beautiful woman either . She was not self confident; she only understood too much . Even if she obeyed her heart, she felt she would regret it one day soon . And if she lost her love at that time, she did not know what she would become . With her personality, it was not impossible to imagine she would crash and burn . That would be horrific . She did not want to be like that . Maybe it was cowardly? But she chose to escape . With a hand bracing her waist, she stroked her big belly and walked slowly . Xiahou walked next to her with his arm around her waist . Today, she felt like her stomach was so heavy, she could not stand the discomfort . She asked him to walk her to the garden . He put on soft coats on her, making sure she was warmly and snugly dressed so that she would not be chilled by the wind, and then led her out; keeping with her, walking slowly . ‘Are you alright?’ Xiahou asked poking her now rounded cheeks . After eating so much the last few months, her skinny limbs had meat on them, but she still looked slender . It was because her stomach was too big . He was afraid for her . It had been too small to see a few months ago, and then all of a sudden she expanded so much, he was worried about how she would give birth . Chuwei shook her head; her stomach felt so heavy, and a little painful . Would the birth be difficult? She could not help but be nervous . ‘Would you like to go back inside?’ he asked, seeing her face change to a pained expression . Xiahou was about to turn her back to her rooms, when she screamed . ‘What…’ he blinked in surprise and looked down, her skirts were dripping with water and the ground beneath her was wet . Chuwei gripped his hand, afraid her feet could not hold her . She cried out in a panic, ‘Hurry! Hurry! The baby is coming!’Xiahou sprung into action and lifted her . He shouted, ‘Yongfu! Quick get the midwife, the Empress is about to give birth!’She screamed; her body was in a haze of pain . Chuwei was drenched in sweat; her hair was stuck to her face . The pain made her pale . Her legs were held up like frog legs and widely parted . Blood kept gushing out . ‘Niangniang, push harder . ’ the old maid who had been looking after her was a midwife as well . She used a hot towel to help her wipe her sweat . Afraid she was using up her strength screaming, she gave Chuwei the towel to bite into . Chuwei gritted her teeth, shut her eyes and pushed hard, but the heaviness underneath her was not shifting, she wanted to go crazy . ‘Your Majesty! You can’t go in there, Your Majesty!’She didn’t know how long it had been, she was so groggy she almost passed out . The towel in her mouth was suddenly taken away . She opened her eyes to see Xiahou coming to sit beside her, making her rest on his lap and put his arm to her mouth . ‘Didn’t you always want to bite me?’ he asked as he stroked her sweaty hair, his tone was dull . Chuwei eyed him . There was another wave of pain underneath her body so she grabbed his arm and bit into it . Xiahou’s skin did not change colour even though she bit in deep and her fingers dug in . He did not pull his arm back . ‘Good, push harder . ’ he said gently encouraging her . She bit all the pain into his flesh and concentrated on squeezing her child out . ‘Good! Good! I can see the head,’ the midwife shouted happily, ‘Niangniang, just a little more force and the baby will be out . ’Tears came out of Chuwei’s eyes . This damned man . If it wasn’t for him, she would not be hurting so much . She didn’t want to have a child like this; without a doctor or nurse or advanced medical equipment! There was only one servant to help her deliver . Kao! It would be a miracle if the child was born safely . The anger made her work harder, and she felt like all of her insides were being squeezed out as she pushed . Her fingers were white with tension, when suddenly, it was over and she heard the small cry of her baby just as she was about to faint . ‘He’s out! Congratulations to the Emperor; your child is a Prince . ’Her baby was a boy…She was so tired she released his arm from her mouth; the part that she had bitten was bloodshot . She vision was unfocused but she watched the midwife clean and swaddle the baby . Tears fell from her eyes . . . her baby . That was her baby . She wanted to see him . ‘Let me look at him…’‘Take the child out of here . ’ Xiahou ordered . Chuwei was instinctively annoyed, ‘Why…’ she was silenced by the cold look in his eyes . She thought of their deal, he kept the child in exchange for her freedom . But…she saw they were about to take the baby away, she could not help but be agitated, ‘You’re not allowed to leave! Let me see him, Xiahou, I just want to take a look at him . ’ she really wanted to see him if only for a little bit . The midwife hesitated and turned to the Emperor . ‘Leave . ’ he said coldly . The midwife did not hesitate and rushed out of the room with the baby . ‘No!’ she cried . She tried to get up but she could not move . She was so anxious she wanted to cry, ‘Let me see him, let me…’She could not finish her words; the body that just gave birth was still very weak . The excitement made her even more exhausted, and she fell back on the bed . Tears slipped down her cheeks, Xiahou reached out and caught a tear watching her with his bottomless black eyes . She wanted to leave; he will let her go…He leaned down and kissed her dry lips . He kissed her deeply pouring his love into it, as it would be the last time . (Zuben: Maybe if he told her he loved her, it would not)

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