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Chapter 80

16-80 . God Keys


※Only the last part will be Satou's point of view this time .

"Yuuki, how's your mana?"
"Still a long way to go . "

The two heroes are sprawling in the ruins of Saga Empire's castle .
Hero Seigi asked the question with him facing up at the sky, while Hero Yuuki replied face down .

"Can you move?"
"Don't wanna yet . I've never used so much mana before, even talking is annoying . "

Despite saying that, Yuuki grumbled fluently .

"Where's the golden sparkly bunch?"
"Saving people . "
"Those girls are tough . "

After defeating lamia demon lord [Lamiko-san] with the two Saga Empire's heroes, golden sparkly bunch aka the golden knights and hero Nanashi had gone to the collapsed shelters inside the city to rescue people .

"Since they went pass the castle ruins and all--"
"I think they're leaving this site to us . "
"Figured as much~"

Hero Yuuki surveyed the surrounding debris while frowning .

"Should we go look around, Yuuki?"
"Once my mana has recovered, sure . "

After giving that reply, he recalled the specialty of his conversation partner .

"--Wait, what about you?"
"I'm only good with bad men . "
"You're useless . "

Looks like Hero Seigi's Unique Skill [Evil Search (Where's the bad men)] can't be used to look for people buried under the wreckage .


Hero Seigi noticed pebbles on the ground shaking .
He raised his body and looked around, then he saw a ripple on a puddle nearby .

"What's wrong?"
"Don't you think it's shaking?"
"You're imagining things . "

So Hero Yuuki declared after closing his eyes and concentrating .

"Owaah, it's shaking!"
"I told you!"

The shaking was only at about magnitude 1-2, but the two could feel intermittent vibrations on the ground even while they were conversing .

"Ain't this, y'know, bad?"
"Maybe there's still another demon lord underground?"
"Sounds about right . "

Hero Seigi said it like it was none of his business .

"Don't 'sounds about right' me you, use your Unique Skill to check it out . "
"Whoops, that's right! --Evil Search"

Blue light wrapped Hero Seigi's body .
Hero Seigi closed his eyes and concentrated, then he suddenly opened them wide and shouted out loud .

"There it is! About one kilometer below . "
"So deep! Is it lurking in the magma or something?"

Hero Yuuki quipped at Hero Seigi's report .

"There's only one . Real dangerous . I can feel incredible malice and insanity . The threat level is out of this world . "
"Are you for real . . . "

An especially big shaking hit the ground while they were talking .
The two who were sprawling jumped up .

"For now, let's get out of here and call the sparkly and purple here . "

The two poured the little mana they had left into their Flight Shoes and flew off the mountain of debris .

"O Guardian Spirit (Mitama) of Saga Empire--"

Saga Empire's Emperor called out to the city core while wielding the rainbow-colored orb turned-key like a wand .
Perhaps, due to the excess amount of mana, they key couldn't keep its shape as it kept transforming while producing purple lightning .

Even though the emperor was burned by the lightning and had blood seeping out of the wound, he wouldn't stop the ritual .

"By the force bestowed to me by God's Envoy, manifest the door that shall summon God's Majesty unto this land .

The emperor spun his words while trembling from the high voltage shock electrocuting him .
Blood spilled out of his mouth and nose, the capillary in his fingertips had broken apart with blood gushing out .

Rainbow colored lights converged in front of him, forming into the shape of a door .
Seven key holes appeared on the rainbow door adorned with jewels .

"By the force bestowed to me by God's Envoy, O keys that open the door, come forth unto this land . "

With wounds all over his body, the emperor continued the chant with bloodshot eyes .
Blue lights leaked out his wounds, shining purple through the red blood .

The rainbow colored lights transformed into keys one by one .
If someone who had witnessed the gods who materialized in Saga Empire were here, they would have noticed that those key colors represented each of those gods .

"With seven God Keys in hands, I shall fulfill the mission given to me by God's Envoy . "

The critically injured emperor swung his arm, and then the seven God Keys floating in the air went into the key holes .

"to the worm, gnawing on the, sacred sagaempire, bringthem destrucTIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNN"

Crystallizations shining bright blue fell off from under the wounds and skin of the emperor who was laughing maniacally .
His figure was similar to that of Hero Meiko who used up too much Unique Skills in her fight against Great Weasel Demon Lord at the weasel empire .

"come, ARISe, SPread, OPen, MATERIALize, maniFEST, o power of, GOD'S MAJESTYYYYYYYYY--"

In accordance to the words of the king who had lost his sanity, the keys that were in the door's key holes began to turn .

Click .

The first blue lock opened .

Click . Click .

The second, third, yellow and orange color opened .

Click . Click . Click .  

The locks opened one by one, and the last key-- .

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"--What's the matter, Arisa?"

Liza called out to Arisa worryingly .
Arisa who had been energetically telling the girls the location of those needed saving with space magic suddenly stopped moving and went silent .

"Did something happen to Master?"

Lulu asked .

"U-unn . My Familiar Link with Master has gone out of range . "

The girls turned their sight at Arisa all at once hearing that .
No, Tama alone was flopping on top of the Floating Fort with a carefree expression, saying, "Don't worry be happy~" .

"We have to go to Master's rescue, so I insist . "
"Where is it? Arisa! Do you know where is it?"

Liza who reacted to Nana who said that expressionlessly pressed on Arisa in frantic .

"Calm down . "
"That's right! Liza-san, please compose yourself . "

Mia murmured, as Lulu stopped Liza who caught Arisa's shoulders in a hurry .

"Everyone, please calm down . Don't worry, Satou is surely fine . "

Hikaru put her hands on the panicking Pochi's head, and said that to everyone as she broke out the best smile she could muster .

"Arisa-chan, do you know where the last known location the comm came from?"
"U-unn . It's the Temple of Heroes in Saga Empire's old capital--ah . "

In the middle of her speech Arisa's expression changed .

"Master! Are you OK? Are you hurt anywhere? If you need our help--"

While she was talking, Arisa informed the girls, "It's from Master . Looks like he's alright . "
Acting like she was unconsciously holding a telephone on her mouth as she did that must have been a habit from before she reincarnated .

Arisa got back to the Satou's Familiar Link while gesturing an apology to the girls who fell down in exhaustion .

"--Un, I got it . We're all fine here . You've gotta beat gobu king for sure this time!"

After she's done with the call, Arisa informs the girls about Satou's situation .

"Master has finally located 『Goblin Demon Lord』's stronghold . "

The girls cheered when they heard that .

"He had to teleport to observation satellite in order to find that stronghold, that was when the link was cut off temporarily . "

Apparently even the Familiar Link with its transcendental range would get cut off when Satou moved through a long distance with Unit Arrangement .

"He was watching the demon lord from satellite orbit?"

Hikaru murmured in amazement .

"He had to move far outside detection range since gobu king was a vigilant one . I guess even gobu king would have never guessed that Master could move to satellite orbit with zero mana consumption . "
"That means, Master is going to wage war at the enemy location?"
"Un, that's what he said . "

Arisa confirmed Liza's question .

"That's why he won't be able to respond to the Familiar Link for a while . "

Despite saying that, Arisa believed that Satou would abandon his fight with Gobu King and go to their rescue were she would just call for him in desperation .

"Then, should we not go help Master?"
"No help needed he said . "

Arisa shook her head at Liza's insistence .

"But, isn't 『Goblin Demon Lord』 one of the Great Demon Lord that stands at the top along with 『Dog-Head Demon Lord』 and 『Golden Wild Boar King』 in all history?"
"It's o'kay~"
"The possibility of Master losing in a normal combat is zero, so I inform . "
"Nn, invincible . "

Tama, Nana and Mia dismissed Liza's worries .
Lulu and the other girls were worried as well, but they believed that Satou wouldn't lose .

Tama's ears twitched inside the golden helmet .

"It's the hero kids nanodesu . "

As Pochi said that, the girls turned around .


Hero Seigi and Yuuki came flying with Flight Shoes .

"Is there something wrong?"

A dome of light manifested behind the heroes as Arisa muttered that .
Seven keys of light appeared on top of the dome .

"That looks like bad news . "

As Arisa murmured that, the other girls nodded in agreement .

"We should call Master . . . "
"We can't . "

Arisa immediately rejected Lulu's proposal .

"Master's thoughts have been getting transmitted to me for a while now, and it's fully committed in the fight . I think, the fight with the gobu king is reaching its climax . "

The girls had worried looks on their faces when they heard that .

"It's okay, Master is doing fine . It feels frantic, but it's not like he's getting cornered, see . "

Arisa followed up .

"Then, let's deal with this ourselves . Just so you know, I was second to none in Force Magic in my heydays . "
"Nn, help . "

As if trying to sweep away the girls' anxiety, Hikaru made a wand-swinging pose along with Mia who did the same pose next to her .

"Anyhow, let's observe it from a safe distance for now!"

"Although quite malformed, those are keys to unlock God's Seal huh . . . No way Kurou would go and unseal Moon Demon God, then I guess this is Gorou's antic?"

A lone young man standing near the light dome that had shown up in the Imperial Castle's ruins muttered .
He's clad in a deep purple robe, his black hair is swaying in the wind coming from the dome .

At a spot slightly away from the young man, warriors clad in golden armor--Arisa and the girls teleported in .

"--Black hair?"
"No . "

Arisa declared .

"You over there, who are you?!"

The young man turned around as Arisa asked for his identity .
Since the dazzling light coming from the dome acted as a backlight, the girls couldn't make out the young man's face .

"I'm 『Guardian of Little Girls』--if that doesn't roll well on tongue, feel free to call me 『Guardian』 or 『Onii-chan』, whichever is fine . "

Arisa's frowned at the smokescreen-sounding words the young man uttered .

"Arisa-chan, could you appraise him?"
"Unnyaa, it's no good . "

It's very rare for the appraisal of reincarnated people and heroes to fail as they bear the divine gift appraisal .

"Goes off~?"
"Ah! Hold it right there!"

Ignoring Arisa's call to halt, the young man stepped toward the dome .

"Was that your doing?"

Liza went around with Flickering Steps, but the young man's cold gaze made her body freeze up .

"Bad things no no~?"
"You shouldn't do bad things nanodesuyo . "
"I shall not let you pass, so I report . "

Apparently, the young man's gaze only affected Liza as Tama, Pochi and Nana stood before him with their weapons at the ready .

"Oh I won't do anything bad . I'm just here to stop a big idiot from undoing the Demon God's seal . "

After saying that, the young man instantaneously moved to the opposite of the beast girls .  


As the man murmured so, the light dome that looked like it was about to start up anytime instantly disappeared .


The man murmured and made a swing with his arm, and then the Saga Empire's emperor who was bloody all over appeared in front of him .

"w-what? The secret art TO DEFEAT demon lord's"

The emperor couldn't speak anymore after that word .

"Has he been brainwashed by Gorou I wonder? Well, the successor should pop up even if I eliminate him here . "

After glancing at the emperor once, the young man nonchalantly snapped his fingers .
A moment later, the emperor turned into a charred remain without as much as a scream, scattering away into grey particles .

"See you again . Heroes of present time . "

After saying that, the man waved his hands behind and disappeared without turning around .

"J-just what was all that . . . "

Arisa muttered with a bewildered look on her face .
That was when Satou called her, informing her about the goblin king's defeat .

◇◇◇ Satou ◇◇◇

"A black haired man who couldn't be appraised huh . . . "

After hearing about a young man with transcendental powers, I dropped by Saga Empire's capital with Unit Arrangement .

Not sure whether he's a new demon lord or an existence in line with God, but considering he stopped Saga Empire who was attempting to undo [Demon God's Seal], it's probably safe to assume that he's the type of force that maintains order .
. . . Rather, don't even joke about [Demon God's Revival], please .

"That reminds me, how's Parion Temple at the Old Capital?"

Apparently, the imperial capital's Parion Temple has been turned into a mountain of rubble .
Why would she talk about Parion Temple now--Just when that thought flashed on my mind, I recalled that we originally came to Saga Empire to take on [God Parion's Trial] .

"The temple over there is a mountain of rubble too now . Oh dear . . . "

The temple itself can be quickly rebuilt with magic, but restoring the sanctuary needed to do the God Mingle ritual probably can't be done that easily .


Tama suddenly looked up at the sky .

Looking up in reflex, I saw a pure faint blue light coming down .

--Thank you

Felt like I could faintly hear a small voice .

>Title [Liberator] is Acquired .
>Title [Mark of Parion] Acquired .
>Title [One Approved by Parion] Acquired .
>Title [Parion's Saint] Acquired .
>Title [Parion's Apostle] Acquired .

I got these titles on the Log before I knew it .
Since I hadn't been informed of what she wanted me to do yet, this God Parion's Trial was apparently treated as done either because we managed to stop Gobu King's ploy or because I liberated God Parion's [Fragments] captured by Gobu King .

I don't need to do some annoying fetch quest this time, lucky me .

"Master, what was that?"
"Aah, it's a reward for settling down the turmoil she said . "

When I think about it, the voice that warned me back then was that one just now .
I thought it was either the mysterious little girl's or gobu king's trap .

Now that I've got all the marks, I suppose I can finally accomplish my original goal, that is interviewing the gods .

But well, first I'd love to have a long vacation before going on a journey to the world of gods .

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