Death’s Heir - Chapter 10

Published at 27th of December 2018 06:34:19 PM
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Chapter 10

When Azreal came out on the other side of the portal the only thing in front of him was nothing but snow and some deciduous trees as far as he could see .

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The bone-piercing cold felt as if it was trying to freeze every fiber of his being, right when he felt as if he was about to be turned into a human popsicle a very cool soothing sensation similar to what he had felt when Maseru touched his forehead .

With the circulation of the cool sensation the ice felt like it was thawing and not only did it thaw the cold didn't really bother him anymore .

The sensation left Azreal feeling completely overwhelmed; what was this? along with sensation came a piece of information, what he just felt was Divine energy, but how could he have divine energy he was obviously just a human .

Sifting through the new piece of information in his mind there was even some information on how to control it .

By willing it to move??? . . . .

Taking a deep breath to take in his surroundings Azreal wasn't even sure what he was supposed to think but he still tried out the method that was in his mind and just like that with a thought the snow falling around started falling slower and slower until they stopped and started swaying in the air .

Seeing this Azreal was beyond happy so he started manipulating the snow in the air more and more, at first his control was nothing worth bragging about but the as time went on his control only got better and better until he was using the snow to form images although they looked horrible just based on the basic outline you could at least tell what they were .

Feeling more confident in himself he started to raise his hand in the air, commanding the snow that he'd gathered so far to rise then without a moment's hesitation he slammed the all the snow he'd gathered reinforced by the Divine Energy into the ground .

The results left him totally shocked; One hundred meters all around him was completely caved in, looking down he could see that the rocks beneath him were either completely shattered or had cracks running all over them .

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This was insane snow had completely ripped the earth apart .

Azreal couldn't help but take a good look at his hands and wonder what else he could do, The feeling was of having this much power was so addictive, He felt as if he could destroy everything if he was to . . . and he wanted to, it was a desire that seemed to come from his very soul .

"What kinda of power is this?"

Azreal couldn't help but ask aloud but the response he got was something that he never would've expected .


A terrifying roar that causes the very ground he was standing on to shake, accompanying the roar were some heavy footsteps that sounded like the beating of war drums and they seemed to be picking up speed and heading in his direction .

Despite the terrifying roar and his better judgement telling him to run for the hill, Azreal still couldn't help looking toward the direction where the roar was coming from and what he saw struck fear in him even though it was quite a good distance away those bright blood red eyes and the massive figure they were attached to approach him at an incredibly fast speed .

Seeing the creature that seemed to be over three meters tall but he assumed it was bigger because it was so far away, heading toward him he decided to listen to his better judgment and run for the hill .


All around him was nothing but a big hole and the rocks below didn't look like they were soft and smooth .

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Looking around him Azreal started sweating profusely and panicking

"Shit . Shit . Shit . Think . Think . Think . "

No matter how much he yelled at himself to think an idea still didn't pop up .

It was only when the creature was only a few meters from the hundred meter gap that he tried channeling his Divine Energy within his body and with only a slight moment of hesitation, he jumped .

And to his delight he made it over the huge hole, landing quite heavily on the other side receiving some cuts and bruises all over his body, turning his clothes into tattered rags .

Breathing a sigh of relief he finally felt like he was safe .

Staring at the creature on the other side of the hole Azreal couldn't help but revealing a smug smile what happened next completely wiped the smile off his face .

The creature started to step back then made a huge leap land were Azreal was standing before but unlike with Azreal the pillar couldn't manage its weight and started crumbling underneath it but that didn't slow it down for a second .

Exerting pressure on its leg it made another jump .

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While in mid-air Azreal could finally get a good look at it; it looked like a giant snow-white app with crystals protruding from its back in the form of spikes .

Looking at the giant ape leaping in the air relief that he was feeling before was completely washed away by the fear that he was feeling now .

Without a moment to lose he started running from the giant ape with a bit of a limp, looking around for the area with the most trees and then running towards in the hopes that they would slow it down .

Azreal heard a huge bang from behind him and felt the earth shake a little bit under him but he refused to look around because he already knows what it was, he just started running faster using the Divine Energy to try and push himself faster but the increase was not all that much .

Due to the sense of crisis that he was feeling now the energy inside his body was in a chaotic state making it even harder to control .

Azreal finally looked around when he started hearing crashing and banging sounds to his dismay the giant ape was smashing through the trees like they were nothing .

Because he was looking back he wasn't able to see what was in front of him .

He ended up tripping over a tree branch that was on the group that tree branch seemed to be sent from heaven because the moment he fell a gaunt tree flew over his head clearing out several trees in front of him before shattering .

But sometimes heaven likes to play cruel jokes . When he tried to get up his foot was stuck and no matter how hard he pulled it didn't budge .

A small the distance away the giant ape noticed he was stuck as if it decided that it would take too long to run the giant ape took a leaping into the air, letter out bloodcurdling roar clearing out all the surrounding snow revealing the solid ground beneath .

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Realize that he was going to die Azreal was filled with indignation so much so that it seemed to push him close to the edge inches away from the madness .

"Do you think am gonna die like this you piece of shit!!"

Making what little movement he could Azreal slammed fits into the ground channeling his Divine Energy in the ground .

Agitated by the sudden influx of energy the ground started to shake . Then as if they were waiting for a cue massive spikes stated shooting out of the ground .

Watching the sudden change in the situation there was nothing the giant ape could do other than scream it lungs out at the arrival of its impending death .

The heavens really do like playing cruel jokes

When the spikes finally met their target they impaled it from every angle, feeling the pain of the spikes ripping into its skin the age tried to resist as much as possible even destroying a few of the spikes but every time it destroyed on another replaced it .

During the entire process, it kept screaming and coughing up blood .

The blood spewing out of its mouth, as well as the blood pouring out of its body, had turned the surrounding snow and Azreal completely red .

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