Death’s Heir - Chapter 68

Published at 27th of December 2018 06:32:48 PM
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Chapter 68

Azreal was trying hard to hide his excitement, this was information he'd yearned for but seemed to constantly elude him . As far as he was concerned this chameleon was a fat cow he wanted to milk, even though the information might not be a hundred percent accurate, it would still help to dispel some of the mist that surrounds him .

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"Why don't you have cores and how strong is a Legendary Beast?"

Kakar didn't bat an eye at Azreal's question, continuing to eat with his eyes half closed .

Chewing the nuts he pointed at the sky . Squinting his eyes Azreal followed his hand but wasn't sure what he should be looking for .

"All of that is Nether Energy, the sky should be filled with astronomical bodies but all of it has been blocked out by the thick layer of energy because WarBeast can't absorb it, it just keeps on accumulating . "

He chuckled a little before continuing .

"Heheh If WarBeast had cores we'd be able to walk as Kings amongst the god . We fight solely with the power of our bodies and it's already impossible for a god of the same rank to stand against a WarBeast can you imagine what would happen if we had cores? Hahahahaha"

Listening to Kakar, Azreal couldn't help but remember Maseru's words .

'that banishment didn't last very long in a few millions of years he returned with an army of about a billion strong . his army ran unobstructed across the entire chaos killing everything in their path, they weren't killing because they were ordered to it was as if they were doing it for sport, absolutely nothing was spared…'

If Kakar's words were true then it would make sense why Dante could run unhindered . With Maseru's words in mind, he understood why Kakar said they would be Kings if they had cores .

"Heheh WarBeast don't have cores but Legendary Beasts do"

Instantly Azreal became confused .

"But didn't—"

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"WarBeast and Legendary Beast a two completely different things just like True Gods and Name True Gods are different things, although the difference is one word, the power difference between the two is like shit and gold . There is no comparison"

The doubts on his face didn't disappear in fact it got worse, staring at him for a while Kakar instantly started laugh .

"Kid Hahahahaha how dumb are you?, Hahaha you don't even know the levels of your own race? At first, I just thought you were ignorant of those beneath you but it turns out your retarded! Hahahahaha it's a miracle your still alive"

Kakar was laughing his heart out, rolling around on the ground . His face covered in tears and snot . disgusting, every now and then his tongue would shoot out of his mouth . A sight that would make any man's skin crawl .

"Okay, Okay, ahhhhhh mhmmmm mmmmm . Let me just finish what I was saying, where was I? Uhmmm hoooo yea Legendary Beast develop a core but unlike humans, I've never heard of a situation where it merges with their bodies . As far as I know, there are only five different levels of power for humans, Divine, Demi-God, God, True God and Named True God"

"What about Demi's?"

Azreal's eyes were glued on Kakar, although what he should be talking about was the Nether Realm, he still had unanswered questions about the Chaos Realm .

"Mhmmm based on what I know Demi's isn't exactly a rank just a title for a lower race who couldn't develop or just weren't born without cores AKA failures, so only five"

Thinking back Maseru's only mentioned True Gods and no other gods .

'Did Maseru not know about the others?'

Just as quickly as that thought appeared he discarded it, the old bastard seemed far too arrogant to not know, even though Maseru didn't show any of it, the perspective he spoke from was that of a king looking down .

"Based on the damage you did before and the information I have, you should be a God and very young one too, as for your specific level I'm not sure, but for you to be able to enter Godhood this young, if you didn't end up coming here, in the future you probably would've been someone great but . . . "

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Getting up off the ground Kakar picked up the two bowls brought them off the stages .

When Kakar was coming back Azreal shook his head .

"Hate to tell you but I won't be of any use to you since I can't absorb the energy here"

"Oh they know, you're body structure doesn't allow for the abortion of Nether Energy, and the 'life energy' they basically force fed you can't be used to activate any of your abilities right? That's why I'm here . We all know you're going to die but they just need you to live long enough to make it entertaining"

Kakar's casual answer stunned Azreal for a moment .

"A Young God that cannot absorb Divine Energy can only be forced to rely on his physical body"

When Kakar said that he looked like he was try hard to suppress his laughter "You should see the problem without me pointing it out, God's are coward who fights from a distant but here that won't work"

Getting off the ground Azreal, stared at Kakar who'd stopped a few meters away .

"I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, Attack me to your heart's content"

Before when Kakar spoke his eyes were always in a calm serene state but now it contained pure arrogance .

Seeing this a bright smile Blossomed on Azreal's face, the viciousness in his eyes couldn't be hidden .

"Oh, interesting"

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Without any hesitation Azreal dash toward Kakar like a cannon, it only took him a second to get in front of Kakar .

With the height difference between the two Azreal had to jump in order to reach Kakar's face .





A barrage of fists rained down on Kakar's face .

The air itself became agitated with every punch a gush of air would follow, every subsequent hit carried more force .

"Kneel and beg for mercy!"

Azreal because completely caught up in the moment all his rage and pent-up frustration was being vented on Kakar, feelings of ecstasy kept going off in his mind .

"Not quite"

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When that annoying voice rang in his ear, Azreal wanted to put some distance between them but before he could even move


Azreal was sent flying clear across the ring, if it wasn't for the 'wall' he would've been sent into the seating area or further .

Vomiting a few mouths full of blood Azreal ignored the burning pain in his chest .

Looking at Kakar who was still standing in the exact same position as before completely undamaged, Azreal didn't care the only thing he focused on was the tail that was circling around Kakar like an obedient python .

"You only know how to attract with brute force, no rhythm no technique"

Azreal didn't bother listening, the moment he spotted the tale and knew what he had to look out for .

Getting back up off the ground he shot out again .

This time the python like tail would not allow him to get close the moment he got within three meters it sprang into action .

Watching the tail closely Azreal waited until it was right in front of him to pull the sword out of the space ring but unfortunately the tail was faster the moment the sword appeared it retreated back to Kakar's body .

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