Demon God - Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Chapter 18 – Kneel Down!

Translated by Udeze


Xiao Han slept soundly until noon the next day . He then got up and went to Ah Chou’s residence .

The past several days, Xiao Han had been closed up whilst practicing the Bone Explosion Form . He was isolating himself from the world, so he felt somewhat bored . As he felt that he had comprehended the Bone Explosion Form, he felt slightly relaxed and planned to go out for a walk .

The smooth crisp sunlight was like a soft cotton bathing Xiao Han’s skin, who was walking outside, and made him feel relaxed and comfortable .

After arriving at Ah Chou’s residence, he called Ah Chou out and walked to the Dining Hall together .

“Xiao Han, you… you’re not practicing today?” Ah Chou looked at Xiao Han with a strange expression . Xiao Han had locked himself in his own indoor training yard whilst practicing, and Ah Chou then provided the meals for him during that time . Ah Chou knew that Xiao Han was training hard, and seemed like he was very obsessed with studying the ‘impossible to study’ useless ancient parchment . He was worried that Xiao Han had had problems in his practice, and had gotten some mental disorder, and thus became too obsessed . Thus, he asked that question, to probe him .

“Oh, senior brother Ah Chou . I just wanted to have lunch in the Dining Hall, and then going back to practice . ” Xiao Han replied with a smile .

“That… Xiao Han . I want to advise you to not study that ancient parchment, it is useless… “ Ah Chou rubbed his hand and continued: “In the past few days, I’ve heard some outer disciples discussing about… some facts… I had never thought that Yang Lei had privately met with Deacon Leng . And then Deacon Leng personally acted to personally deceive you, and gave you that useless old parchment… That… Martial Arts Pavilion doesn’t appraise the parchment as a precious manual… The parchment is usually used to trick people . ”

“Yang Lei?” Xiao Han frowned . “Senior brother Ah Chou, I know about it . This guy had been scheming and creating trouble for me on several occasions . One day, sooner or later, he will fall in my hand . And when that time comes, I will certainly have him taste some good medicine, and let him know how powerful this young master is . ”

“Ah?” Ah Chou was shocked hearing such aggressive words form Xiao Han . He felt the changes in Xiao Han’s temperament as he gave off an indescribable majestic aura .

Ah Chou replied in a whisper: “Xiao Han, Yang Lei is a powerful Marrow Purifying Layer cultivator, he has a dozen dings’ of strength . He could even tear apart a beast with his bare hands . He is far more powerful than Wu Yan, they can’t even be compared . Xiao Han, you shouldn’t mess with this person . ” Then, Ah Chou’s sharply glanced over at Xiao Han and looked at his expression . He couldn’t help but think that Xiao Han’s brain had perhaps been affected by his arduous training . He seemed to disregard Yang Lei completely .

Xiao Han didn’t reply and only lightly smiled . His manner made Ah Chou think that Xiao Han became unfathomably mysterious .

They finally arrived at the Dining Hall .

Thousands of outer disciples were currently enjoying their lunch in the Dining Hall . Seeing Xiao Han and Ah Chou entering the hall, they couldn’t help but shift their sights to observe them . Whispers then filled the Dining Hall in an instant .

“Look… That walking target finally appeared . This guy had disappeared for several days . I thought that he was afraid of Yang Lei, and secretly hid . I never thought that he would dare to show himself in the Dining Hall . ”

“Right, right . That walking target is really strange . He can kill Wu Yan, who was at a different cultivation realm and much more powerful than him . He revealed his beast-like vigorous body . He probably has his own secret card in hand . If not, he wouldn’t be blatantly showing off like this . ”

“Ha, this Xiao Han wouldn’t be thinking to fight Yang Lei, could he? I tell you one thing, Xiao Han went to the Martial Arts Pavilion a couple days ago to pick his martial arts manual . And do you know what happened? Deacon Leng had personally received him, and handed that famous useless ancient parchment to Xiao Han . It is also said that if Xiao Han can’t comprehend that parchment, he isn’t allowed to enter the Martial Arts Pavilion again! This is equal to Xiao Han not being able to practice any martial arts again in his cultivation path! His path is thoroughly blocked! It’s also said that it’s all because Yang Lei secretly stretched his hands on this matter . And in the end, Xiao Han could only obediently receive that useless parchment and leave . He didn’t dare to disobey Deacon Leng . ”

“What? That famous ancient parchment which was used to pad the table leg? Hahaha…”

“Could Xiao Han’s disappearance these last few days be because he tried to comprehend that useless parchment and practice it? Hahaha, he really makes me laugh to death . ”

…………………… .

Xiao Han could hear that he had become the main discussion subject . But he remained unperturbed . He and Ah Chou calmly held their plates and looked for some vacant seats .

Xiao Han quickly savored the meal he took . As his body was getting more and more powerful, it also made his appetite grow .

Xiao Han talked to Ah Chou with an unclear and vague voice while eating: “Anyways, senior brother Ah Chou, do you know about ‘Force Laws’? Do cultivators need to comprehend these ‘Force Laws’ in their cultivation paths?”

Xiao Han was able to comprehend and practice the Bone Explosion Form during these days . However, he was clueless about the first move in the God Emperor Fist, ‘World’s Ruler’ . He had tried to study it for a while, and was unable to even touch the far edge of its true meaning .

To successfully practice this ‘World’s Ruler’ move, he must first comprehend the ‘Force Laws’ .

What are these ‘Force Laws’? How can he comprehend them?

Xiao Han was, after all, originally a walking target, and had no knowledge about martial arts .


“Oh? Xiao Han, you also know about ‘Force Laws’? Ah Chou put down his chopsticks and looked at Xiao Han with a puzzled expression .

“Senior brother Ah Chou, looking at your expression, you certainly know about these ‘Force Laws’ meaning . Hurry, quickly tell me!” Xiao Han could see Ah Chou’s expression, and he could guess that Ah Chou must know about this, or partly understand these ‘Force Laws’ . He quickly put down his chopsticks and eagerly asked .

“Xiao Han, these ‘Force Laws’ are very profound and mysterious . You can only perceive them, but you can never explain them . Shortly explained, these ‘Force Laws’ can only be understood by comprehending them by your own perception and sense . ” Ah Chou tried hard to explain it, and continued, “This ‘Force Laws’ refers to eternal nature laws in the world, also the nature laws carried by a myriad of things! Some martial arts styles also contain a description about the ‘Force Law’ . In other words, to comprehend the ‘Force Laws’ can also be explained as to comprehend the ‘Nature Laws’ . Every cultivator who wants to climb up to the highest peak of cultivation realms must comprehend these ‘Nature Laws’ first . They can’t just pursue another martial arts style or cultivation method to achieve this state . Xiao Han, my perception is also very bad . I can’t even comprehend these great eternal ‘Force Laws’ . Because of that, I’m unable to improve my cultivation level to the peak of Body Purifying Realm . Therefore, previously I had said to you to not look at my cultivation level, which is at intermediate stage of Body Purifying Realm . I can’t even beat other disciples who are at the same realm as me…”

“Ah?!” Xiao Han was savoring Ah Chou’s words as his heart suddenly caught a faint small puzzle piece . His eyes shone, and bursted with excitation: “Senior brother Ah Chou, continue! Continue! I can somewhat perceive something!”

“Xiao Han, I… I actually don’t understand myself . So, I’ll recall several examples for you . ” Ah Chou racked his brain and tried to recall everything he knew about it . He took a dozen breath before continuing: “You had fought with Wu Yan . What Wu Yan had learned was the ‘Giant Python Fist’ . This fist style contains various moves, including movements, killing moves, catching things, and many others . Wu Yan might have practiced this fist style technique to its peak . However, he could only show off 30% of the style’s might, because Wu Yan had yet to comprehend the true essence of this style’s ‘Force Laws’ . This means that he also hadn’t understood the Nature Laws behind this ‘Giant Python Fist’ . The Nature Laws that had to be comprehended in this fist style obviously related to the python’s nature when it hunts its prey . A python, when hunting, moves stealthily to then patiently attack in a swift, violent and accurate manner to hit the prey in a flash . That strike would be very lethal and deadly .

“Oh, and two great talents from our Outer Hall, senior brothers Ling Feiyu and Meng Ran, which are called godly talents, have also started to perceive the Nature Laws . Senior brother Ling Feiyu practices the ‘Seawhale Fist’ . Thus, he needs to comprehend about the sea’s Nature Laws . I have seen Ling Feiyu fight with Feng Xue, another outer disciple . And his ‘Seawhale Fist’ is vast and profound, just like the vastness and the profoundness of the sea . His moves and attacks were like a great sea whale’s movements; violent, deadly and cruel . And senior brother Ling Feiyu’s fists struck like an unceasing tidal wave . It was just like the natural power of the sea, endless and boundless . His opponent didn’t have time to throw in the towel as he was annihilated instantly!”

“As for senior brother Meng Ran, he practices ‘Windstorm Style’ . Even his slightest movement creates visible changes to the surroundings; winds violently howling, and clearing away the clouds . Such an unfathomable force could instantly tear a human’s body apart . It’s extremely fearful! The two of them have successfully showed the true might of their martial arts to the utmost peak! This all is due to their attainments in comprehending the Nature Laws .

“Xiao Han, if you have the opportunity to personally see senior brother Ling Feiyu and senior brother Meng Ran, these two big geniuses in action, I believe that you will be able to grasp more about these Nature Laws comprehension . Hmph… it’s too bad that my talent is so bad . I couldn’t event touch the edge of these ‘Nature Laws’ . This thing is too abstruse and profound . You can’t ask about it, and to perceive it by yourself is difficult… very difficult . ” Ah Chou heaved a deep sigh with a dispirited expression .

Xiao Han’s eyes became brighter . His heart throbbed faster! He slightly closed his eyes, and muttered: “Senior brother Ah Chou, I might have gained some enlightenment with this…”

Shortly after, Xiao Han breathed out a long sigh of relief . He opened his eyes, looked at Ah Chou, and said: “Senior brother Ah Chou, I really thank you for telling me all this today . ”

When he had just finished speaking, several people from outside entered the Dining Hall .

Led by a youth in the front . Arrogance and conceit were drawn on his face . This ‘thinking nobody exists but oneself’ youth was none other than Yang Lei!

Linghu Song and several outer disciples followed behind Yang Lei .

“Humph!” A hidden and thick killing intent flashed in Yang Lei’s eyes as he saw Xiao Han in the Dining Hall . Linghu Song couldn’t help but clench his teeth and fist . Staring ferociously at Xiao Han, burning with anger; he barely held himself to not rush out and kill Xiao Han on the spot!

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Yang Lei and his followers quickly sat down .

“Xiao Han… Yang Lei… Yang Lei and Linghu Song have come… We… we… let’s hurry and finish our lunch and leave…” Said Ah Chou who was afraid of getting into trouble again .

“Okay . ” Xiao Han actually thought otherwise . They were in the Dining Hall, so he thought, “They won’t dare to start a fight in the Dining Hall, so why should he fear them?”

Then, Xiao Han calmly ate his remaining food as if nothing had happened, and pretended to express his joy .

At Yang Lei’s side…

“Senior brother Yang Lei… That’s Xiao Han! That walking target!!” Linghu Song’s eyes sharply locked onto Xiao Han, full of deep hatred .

“Linghu Song, don’t act rashly . ” Yang Lei sneered . “We’ll slowly handle this walking target . There are always means to make him meet his demise . These last few days, he was isolating himself at home . Even his food was being sent by Ah Chou . I think he’s painstakingly drowning himself to learn that ‘peerless martial arts’ in that parchment . Hmmph! He better practices it fully and becomes an idiot afterwards!”

“Senior brother Yang Lei, you don’t know that this walking target had made my cousin, Linghu Xuan, become disabled . Some family elders in my Linghu family even vomited blood because of this, and almost died because of anger . This walking target must die! Even tearing him into pieces is insufficient to vent our hatred!” Linghu Song almost growled .

After a little while, Xiao Han and Ah Chou had finished their lunch . The two quickly stood and prepared to leave the Dining Hall .

However, because Xiao Han and Ah Chou were sitting on the same seat line as Yang Lei and Linghu Song’s group; if they didn’t take another path, they would pass by Yang Lei’s position if they wanted to leave the Dining Hall .

Xiao Han patted his stomach and calmly walked in a taunting manner . Ah Chou quickly pulled Xiao Han’s hand, and whispered: “Xiao Han, let’s leave from the other side… walk around first… and bypass Yang Lei’s group…”

Xiao Han suddenly laughed: “Senior brother Ah Chou, you are too fussed up because of a trifling matter…”

Then, directly ignoring him, he headed straight towards the hall’s entrance .

After practicing the God Emperor Fist’s foundation form, Xiao Han felt that he had slightly changed . He was brimming with confidence and was high spirited . He felt his courage was far stronger than before .

Ah Chou, seeing Xiao Han’s manner, could only sigh secretly, but he quickly caught up to Xiao Han and walked behind him .

“Huh?” Yang Lei, who saw Xiao Han directly walk towards his position and didn’t try to avoid them, felt that Xiao Han was blatantly provoking him . He then immediately glared at Xiao Han with a sharp and fierce warning expression .

Xiao Han completely ignored Yang Lei’s warning . He intentionally let out a delighted and happy looking expression, like he was on vacation and was sightseeing . He would pass by Yang Lei’s position shortly .

All the outer disciples became still, quickly ate their lunch and put down their chopsticks . Their sight completely directed to the play that was about to unfold .

At this moment…


Linghu Song, who was about to grab the wine bottle on his table, quickly stood and blocked Xiao Han’s path . His eyes became ferocious as his complexion turned crimson . His flame of hatred thoroughly ignited his heart .

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“Little son of a bitch, do you want to pass from here? Then you have to crawl from under my crotch!” Linghu Song roared and widened his legs .

“Oh?” Xiao Han calmly stared at him .

Although Cloud Rain Sect has rules to forbid private fights between disciples, and will severely punish the disciples who violate this rule; but Linghu Song thought that he had the means to slip away from the rules, taking advantages from its loopholes .

“Make way!” Xiao Han looked at Linghu Song with a desolate gaze .

Linghu Song pointed his fingers at Xiao Han: “Either you crawl under my crotch or you take another path! There’s no other option for you, walking target! Little bastard!”

Yang Lei didn’t speak . He only lifted his cup and sipped the wine . It was as if he was a prince who was savoring the wine’s exquisite taste .

“Little bastard?” Xiao Han’s eyes instantly turned icy . “I have said before that no one can trample on my dignity . Now, your dead dog’s mouth outrageously and repeatedly humiliates this young master, and now blocks this young master’s path . This young master now asks you to kneel down and apologize!”

Hearing Xiao Han’s words, the entire Dining Hall instantly turned deathly silent!

Kneel down?

Xiao Han unexpectedly wanted Linghu Song to kneel down?

This was simply outrageously insane!

A Bone Refining Realm disciple wanted a Body Purifying Realm to kneel down?

Linghu Song was not some ordinary Body Purifying cultivator . Even if he had a bad reputation, he was Yang Lei’s personal lap dog . He even had a close relationship with the godly talent, Ling Feiyu .

But Xiao Han… he was only a walking target . His cultivation level was low, and he had no formidable patron . Aside from his unfathomable tenacious body, what capital did he have to make Linghu Song kneel down?

The audience thoroughly drowned in indescribable astonishment .

Shortly after, some outer disciples noisily started to talk…

“It seems like that one martial arts style Xiao Han had been practicing made him become too obsessed and spout those crazy words…”

“Just look at Xiao Han’s conceited expression, it is like he felt that he’s some kind of great figure . His brain absolutely has a big problem . ”

“Hahaha! Hahaha!” Hearing Xiao Han’s words, Linghu Song was extremely angry and laughed loudly . “Little bastard, everybody says that your brain has already wasted after practicing martial arts . I also think so! You are a trashy bastard!!

At this moment…

Xiao Han coldly sneered! And the next moment…


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A loud explosion instantly burst out from Xiao Han’s body!

The heaven sending down his wrath!

The emperor falling into burning rage!

The Bone Explosion Form!

280 bone explosions instantly compressed into one, and released all at once!

“Flap! Flap! Flap!” Countless shockwave instantly overturned the surrounding tables and chairs in midair!

The hurricane violently swept the Dining Hall, countless cups on the table fell and smashed on the floor!

All the outer disciples in the Dining Hall were completely struck by horror! Their minds blackened by this sudden terror as chaotic explosions and sounds deafened their ears!

Linghu Song’s eyes looked like he was being sucked into a whirlpool, confused and dumbfounded . His entire strength seemed to have been instantly drawn out in instant, making his body weak as his internal organs stripped apart . He looked at Xiao Han as his knees slightly shivered and trembled .

Meanwhile, after stimulating the Bone Explosion Form, Xiao Han’s imposing aura unceasingly rose to its peak . His eyes shot out a majestic emperor-like pressure . His whole demeanor was like a magnificent emperor, who looked over trivial myriads of beings .

“Kneels for me!!” Xiao Han shouted at once .

In instant, Linghu Song was engulfed by a sudden burst of unfathomable aura from Xiao Han . He suddenly felt his footing become unsteady and weak . He unconsciously knelt down on the floor!

“Well, since you kneeled, then I forgive you for your previous rude manners . Good, you kneel well . ” Xiao Han grinned, and pulled the confused, shocked, and mesmerized Ah Chou’s hand, as he then walked straight towards the Dining Hall’s exit to leave .

After several breaths, Linghu Song recovered . He hurriedly stood up . His complexion turned black . He couldn’t believe that he was kneeling down to Xiao Han just now . This was simply a great shame!

Linghu Song couldn’t hold his fury again . He quickly turned toward Xiao Han, and was about to rush to the exit, when suddenly…

“Crack! Bang!

The wine cup in Yang Lei’s hand suddenly cracked, and the wine inside it splashed everywhere .

Yang Lei’s hair was disheveled . He gripped the broken cup’s pieces in his hands tightly . He couldn’t hold back his killing intent anymore as it burst out from his crimson red eyes .

“Senior brother Yang Lei…” Linghu Song’s hoarse voice sounded .

“Senior brother Ling Feiyu will soon return . We’ll prepare to greet him first . This walking target will not live any longer! I swear that he won’t live long!”

Yang Lei abruptly stood up . A sharp and violent heavy pressure was bursting out from his whole body . This time, his desire to brutally murder someone was at the peak!