Demon God - Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

Chapter – Special Assessment

Translated by Udeze


Xiao Han and Ah Chou left the arena platform, and returned together to their residence .

“Xiao… Xiao Han, did you really comprehend some peerless technique from that broken parchment? A moment ago, your fist carried a boundless majestic aura, like thousands of armed forces… It was amazing… really amazing . ” Ah Chou was still in astonishment as he looked curiously at Xiao Han, “Xiao Han, if you were to be given some time, I think that you could rise and become the third genius in our tenth peak . ”

Xiao Han just smiled indifferently .

“Xiao Han, relax . Each cultivator has their own fortuitous encounter and secrets, I will not ask or force you to tell yours, neither do I want you to teach me that fist style . Besides, my talent is not good, even if you could comprehend it, I may not be able to do so . ” Said Ah Chou frankly .

Xiao Han patted Ah Chou’s shoulder and smiled .

“Senior brother Ah Chou, please be at ease . We are good friends, if I later make progress, I will certainly not to forget you . ”

Upon hearing Xiao Han’s promise, Ah Chou was overjoyed . But then his expression immediately turned solemn, saying, “Xiao Han, Yang Lei had entered Marrow Purification Layer two years ago, and he is as strong as a mountain . You… do you have any confidence in taking his one strike?”

Marrow Purification Layer cultivators had at least 40 dings strength, and Xiao Han was also aware of this .

“Ah, Senior brother Ah Chou, the disparity between me and Yang Lei is indeed very big . But one has to have more pressure to improve oneself . So, in these ten days, I will prepare to enter the Body Purifying Realm . ” Replied Xiao Han .

“You indeed should properly enter the Body Purifying Realm . ” Ah Chou firmly nodded, “But you’re lacking concocted pills, and achieving it through practice might be very slow . Xiao Han, since time is very critical for you, I will not disturb you any longer . You just peacefully close up and practice, I’ll fetch the meals for you from the Dining Hall everyday .

“Thank you, senior brother Ah Chou . ” Xiao Han replied and smiled .

They finally returned to their residences .

Xiao Han rested for a moment and then sat down cross-legged while his hand was holding the ‘Basic Body Purification Pill’ .

“Let’s start purifying the body!”

Xiao Han had already memorized the special breathing method from the parchment by heart .

Xiao Han took a deep breath, and then held this breath to finally direct it into his organs .

Circulating this breath .

Then, with this breath, he started to cleanse the impurities in his internal organs .

“Puff ~ ~ ~ Puff ~ ~ ~ Puff ~~

Shortly after, Xiao Han’s body emitted faint sounds that came from his internal organs, which were being quenched at the moment .

After dozens of breaths .

“Haaah ~ ~ ~” Xiao Han exhaled a mouthful of foul air .

“If I don’t take the Body Purifying Pill, even if I practice the Body Purifying breathing method to cleanse my internal organs for decades or few hundred years, it would be almost impossible to cross the threshold, much less reach the peak of the Body Purification Realm . ”

Xiao Han suddenly understood the process behind purifying the internal organs .

“I’ll take one ‘Basic Body Purification Pill’ to try it . ” Xiao Han threw the concocted pill in his hand into his mouth .

Immediately, a bitter and astringent taste filled his mouth and throat . The pill instantly melted when it entered his mouth, and warm heat flowed through the throat and rushed into his internal organs .


Xiao Han did not dare to delay, and quickly took in one deep breath, held his breath, and used this breath air to guide the warm energy, which was gushing out from the melted pill, into the five internal organs, and began to cleanse them .

“Psssh~ ~ ~ Psssh~ ~ ~”

His stomach, the heart, and spleen, and the others emitted strange squirming sounds while impurities within were being purified . Compared to a moment ago, the effect was obviously much better .

However, after dozens of breaths, the pill’s efficacy had been fully absorbed by the organs .

“Burp ~ ~ ~”

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Mucus swelled up in Xiao Han’s throat and he vomited it out . It was black phlegm, which was all the impurities .

“Ah, the internal organs have been cleansed and some impurities have also been forced out . My internal organs now have become more powerful . ” Xiao Han nodded . “But this concocted pill’s efficacy is not strong enough . Judging from this, to speed up the practice and reach the initial stage of Body Purifying Realm would need at least a few hundreds to over a thousand of this concocted pill type…”

What Xiao Han had was only a mere two Basic Body Purifying Pills, and for his practice’s need, it was just like a drop of water in the bucket .

After taking the second Basic Purifying Pill and purifying his viscera, Xiao Han could only use the Body Purifying breathing method to continue purifying his internal organs . The effect was so small, it was even almost negligible .

Now, Xiao Han was just merely crossing the threshold and just entering into the Body Purifying Realm .

After purifying his internal organs, Xiao Han emptied his mind and entered the mysterious realm of consciousness, which was like an empty space, yet also not empty .

That Emperor’s painting appeared in Xiao Han’s mind as Xiao Han began to carefully observe the emperor’s bearings and manners . He didn’t skip any details of it, even with a faint trace of a perfect Great Emperor’s aura .

The next day…

Xiao Han just got up from his bed and prepared to purify his internal organs again . At this moment, a man’s voice sounded from outside, “Junior brother Xiao Han… Is this Junior brother Xiao Han’s residence?”

“Who is it?” Xiao Han hurriedly went out, and opened his house’s front door .

An 18-year-old male youth was standing outside, wearing an outer disciple’s robe, with long hair hanging over his shoulders . His facial appearance was ordinary and he had a formidable aura, while each of his breaths were heavy and powerful . Obviously, he was a very powerful Body Purifying Realm disciple .

However, Xiao Han did not know this person .

“You are?” Xiao Han frowned .

“Oh, Junior brother Xiao Han, you don’t know me, but I know you . Your reputation in our mountain peak is extremely high these days . Many outer disciples are talking about you in secret, of course, that includes me . ” That young man let out an amiable and friendly smile .

“It can’t be, right? What did I do to make them discuss me?” Xiao Han was astonished .

“Junior brother Xiao Han, you just became an outer disciple and are still at the Bone Refining Realm, but you have already beaten a intermediate first stage Body Purifying Realm disciple and a peak first stage Body Purifying Realm one successively . You progress is amazingly quick, and it could even be said that you are traversing ten thousand li a day . Not only your body is powerful, but your vitality is also almost like a beast . Moreover, you also comprehend some kind of nature laws . Hey, we all now secretly consider you as one of our mountain peak’s most talented geniuses you know . ” Said the young man in a continuous stream of words . “Ah, yes, I forget to introduce myself . I am also an outer disciple in our mountain peak . You can just call me Cao Xuan . ”

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“That … Senior brother Cao Xuan, you looking for me, what is it for?” Xiao Han was becoming more and more confused .

“Oh … Junior brother Xiao Han, follow me and we’ll talk while walking . ” Cao Xuan spoke amiably, “We’re going to see the three chancellors’ together . ”

“See the chancellors?” Xiao Han carefully observed his expression and felt that Cao Xuan seemingly had no sign of trickeries or scheming eyes, unlike Yang Lei, who seemed like he was playing a chess game . Moreover, the Cloud Rain Sect forbade private fights between its disciples, and strictly enforced this rule . Were one to be discovered doing it, he would be sentenced to death . Since Xiao Han had given his words to Yang Lei that he would receive his one strike ten days later, even Yang Lei would never dare to take the risk to violate the sect’s rules and plot to kill him .

“Please . ” Xiao Han then stepped out and followed Cao Xuan, and headed to the other area .

They quickly entered the main road and walked towards the summit .

“Senior brother Cao Xuan, why do the chancellors want to see me?” Xiao Han was really confused .

“Ah, junior brother Xiao Han, this time is not just you, but also includes me . More than ten outer disciples from our mountain peak are summoned for an assessment . ” Replied Cao Xuan with a smile .

“Assessment?” Xiao Han was even more puzzled, “What kind of assessment? When I just entered the Outer Hall, I had to lift that huge cauldron, and had my bone explosions tested to find out whether I had the basic requirements of 3 dings strength . ”

“It’s not like the outer disciple basic assessment, but another kind of assessment . ” Cao Xuan kept making Xiao Han become more confused .

“What assessment? Senior brother Cao Xuan, don’t keep me guessing . Please tell me directly . ” Xiao Han was a bit discontented when he looked at Cao Xuan .

This Cao Xuan had a phlegmatic and talkative personality, and loved to talk about needless things . He then spoke in such a self-serving manner . “Junior brother Xiao Han, you have just entered the Outer Hall, there are some rules you don’t know about in this Outer Hall, so I will tell you now . ”

Xiao Han was speechless . Originally, they were discussing about the matter of an assessment, and now this Cao Xuan unexpectedly pulled out the Outer Hall’s rules . Really, he was truly all over the place .

“Please tell me . ” Xiao Han patiently spoke .

“Junior brother Xiao Han, the others might not have told this . Do you know what kind of disciples the Cloud Rain Sect is willing to spend a lot of resources on to cultivate?” Asked Cao Xuan with a smile .

“Senior brother Cao Xuan, I think I know what you want to say… The sect would cultivate the disciples who naturally have good talent or disciples with good bone roots, such as our Outer Hall’s Ling Feiyu and Meng Ran, these two senior brothers . Geniuses would get promoted and be cultivated; while mediocre disciples would be abandoned by the sect . “Xiao Han seriously replied .

“Junior brother Xiao Han, you only know about one, but you do not know the about other . ” Cao Xuan spoke in self important manner, saying . “The sect is willing to focus in cultivating two kinds of disciples . ”

“Huh?” Xiao Han was stunned .

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“The first ones are outstanding geniuses like junior brother Xiao Han had said; and the second ones… are the ones who don’t fear the demon race and dare to face them directly . The disciples who fight and kill them can even get the sect’s attention and be prioritized for cultivation!” Cao Xuan suddenly spoke in stern tone . “Some disciples perhaps neither have good talent nor good bone roots, but if they could brazenly and fearlessly face the demon race, these would be the inborn brave ones! These kinds of disciples are also regarded as similarly important!”

“Don’t fear the demon race?” Xiao Han was somewhat seemingly understood .

“Junior brother Xiao Han, the demon race is our human race’s natural nemesis, we are unable to co-exist . The true reason of why we practice martial arts is to kill the demon race! Think about it . Even if one’s talent was high, had good bone roots, and diligently practiced martial arts; but if he was timid and scared when he saw the demon race, then, would this person be useful? This kind of person’s mind is flawed, and it would be very difficult for them to achieve the highest realm of martial arts . And when one is facing a demon, he must possess great intelligence and wisdom, as well as unyielding perseverance and courage . They have to be brave and dare to kill! Fearlessly go and fight the battle!”

“Then… The assessment senior brother Cao Xuan told me about, is… related with the demon race, right?” Xiao Han probed .

“Yes! Junior brother Xiao Han, we are outer disciples, and we have a total of five opportunities to pass this assessment, or five chances to face the demon race . Should we fail these five assessments, then… Oh, then we may not be able to kill a demon in our lifetime, which means it would be impossible to advance further on our martial arts path . ” Suddenly, a sharp spark flashed in Cao Xuan’s eyes, as he spoke .

“I have failed four times, and this assessment is my last chance . So I must succeed now! I have been tempering my spirit to be like a sheathed sword, ready to show off my great talent . I’m confident that I can kill the invading demons and am no longer afraid of them!”

During his speech, a trace of killing intent exuded from Cao Xuan’s body .

“Err… senior brother Cao Xuan . . You…?” Xiao Han was surprised for a short while, he never thought that this person who was just pleasantly and amiably smiling, unexpectedly instantly had such aggressive killing intent, surprising people .

“I’m really sorry, junior brother Xiao Han . My… my father was killed by the demon race . I remember very clearly, when I just climbed out from the village’s well, I found my father’s corpse, his brain had been completely devoured by the demons… At that time, I made an oath that I would kill the demon race!” Suddenly, Cao Xuan’s killing intent bursted out as he spoke in a desolate tone .

”Junior brother Xiao Han, if I fail these five assessments consecutively, then the Cloud Rain Sect would not allow me to go down the mountain to kill the demons . And if I encountered any demons, even before I get to fight it, perhaps I would have been killed first . So this is my last chance, oh…”

“Senior brother Cao Xuan, don’t worry . You will certainly pass this assessment . ” Xiao Han comforted him .

Then, Xiao Han spoke, “Senior brother Cao Xuan, strictly speaking, the sect should have caught several demons to test us, right?”

“Yes . ” Cao Xuan nodded .

“Oh… So it’s like this huh?” Immediately, Xiao Han remembered that a few months ago, he had encountered a demon in a small town . At that time, that demon was shrouded with evil qi, he didn’t even dare to look at it, neither did he dare to move, or even breathe loudly, which caused him a great amount of distress .

“Sigh, I don’t know if I can also pass this kind of assessment . ” Xiao Han somewhat felt disturbed and anxious .

“Junior brother Xiao Han, the main reason as to why the chancellors particularly commanded to bring you to attend this assessment along with the other outer disciples was because your acts and performances had been very shocking, and made the several chancellors know about you and pay attention to you . Therefore, they cannot wait to find out whether you have “true courage” or not . However, you should not be worried, you still have five opportunities . Even if you were to fail this assessment, you will still have some opportunities later . “

Cao Xuan lightly laughed, “Well, junior brother Xiao Han, we’re almost there . ”