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Demonsong - Chapter 209

Published at 15th of September 2019 08:15:12 PM

Chapter 209

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The cool summer wind blew though Avas golden blonde hair as he sat up on his mat .

He and his brother Sha'lin did not have a home and did not know there parents .

Ava was the oldest he was around nineteen and had a medium build he had dark blue eyes .

He looked out at the City of Dunai, A large city that was in the middle of the the Desert region of Dyi'varei in the Land of Al'sha'har'rea

Dunai is a small town and Ava and Sha'lin had to live in a a old abandoned house because there was no where for them to go .

There was a knock one the door Ava paused and picked up his pocket blade " Ava, Its Nico I came with your food .

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Ava put his blade away and rushed to open the door . There a twenty one year old woman with light purple hair and light blue skin came in with a cart filled with several bags of food .

Nico and Ava put them away " It is so good to see you again Nico . " Ava said as he put away several cans of food "Have you found a job yet?"Ava asked Nico

She stopped and said " I do have a job . I look after you and Sha'lin" Nico said Nico knew that she had to get real money at some point .

Nico had been friends with Ava and Sha'lin since childhood . Nico was the only one of the three who had a family .

Tai'una, Nicos Mother would have taken In the two boys long ago but they were very poor . Once Nico began to earn money she sent Ava and Sha'lin food and supplies .

Sha'lin awoke from his mat and smelled the delicate smell of bacon cooking . he knew that would mean that Nico had brought food .

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He got dressed and then rushed down to see his friend once he got to Nico he embraced her .

Ava and Sha'lin went out into town, Ava with his El'tare blood lepat from rooftop to rooftop with his younger brother behind him .

Sha'lin stopped near the square and said " Ava, this is the spot . "

Sha'lin got down into a busy crowd Ava watched him as he blended into the crowd . he knew he should go with him because Sha'lin was only twelve but he knew that his little brother was going to be fine" be careful little brother . "

Ava got down as well and blended into the crowd . Ava searched the crowd for the right person to steal from but after searching for six hours found nothing .

" Sha'lin will find his way home" Ava said

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Six hours earlier Sha'lin saw in the crowd a young woman wearing a golden necklace adorned with jewels and a silver dragon was engraved in the center .

Sha'lin knew right away this woman was rich, possibly royalty . Sha'lin had to get that necklace he focused his Kyi around him making him invisible .

Sha'lin walked very carefully up to the woman, placing his hands on the necklace he was about to remove when Sha'lin felt his whole body being thurst to the ground,

He felt blood fall down his face as the blow had broken his nose, he felt blood tickle into his eye, just as Sha'lin was about to loss Consciousness he felt the barrle of a pistol on the back of his head and a voice that he assumed was the female's " You are under arrest by orders Indgio Squid of the Shadow Legion .

Present time

The female who arrested Sha'lin came into his cell . Sha'lin awake " where am I and who are you?" The female replied " My name is Six and as to where you are .

You must be very Important to be brought straight to Castle Al'sha'har'reas Dungeon . "

Sha'lin was very confused " what do you mean I am a nobody . " Sha'lin said

A tall dark skinned figure with black hair and dark red eyes walked in and said in a slow smooth voice" No, Sha'lin you and your brother are far from nobody's,"

Sha'lin replied " what do you mean?"

The figure walked close and Sha'lin could see that the right side of his face was covered with a metal mask that had a elaborate design of a dragon with eyes as red as blood, its skin was cracked and black as the darkest night the Dragon bore teeth that were as silver as ivory
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He touched Sha'lin on the check and ran a finger down the check . " You my dear boy are the son of Ventar'ress the Dragonborn King . " the man said

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