Demonsong - Chapter 61

Published at 7th of August 2019 11:09:50 PM

Chapter 61

A buzzing sound emits from a small box as it turns on " This is Dr . Matthew Spector head scitenst of the Lazarus Project . the chatter of people could be heard "Matthew are you talking into that thing again?" a young blonde woman asked as she came into view

" yes Jacky of course I am . I need to so that we can docment what is happieng with the project . " Matthew said Jacky was not paying attached she had her holo phone out looking for a signal "Ah, like, There is no signal down here!" Matthew sighed and said "that is my wife Jacky . " Matthew paused " and she is my head chemist . "

"wow! Mat, are we going to be documented so the future can see how awesome my project is!" a tall lanky man wearing a hawion shirt " Please, Mr . Cole just go and sit down . " Matthew said "my employer Mr . James Cole seems to be stoned again . "

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Matthew looked at his watch and said "where is Hanes and Winston?" Jacky replied "Hanes said he had to get his surrval book and Winston is coming with him after he is done with his fighting class"

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several minutes later a screny kid came in carrying a huge backpack full of surrival gear, his hair was wild and untamed . behind him was a young black guy named Winston .

"ok now that everyone is here we can began @@