Demonsong - Chapter 68

Published at 14th of August 2019 05:50:11 PM
Chapter 68

Sam Carter, a single unimportant person in the world like all people he was taking a walk in the city . " oh it seems to be getting late I better get back home . " So Sam Carter, the unimpressive, person found his way back to his small house .

Sam stopped when he reached for the handle, a dark thick red pulsing liquid was dripping off of the doorknob .

Knowing that it must be blood and by the amount some one must be shot or wounded Sam using all of his strength to kick open the door, with fell just enough to where he could get inside .

" hello is any one in here?" Sam cried out hoping that the injured person would respond .

No repose for several minutes . " is someone else here?" a voice cried out " Yes, are you hurt?" Sam asked " yes very badly please come help me . " Sam walked over to the voice and let out a scream as Feaster stood in front of him . his tentacles slowly wrapping around Sam . Sam began to struggle but stopped when he felt a needle piece his spin . Sam could not move or speak as his body had been injected with a neurotoxin that rapidly began to destroy Sam's cognitive functions Feasters massive body swirled around the lifeless puppet . Sam watched as Feaster thurst himself into Sam . Who did not now what he was . Sam's mind had been wiped clean .

The puppet's eyes opened suddenly as all of Feasters thoughts came rushing into his mind " my name is Jarvis Teck . " Jarvis stood up and slowly walked away unaware that Feaster lays inside of him waiting for the moment to stork

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Feaster stayed dominant inside of Javis for many years until the day he felt Azoras energy " so you have returned my old foe . it is time to shed my old skin and come back into the light so that we may fight agin once more"

Javis who was a doctor during a appartment felt a intense pain as Feasters body grew inside of Javis . Javis stomach swelled, his bowels emptied all over the floor . the woman who was in with him screamed as Javis penis exploded and a dark pulsing red liquid flowed from his groin, as the liquid flowed out Javis body became to defleat . the liquid condensed into a mass and formed into Feaster .

by this point law enforcement had surround the building " patice humans . " Feaster said as he placed his right hand on the ground as he did the building collapsed and Feaster fell to the earth his body became firmly implanted in ground and dark red tendrils spread out from his body piercing thousands of people all across the city .

Kendo looked out upon the chaos and drew his blade " so begans my fates fight against Feaster"