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Chapter 104
That same night, Seline moved her base of operations to join up with Lars and the rest .

Byrus and Susano's underlings quickly helped Seline move her things including the many documents and letters she required to keep . Everything else was burned to ashes to remove traces of her presence .

Despite things having seemed to go well thus far, Seline was actually worried as she sat on her bed and prepared to call it a night .

'Can we . . . Really take on the House of Trenel . . . ? Along with the four . . . The three remaining of the Four Paths of the Underworld? Especially . . . ' Seline lay down onto her bed, looked up at the ceiling and sighed as her fingers gripped the rough bedsheets tightly . Though the beddings were obviously not for someone of highborn standing or one used to the good life, she was more than fine with it . After all, she had practically grown up in a dank and dark prison!

But right now, her mind was on the coming battle .

' . . . Especially the three Legendary enemies . . . The Laughing Man whose interests are affected and who would surely effect revenge for us drawing Blacksword Susano away . . . Mallard Trenel, of course . . . And House Jamal who might get involved to defend their trading partner's business . . . '

Seline continued thinking about things, thoughts swirling through her mind, wondering as well if any of the other small, medium or even Great Noble Houses would involve themselves if it came to an all-out war - something that she was wary of due to the fact that their base in the city was still weak .

Could they really take on the sleeping giants of Gorun City? Now roused out of their slumber . . . ?

Was Lord Mikael's strength enough of a deterrence?

Would Duke Leanne side with them . . . ? Even if she did side with them, would she take overt action or just wait by the sidelines to support the eventual victor?

And Duke Silvan . . .

' . . . How about myself . . . ? Am I really supposed to be moving down this path? I know Silvan told me to "act appropriately as you see fit, as long as you can expand our influence and establish a foothold in Gorun City", but . . . '

She blinked a few times, tears coming to her eyes - whether from sleepiness or worry, she knew not and did not want to find out .

' . . . Is this really what I should be doing . . . ? Is this really all for the benefit of my faction and the Kingdom . . . ? Or . . . '

The gorgeous woman who could stun nations and fell continents batted her eyelids in stress and anxiety, pressing her eyes tightly shut as she put a hand on her heaving chest and against her pounding heart as she thought .

And then she looked up at the ceiling once more, though there was not an answer to be found in the wooden rafters .

"Or am I still just a foolish girl in unrequited, one-sided love . . . ?" She asked out loud - but did not receive any reply .

The red-headed girl at this moment looked nothing like the all-conquering, scheming dominatrix .

Right now, she was just a lovesick teenage girl with a heart full of troubles .

And she whispered subconsciously to herself as tears wet her pillow and she entered the world of dreams, where life was not so complicated and she could imagine herself with the boy she loves .

"Lars . . . I love you . . . "

* * * * *

Outside Seline's room, a golden-haired figure had been about to knock on the door . He had wanted to discuss what the plan for the next day would be in detail and seek her advice as someone he felt he could trust in terms of wisdom and plotting .

The youthful and slim shadow had tread with quiet footsteps so as not to wake anyone up, but had hesitated on knocking when he heard the girl asking the question to the air .

And when he heard her confess her love once more, he froze; unable to bring himself to enter the room .

Because he himself didn't know how he felt or how to face her right now .

* * * * *

[The next morning, in the manor of House Trenel]

A stately, beautiful goddess-like woman was dressed demurely and held herself with the most regal bearing .

And normally, she would be strolling gracefully along the corridors of the family, nodding elegantly to her maids and other workers who would blush and bow to her, pleased to receive a favourable glance from the mistress of the entire household!

But today, she was speedwalking down the hallways, still trying to maintain her calm demeanour and gracefulness - even as she almost ran to her destination, startling everyone she passed by!

'Could there really be someone so braindead? So stupid with a mind only full of muscles and nothing else inside . . . ???!!! Why must I need to find out about Leocadius' plight from Madam Jamal and our neighbours?!? Where am I going to put my face right now??? Worthless idiot!!! Why, JUST WHY did I marry out of love! I shouldn't have chosen the strongest and most handsome guy, stupid, stupid, STUPID ME!!!'

Even her normally perfect serene smile was twitching at this moment as she thought about the conversation she had just had with the other ladies .

* * * * *

"WHAT??? Leocadius is what???"

"Yes, my Farhan told me about it yesterday evening! I was so shocked! I'm so SO glad that little Vignis wasn't with them when they were captured . . . S-sorry about that, L-Lexie, I know your daughter Astrid and niece Natalie, I just-- S-sorry, Bernice . . . I--" Matilda Jamal spoke with relief at first, but when she realised that her companions Lexie Estreya, (formerly Lexie Sarouneh) and Bernice Sarouneh's faces had turned stiff at her words, she quickly apologised - but was soon lost for words .

The two matriarchs showed her a strained smile, trying their best not to bite back venomously, for they knew that coming from Matilda Jamal, it truly wasn't intentional .

After all, she was just an air-head who constantly managed to commit a faux pas and always got on their nerves!

But what could they do . . . ? They were the "Four Goddesses of the Four Great Noble Families", they couldn't afford to show any discontentment or a rift on the surface, right . . . ?

The key word was "on the surface" .

For right now, all three of the first ladies of Trenel, Estreya and Sarouneh wished they could wring Matilda's neck and strangle here where she sat!

"W-what did you say . . . ? Matilda, no joking alright? Tell me, what did you just say and find out about my Leo . . . ?!?"

But it was Patricia Trenel who spoke first, casting away her pride and pretence of knowing about things . This was about her grandson, for crying out loud! One of only 2 persons of her own flesh and blood she could trust and rely on to pass on the family's matters to!

"Ara . . . ?" The oriental girl tilted her head and looked quizzically at Patricia, not understanding why she would be the one who was so worked up . She hadn't accidentally insulted Leo or stepped on Patricia's feelings, had she? Then she smiled as she decided that she hadn't, so she could just answer directly .

"Oh! My honey told me about it! Didn't your hubby Mallard inform you? He was the one who said that the devils contacted him through Leocadius' message channel! Then they want an exchange in two months' time - some sort of special goat is to be traded for Leo, Astrid and Natalie!"

"WHERE?!?" Patricia leapt forward, half her body covering the table as she reached out her hands to grab Matilda's shoulders . Then she realised just how uncomely her behaviour was and glanced around quickly at the shocked faces of breakfast companions, her face turning a burning red as she blushed furiously in embarrassment!

She cleared her throat and got down from on top of the table, smoothed down her dress and then slowly walked over to Matilda's side .

Then she still grabbed her shoulders and spoke with a low and venomous voice, "Ma . Til . Da . Where is the exchange to be . . . ???"

Matilda frowned and did not seem perturbed at all as she replied, "During the Battle to the Heavens . . . ?"

Patricia's expression remained calm and tranquil even as her mind raced crazily and she stormed off, leaving the tea party abruptly .

She would need to drop everything and settle this quickly .

As she left, Matilda asked the others with a vacuous smile on her face, "More tea . . . ? Oh yeah, I wonder how that disciple of Great Lord Mikael looks like, I heard the blonde Lars is a real hottie . . . !"

Patricia would regret the fact that she left a few moments too early .