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Chapter 114

Showdown (Part 1)

The sunshine at noon was intensely hot and dazzling, the hanging curtain on the tent was raised up high so the reflection of the glaring sunshine could come in . Even though the sun did not look as bright as in the summertime, but it was enough to make people unable to open their eyes . In front of the window, there was already a stack of writing papers on the spacious mahogany desk, that filled up half of the desk . The waving writing brush filled the other half of the desk .

Lu Yi was holding a new steep long dan tea when she entered the bedroom, and only saw that Murong Shu Qing was wearing an indigo brocade cheongsam, standing in front of the wooden desk, and continuously writing some characters . Since the sunshine was rather warm today, so Miss took off the shawl, and she looked even thinner . Miss often practiced writing calligraphy, but it was rare that she could stand writing in front of the desk without any disruption like this today .

Lu Yi already properly steeped the tea and walked in front of the desk, she said in a whisper: “Miss, drink a cup of tea . ”

Lu Yi’s softly called out, so Murong Shu Qing’s hands that were rapidly scribbling, stopped to look at the characters that she actually wrote . Murong Shu Qing softly smiled and shook her head, what were she writing after all ah?! They were so chaotic and scatterbrained . Perhaps, this was also her mood, Xuanyuan Yi had already set off yesterday to go a long way around Qu Shan mountain, so when Jun broke the battle arrays today, he would also start the attack .

Since after Jun and the other people were out of the camp, she just felt rather uncomfortable, it was probably because regardless whether she was living in modern time or in Dong Yu within these last four years, she had never had to directly experience life or death . And those people who were fighting, Xuanyuan Yi, Shang Jun, Yan Yu and Cang Su, everyone of them was her close relatives . At this moment, she really felt powerless and anxious that she had never experienced before .

“En . ” Softly putting down the writing brush, Lu Yi could finally handed over the tea, she felt that the muscles on her hands were very sore, her legs were also somewhat shaking . Lu Yi could finally relaxed a little, Miss was already not moving and practicing calligraphy like this for almost four hours . Her injury was just better recently, so she could not be too tired like this .

The lukewarm tea was really in a suitable temperature, the elegant and pure sweet smelling of the tea made Murong Shu Qing’s scattered heart feel somewhat better . But it was still impossible to get rid of her anxiousness . So putting the tea on the desk, Murong Shu Qing faintly said: “Let’s go to the Master’s tent!” Maybe she could get some information quickly about them over there, and she would feel some calmness .

Lu Yi was silently following behind Murong Shu Qing to go out of the camp, Qin Xiu Zhi was half leaning and sitting on a big stone in front of the Master’s tent, he was holding a book in his hand, and occasionally just staring on a page for a very long time . He appeared to be trapped in his own thought and would occasionally and thoughtfully look at a far away place . The sunshine was shining his white garment even more than the white snow that had not melted, his slender fingers absent-mindedly turned over a page . Murong Shu Qing laughed looking at him who was staring blankly and sitting over there, but she did not dare to disturb him as she knew that his mood was the same as her own mood . Under this dazzling sunshine, how could he read a book!?

Entering the Master’s tent, Pei Che was the only one who was standing in front of the military map, when he saw Murong Shu Qing came in, he smilingly said: “Shu Qing, you came . Sit down!” He was still thinking when Shu Qing planned to come over?!

Murong Shu Qing did not sit down, but directly walked to Pei Che’s side, and she asked: “How is it?”

Knowing that she was surely anxious and wanted to know about the battlefield situation, Pei Che pulled her to the side of the topographic map, and he explained: “The spy just came to report a moment ago, the west side of Cang Yue was lighted up with a large fire, so Li Ming should already successfully burned the granary down . The armed forces whom Xuanyuan Yi is guiding, are confronting You Xiao after entering the battle arrays . But there is still no news about Shang Jun who went in with the 3,000 soldiers up until now . ”

Murong Shu Qing’s heart was shaking for a moment, how come Shang Jun had not come out of the battle arrays after a long time, could it be that she met with danger!? It was reasonable to say that since she had checked it out, there should not be any problem now . But recalling those malicious eyes from the purple red dress man, she could not help but felt uneasy . Deeply breathing, maybe no news was actually good news . So Murong Shu Qing continued to ask: “Since Shang Jun has not come out of the battle arrays, so Xuanyuan Yi can not attack from both sides, will this influence the situation of the fight?”

Pei Che was also anxious about this, but having been in the battlefield for a long time, he came to accept any life or death situation, so lightly patting Murong Shu Qing’s shoulder, Pei Che comfortingly said: “Breaking the battle arrays is actually to tempt the enemy plan, so You Xiao’s attention is primarily occupied by it, so Xuanyuan Yi has an opportunity to attack when he is not prepared . If Shang Jun can provide assistance to break the battle arrays, it will naturally be better, if he can not, there is no harm either . ”

Murong Shu Qing smiled and lightly nodded her head, at this time, an urgent and loud sound of a male’s voice came through from the outside tent: “Reporting!”

Pei Che and Murong Shu Qing looked one glance at each other, then he said with a clear voice: “Come in . ”

A young soldier whose body was filled with dust, slowly ran to come in, he reported with a loud voice: “Reporting to Military Adviser, Cang Yue suffered a lost in the first fight, they already retreated for about ten li (5,000 meters) and intended to return to camp within the city wall, the Lead General is pursuing the retreating enemies . The Li’s vanguard has already joined forces with the Lead General . ”

It seemed that Li Ming and Xuanyuan Yi’s sides went smoothly, but how about Shang Jun? Not hearing any news from Shang Jun at all, Murong Shu Qing could not help but asked: “Is there any news for those people who are inside the battle arrays?”

“About an hour ago, there was a fighting sound, but there is no other movements now . ”

“Go scout again!”


Since there was a fighting sound, that meant that someone was alive . Shang Jun, you promised me that you would not die!

Pei Che looked at her complexion that was already somewhat pale, so he supported her to sit on the chair, and quietly sighed to say: “Shu Qing, do not be anxious . ”


Today’s fierce and hot sunshine, had completely melted the snow and dried the ground, but the trampling horses’ hooves still raised the dust . This surprise attack was very successful, half of You Xiao’s military forces was used to prevent the breaking of the battle arrays, their surprise attack from behind caught You Xiao unprepared . He already looked like he was defeated .

At this time, the 1,000 cavalries came over to them from the West side, Xuanyuan Yi slightly narrowed his eyes to see, the person who was at the front was… Li Ming .

Very quickly, Li Ming led a group of 1,000 cavalries to join the main forces, Li Ming urged his horse to go to Xuanyuan Yi’s side . His young face was brimming with a brilliant smile, and he called out: “Lead General!”

Looking at his appearance, Xuanyuan Yi could guess that it surely went very smoothly, but he still smilingly asked: “How is it?!”

Li Ming showed a proud appearance, he openly smiled and said: “We already burnt all the granaries that Cang Yue kept in the west side!” Not only that it was very smooth, it was possible that Cang Yue thought that the mountain in the west side was more hidden, and was not too far away from the main camp, so they did not guard it tightly . But since the Lead General met the enemy head-on directly, they just spent about one hour to settle the 200 guards, and burnt their five granary warehouses .

Strongly patting Li Ming’s shoulder, Xuanyuan Yi smiled with a clear voice and said: “Well done!”

Lei Yi who always kept looking at the situation at the front of the battlefield, said: “Lead General, You Xiao wants to run away!”

When Shang Jun was breaking the battle arrays, You Xiao already dispatched 1/3 of his people to be on guard for Shang Jun, additionally, 1/3 of his people would stay at the camp . When Xuanyuan Yi met directly with his army, he was not able to withstand anymore, this was Xuanyuan Yi’s first direct attack at Cang Yue so the morale of his soldiers were high . You Xiao saw the situation of the fighting was not in favor for him, so after fighting, he retreated .

Xuanyuan Yi looked up to see that the soldiers from both sides were guarded by a butterfly shape battle array, and You Xiao really began to retreat towards the main camp . Xuanyuan Yi raised up the clean sword from his waist, and shouted: “Stop him!” Finished speaking, he quickly pressed the horse’s stomach, Zhan Hun, as if it was a sword ran out wildly . Later, the 10,000 soldiers were following behind to participate in the fight upfront .

Looking that Xuanyuan Yi who was always commanding at the rear area, also participating in this fight to charge over, You Xiao suddenly changed the battle array, and changed from a butterfly shape to become a half-moon shape . It seemed that he wanted to surround Dong Yu’s soldiers, but Xuanyuan Yi was not in fear and continued to go forward . You Xiao, you thought that you could use the remaining 10,000 soldiers to besiege my 30,000 elite troop soldiers with a half-moon battle array, you were too naive .

Xuanyuan Yi directly attacked You Xiao’s position, the half-moon battle array was located in the middle . But it was strange that Cang Yue’s soldiers who had been fighting with them, were unexpectedly and continuously retreated . The situation inside this half-moon battle array was tighter and tighter and it surrounded to wipe them out, but this situation that was further and further away, was still completely rare .

The battle array in front of them was chaotic and completely different, could it be… .

Xuanyuan Yi tightened his reins immediately, and loudly shouted: “Stop!”

The more than 30,000 soldiers who had been following Xuanyuan Yi for three years, halted when he ordered to stop, they quickly stood in an orderly formation, with Xuanyuan Yi in the middle . Layer by layer, in the circular battle array, they were poised to battle Cang Yue’s half-moon battle array .

Xuanyuan Yi and You Xiao were relatively a distant away, both of their expressions showed some skills to compete against each other . You Xiao seemed to lightly hooked up the corner of his mouth, and he suddenly put down his raised hand . Cang Yue’s soldiers suddenly and quickly moved to both sides of the battle array . They appeared to continually and completely circle the area to surround Dong Yu’s soldiers within it .

When You Xiao lifted his hand, Xuanyuan Yi already knew that he only wanted to entice the enemy by retreating just now . Turning his horse around, before it was too late for them to retreat, Xuanyuan Yi firmly gave an order: “Retreat!”

Along with his order, the soldiers immediately rushed to the triangle battle array and out of the half-moon battle array, just in time when Cang Yue’s soldiers were almost scattered away . Finally, You Xiao could not besiege Dong Yu’s soldiers inside the battle array .

The two armies appeared to return to the original place, they were facing off against the other, You Xiao lightly clapped his hands, not bad, he was worthy to be Xuanyuan Yi . The soldiers who were under his control, unexpectedly had this kind of strong fighting experience, with only one word, they knew the best way on how to retreat from the battle array . Unexpectedly, not one person stayed within the battle array, this war was really interesting .

Xuanyuan Yi was standing in front of the battle array, with You Xiao directly standing in front of him, Cang Yue’s people were only 1/3 of Dong Yu’s troops . Since he could have confidence in himself like this, and even was arrogant against him . You Xiao, what skills did you still have, and you might as well bring it out altogether!

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