Divine Beast Adventures - Chapter 111

Published at 30th of June 2019 07:55:44 PM
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Chapter 111

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After Zhang Che crossed into the beast world and left the safety zone, he chose not to explore in the same direction as he had the previous couple of times . Instead, he chose to head southeast, and was in no hurry to switch identities, either .

Actually, he already had a guess on what was happening earlier . He wouldn't have said what he did otherwise .

Although the two batches of men who boarded the coach earlier didn't speak a word, Zhang Che could tell that they were soldiers from the way they sat and the disciplined way in which they "ran for their lives" .

As for that driver, Zhang Che had initially thought that he was indeed an ordinary driver . However, after he went up to the front of the vehicle and observed the fellow, he realized that the driver's acting was a little exaggerated .

Despite his realistic portrayal of fear, Zhang Che didn't notice any uneasiness on his body . His limbs weren't shaking, his breathing was stable, and his heartbeat was also normal . What else could it be, if it wasn't acting?

Without a doubt, the driver was in on it together with the soldiers .

Now, Zhang Che hadn't offended anyone from the army . Who would cause such a situation to observe, or even make a fool out of him?

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There was only one answer: Huang Tielan's father .

Although Huang Tielan had never revealed her background to Zhang Che, from what he had seen so far, he was able to make a guess at it .

During his first entrance to the beast world, Tielan was able to pass on a backpack to him silently through the army's security checkpoint . That wasn't something any commoner could do .

Moreover, Huang Tielan had also received news that Bei Du University's Professor Sun Qilong had successfully cultivated a gold-quality beast recently . That was even less likely for a common girl to learn about .

There were also many other small details, like the sword art demonstration video Huang Tielan sent him, and so forth . All of this had shown that this chubby girl's background was not simple .

As for this situation that Huang Tielan's father had fabricated, Zhang Che could totally understand why .

If he had a daughter whose heart was stolen by some random guy, he would surely test him, or even make him suffer a little .

The group of soldiers today had actually been quite friendly . Their original plan was probably to have him partake in a brutal fight against the group of Sharp-Clawed Hounds, but they didn't expect him to own a gold-quality weapon-type beast card with a wide-area attack, leading to the whole observation operation ending in such a shoddy manner .

Even so, Zhang Che didn't dare to be careless at all . What if Huang Tielan's father had something else up his sleeve waiting for him?

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Therefore, in order to not expose his dual identities, as well as his true strength, he kept heading southeast after leaving the safety zone . He only transformed into his previous life's appearance after confirming that there was no one tailing him, and began his search for three-star gold-quality beasts .


A certain office in Qian Wei City's military camp…

The camp's second-in-charge, Major General Huang Juyun, was standing upright in front of a topographical map with his hands behind him . He had a square face, and a tall, muscular figure, emitting a mighty presence .

There was a knock on the door . "Come in . "

Huang Juyun turned to look, and saw his adjutant, Song Yuanhang, walking in with an amused smile .

"Xiaosong, you really went and did it?"

Song Yuanhang lowered his head slightly, smiling in embarrassment, "Sir, I just can't stop worrying, so I went to check out what kind of a guy that kid is . "

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Huang Juyun smiled slightly, pointing at his trusted assistant helplessly, asking, "So how was it? How do you feel about him?"

"Ugh, that kid saw through the masquerade . " Song Yuanhang's expression became even more amused as he continued, "I really didn't expect this kid to be hiding so well; he's completely exceeded my expectations . "

After saying that, he recounted the entire event, and lamented in the end, "Who would've thought that this kid was the same guy that relied on a one-star silver-quality card Young Miss gifted him during his first exploration into the beast world? He actually grew to this extent in one month's time, and wields a two-star gold-quality weapon-type beast card!"

"Our Lanlan has a good eye for people . She resembles me in this aspect," Huang Juyun chuckled, showing an interested look . He continued, "However, this kid is really a little surprising, to have grown this fast . In times to come, he might even be a cornerstone of our Hua Xia region's beastmasters . "

Song Yuanhang couldn't help but be slightly surprised at Huang Juyun's expectations for Zhang Che .

"Isn't that a little too much, Sir? Although I admit that this kid's potential is not bad, it's not easy reaching that height . There are many dangers on that path; it's not that easy to overcome them . "

Huang Juyun chuckled again . He pointed at Song Yuanhang, tapping the air, "I said that our Lanlan has a good eye for people . Trust me!"

He started pacing back and forth in the spacious office, and suddenly looked at Song Yuanhang, saying, "Did you think that that two-star gold-quality beast card is that kid's final ace?"

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"Ah? How is that possible?!" Song Yuanhang's expression finally changed . "How long has it been since he became a beastmaster? He's already considered to be a very talented guy, to have a gold-quality weapon-type beast card . How could it be possible that he has an even better card . . . You're saying, he's actually not a Tier Two beastmaster, but Tier Three?"

Huang Yujun nodded with a slight smile, then shook his head, explaining, "He's a Tier Three beastmaster for sure . No doubt about it . What I meant was, this kid should have an even better subdued beast in his hands . At least, it's stronger than the gold-quality weapon he has . Otherwise, why would he take it out so easily? Take you, for example; would you expose your hand so easily if you weren't in mortal danger?"

Huang Juyun didn't mention to Song Yuanhang that Zhang Che had gifted a similar weapon-type beast card to his daughter previously . Although there was a difference of a star tier, their quality was the same .

Not only that, this kid brought out his weapon-type beast card without hesitation today during Song Yuanhang's crude test . Naturally he had something better, Huang Juyun's instincts told him .

He was also sure that Zhang Che had become a Tier Three beastmaster .

With such a powerful beast card on him, it was impossible for a youngster who was both hardworking and lucky to be only at Tier Two after battling in the beast world for nearly a whole month .

Song Yuanhang was immediately stupefied after hearing Huang Juyun's analysis .

His arbitrary testing of Zhang Che today didn't have any effect at all . Instead, he might have even made a fool of himself before that kid!

-Tsk tsk, the youngsters nowadays are really becoming more and more incredible!-

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