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Divine Beast Adventures - Chapter 189

Published at 30th of June 2019 07:57:12 PM

Chapter 189

Edited by Aelryinth

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[Titan Python]

Level: Six Star (Level 56)

Quality: Dark Gold

Characteristics: Tremendous Coiling Strength . Excels in Ambush, Launching a Fatal Strike on its Unsuspecting Enemy

Weakness: Fears Flying-Type Beasts

Innate Attribute: Sonar Sense, Able to Sense at a Great Distance Through Sound Waves to Hide from its Natural Enemies and Hunt Prey

Skill: Deathly Coil . Instantly Doubles its Strength After Skill Activation, Crushing its Prey’s Bones with Enormous Coiling Strength, Killing it Within Seconds . Lasts 5 Seconds, Cooldown Time: 20 Minutes

Potential: D Rank


This was the data Zhang Che saw the moment that large head peeked out . He was so frightened that his heart started thumping heavily .

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Obviously, this spiritual herb was owned by someone!

Thus, Zhang Che could only try his best to show an innocent smile, slowly retreating from this huge tree trunk . He finally let out a long sigh of relief after retreating over a hundred meters away .

Just the Titan Python’s head alone was as big as a compact car; his subdued beasts and pets weren’t a match for it at all .

Although the Titan Python’s weakness was its vulnerability to flying-type beasts, that very much depended on the flying beast’s strength . Take the Purple Jade Condor, for example; it was definitely not a match for this fellow!

What’s left was only the newly subdued Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus, and the skill maniac, the Scarlet Flame Drake .

It went without saying that the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus was still in his growing phase . His strength was far from reaching its peak . Although his quality was higher than the Titan Python, his basic combat strength was much weaker . He might not necessarily win against this python .

Moreover, the Titan Python was on top of the several dozen meters high tree trunk . If it committed itself to hiding above, the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus couldn’t do a thing to it .

As for the Scarlet Flame Drake, who knew how it’d go? He didn’t know if the Liquifying Scarlet Flames skill would deal any real damage to this python .

Zhang Che didn’t wish to try, either . It wouldn’t be a great situation if he caused too big of a commotion and drew the surrounding powerful beasts here .

-But I’m not willing to give up on that extraordinary spiritual herb just like that!-Zhang Che leaned on a big tree, his brain operating at full capacity .  -It’d be best if I could lure this Titan Python away…-

Of course, that was impossible .

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Since it was already guarding on top of that huge tree trunk, naturally it could sense the extraordinariness of the spiritual herb . Otherwise, would there be such a coincidence that it made that withered tree its home?

-Why not set it up?-

Zhang Che suddenly thought of the other Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus who had returned sorrowfully after failing to find its son .

Once he thought of this, he immediately retreated another hundred meters or so . After that, he summoned the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus, whose injuries had completely healed, and said to him, smiling, “Xiaolong, now daddy needs you to contribute to my cause . Give me a little of your blood . I have great use for it . Mmm, don’t worry, I’ll roast a big pile of meat for you after this, how about that?”

{TLN: Xiaolong means little dragon . Now, obviously a T-rex isn’t a dragon, but a tyrannosaurus is called “Bao Long” in Chinese . }

The Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus’ eyes immediately shone with excitement the moment he heard the words .  -Isn’t it just a tiny bit of blood? Just take it, master daddy!-

Zhang Che smiled brightly, like a big bad wolf that managed to lure a little bunny in . First he ordered the Rock Tortoise to spit out a plastic bag of compressed biscuit, then held the Mutated Puffersword in his hand and aimed at the thinner scales of the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus, located at its abdomen, stabbing at it .

Ding! A crisp sound rang out, sparks flew about .

There wasn’t any damage to the palm-sized scale at all . Instead, Zhang Che’s arm was numb from the shock, and the Mutated Puffersword was bent at a weird angle, nearly breaking in two .

Zhang Che was stunned .

However, for the sake of eating a sumptuous meal, the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus suddenly widened its mouth and bit down on the tip of his tongue . Fresh crimson blood immediately flowed out of the wound like spring water .

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Zhang Che was stunned again…

-This isn’t a freaking ferocious beast! This is a super strong glutton who will resort to self-harm for the sake of delicacies!-

Although Zhang Che was speechless, his arm wasn’t slow . He spread the plastic bag open and brought it under the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus’ head .

Soon, the plastic bag, able to contain several kilograms of liquid, was half-filled!

“Enough, enough, go back and recover from your injuries first!”

Zhang Che’s eyes were crescent-shaped from his smile . He recalled the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus with a wave of his hand, then tied the plastic bag tightly and gave some instructions to the frisky monkey at his side, before handing the plastic bag filled with blood to him .

The frisky monkey carried the plastic bag half filled with blood and climbed up the big tree at his side . After that, he quickly swung away, like he was playing on a swing .

After arriving at about a hundred meters away from the withered huge tree trunk, the frisky monkey finally stopped in place . He stood firmly on a horizontal tree trunk and held up the plastic bag in his right hand, tossing it towards the withered tree .

The blood-filled plastic bag drew an arc in the air and landed accurately at the bottom of the tree trunk, exploding . The blood splashed all over .

The Titan Python on top of the withered tree suddenly peeked out with half its body, looking around cautiously . However, it didn’t discover any creatures nearby, and shrank back to the platform on the top of the withered tree suspiciously .

After it shrank back to the platform, the Titan Python’s eyes grew even more doubtful . It stuck out its tongue and tried sensing its surroundings . After that, its huge body suddenly peeked out again, focused on the pool of blood at the base of the tree .

From afar, Zhang Che’s heart tightened with anticipation .

-Will this guy notice something is amiss and consume the spiritual herb before it’s fully matured, then leave this area?-

Luckily, although the Titan Python didn’t understand why would a pool of blood suddenly appeared under the tree, it confirmed that there weren’t any strong foes around, and that was sufficient . It continued guarding the treasure silently .

It could sense that the spiritual herb’s efficacy would reach its peak soon . It just had to guard it for a while longer, and the herb would provide immense benefits to it after consuming it .

“Very good; this matter is half done!”

Seeing the Titan Python shrinking back to the top of the withered tree, Zhang Che was thoroughly relieved . His plan had half succeeded .

Now, they had to wait and see if that Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus from before could catch the scent of its child’s blood from such a great distance .

Zhang Che found a tree branch that provided a good viewpoint and sat on it, waiting quietly .

Time trickled by slowly . The excitement on Zhang Che’s face gradually turned into dejection .

-Did I think too much? Is that terrifying Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus unable to smell the scent of the blood?

-Right, some time is needed for the scent of blood to spread . How could it spread over a kilometer away so quickly?-

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