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Divine Beast Adventures - Chapter 278

Published at 18th of August 2019 04:05:12 AM

Chapter 278

Edited by Aelryinth

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Although Zhang Che didn’t go specially looking for external resources, he would have the Purple Crystal Tortoise meld into the ground every time he stopped to hunt those strange creatures to check around the rock strata nearby .

It would be great if any rare minerals were found . It’d be fine if nothing was discovered, either, since no time was lost .

Just like that, half the day passed . Zhang Che cleaned up the surrounding hundred kilometer radius and saw all kinds of those strange creatures . The creatures came in all shapes and sizes, truly leaving him speechless . All kinds of oddities could be found in the world, indeed .


The harvests for today were remarkable .

First, as an exceptional miner, the Purple Crystal Tortoise discovered quite a few minerals .

However, since that fellow wasn’t Zhang Che’s pet, it was unable to express exactly what it had discovered . Every time it would bring some samples back to let Zhang Che take a look first . He could only identify what the mineral was after examining it properly .

Even so, not much time was wasted .

During this half a day, a few different tiny piles of minerals were added to the Purple Crystal Tortoise’s unique dimension . Although there wasn’t much and their value was far from comparable to the stellar crystal, they were rare minerals with extensive uses regardless . They were still worth a pretty sum if converted to Alliance dollars .

“No wonder future father-in-law kept emphasizing that the secret plane has abundant resources…,” Zhang Che lamented .

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Compared to the Purple Crystal Tortoise’s harvests, Zhang Che wasn’t doing too bad himself, either .

Sweeping through the hundred kilometer radius around him during this half a day, the number of strange creatures he had killed was close to four digits . If those creatures could bleed, he would truly be an executioner whose hands were covered in blood .

After killing so many strange creatures, the amount of mysterious energy Zhang Che absorbed had also reached a shocking degree . He discovered that his mind was now crystal clear . Be it his memory, or his thinking ability, they were much better than before .

Not only that, his five senses had similarly become at least twice as sharp .

Zhang Che had a premonition that if he continued developing this way, perhaps he might not even have to have his eyes open to sense what was going on around him . He would be able to ensure that he wouldn’t walk into a cable pole when walking on the streets, or fall into a ditch .

Through their continuous slaughtering, the Scarlet Flame Drake and the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon’s teamwork grew better and better . They could use their ice and fire elemental attacks on the same target without affecting the other’s effects . With that, their destructive powers directly more than doubled .

It was a pity that Zhang Che didn’t encounter any powerful strange creatures in this area . Otherwise, he could have experimented to see how heaven-defyingly strong this ice and fire combo was .


Seeing the sky turning dark, Zhang Che ended today’s hunt and started looking for a place to settle down .

Well, as usual he would have the Purple Crystal Tortoise dig out a cave on a mountain . That method would best ensure his safety .

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While waiting for the Purple Crystal Tortoise to dig out the cave, just as Zhang Che took out a piece of meat to have the Scarlet Flame Drake roast it, he suddenly noticed a streak of scarlet light streaking across the sky to his left in his peripheral vision .

“Hmm? What’s that!?”

Zhang Che immediately stopped what he was doing and looked carefully at the sky on his left . He saw that streak of scarlet light flying towards him from extremely far away like a comet, landing about a hundred kilometers away from him in the mountain range .

Zhang Che’s heart jumped . His gut feeling told him that the streak of scarlet light was definitely extraordinary!

He focused and deliberated for a while . Afterwards, he put everything back away into his bracelet spatial equipment and ordered the Purple Crystal Tortoise to come out, recalling it back into his spiritual sea . Then, he got onto the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon’s back together with the Scarlet Flame Drake and flew in the direction the scarlet streak of light had fallen .

The sky gradually darkened . Zhang Che didn’t dare let the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon flew too high in the sky . They were flying close to the mountains, heading to where the streak of scarlet light had fallen .

With the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon’s speed, even if he didn’t fly at maximum capacity, it only took a few minutes to reach the vicinity .

After reaching the location, however, Zhang Che was stunned .

Although Zhang Che could determine that the streak of scarlet light fell in this area, it could be anywhere within the surrounding few kilometers . How was he going to look for it?

He didn’t know where to begin . It was like finding a needle in a haystack; the chances of finding it were too small .

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Left without a choice, Zhang Che could only ride the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon, circling a few times around this area in the sky . He scanned through every corner in a rough manner, hoping that there will be some traces left behind when that scarlet streak of light fell .

Alas, it didn’t .

It was like the scarlet streak of light was really just that – a ray of light . After falling to the ground, not a single blade of grass was hurt . How could there be any traces left behind for Zhang Che to find?

Seeing the sky was turning even darker, Zhang Che could only give up on it helplessly in the end . He found a mountain and had the Purple Crystal Tortoise dig out another cave .

As the light coming from the strange crystal objects on the rock wall in the sky became incredibly weak, this mysterious world fell into darkness .


Zhang Che sat cross-legged in the cave dug out by the Purple Crystal Tortoise, opposite him was the frisky monkey .

The master and pet duo were both holding a large kebab, competing over who could eat the fastest .

Up until now, although Zhang Che had yet to discover any food sources in this world, and only a few places had small streams of water . But, he wasn’t worried about food at all .

The Purple Crystal Tortoise’s unique dimension had hundreds of tons worth of exotic beast meat stored in there . Zhang Che and the frisky monkey could totally eat without worries; it could last them ten years without any problem .

Moreover, Zhang Che didn’t believe that there really wasn’t be any source of food in the entire secret plane .

If that was true, wouldn’t more than half the other beastmasters who entered the secret plane starve to death, in the end?

Not everyone was like Zhang Che, owning a subdued beast whose storage space could frighten others to death .

The spatial-type beast card equipment carried around by ordinary beastmasters probably only had storage space similar to the bracelet on Zhang Che’s wrist . It would be considered normal to have a few dozen cubic meters worth of storage space .

-Hmm? That is really hard to say . After all, the circumstances in every secret plane are different . What if this particular secret plane really doesn’t have, or has very little, food sources?-

Thinking of that, Zhang Che immediately decided that from now on, he couldn’t allow the frisky monkey to eat any more of the meat before he left the secret world .

Sensing Zhang Che’s ill thoughts, the frisky monkey’s ugly face immediately scrunched up and started madly tearing large mouthfuls of meat off of the kebab, as if he had to give his all into eating today .

Right up until he went to sleep, Zhang Che was still thinking about that scarlet streak of light .


When the mysterious crystals on the rock wall in the sky had become unnoticeably dim, and the entire world fell into an endless darkness, a striking red streak of light suddenly circled a few rounds outside the mountain where Zhang Che’s cave was at, then suddenly plunged into the rock strata…

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