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Divine Brilliance - Chapter 148

Published at 27th of June 2019 07:55:07 AM

Chapter 148

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Chuxue was in charge of carrying the tied-up Zong Yuan as they continued to run towards where the fire signal had come from . This time there wasn't any more interference during the fifteen minutes they needed to rush there .

Before he got close, Zong Shou's brow furrowed . The corner of his lips rose slightly . -It seems like the people from Gantian Mountain are all here…-

Not only that person that he invited, even Zong Ling came over unannounced, as did this Zong Yuan who was now in his hands .

He could feel Hu Qianqiu's intent sensing him from afar . He couldn't help but burst out laughing . He stopped using the Lightning Traveling Spirit Bone, relying on his own strength to walk over .

The other people had noticed by now, all of them looking over . Joy flashed on the faces of Lian Fan and Yin Yang . As for Hu Yuanzhong and Zong Ling, their faces were filled with disdain and contempt . The latter even mocked, "To actually dare to run around at such a time! Zong Shou, you really are the Ruler's son; how bold, really unafraid to die at the hands of Yunxia Mountain or Blazing Flame Mountain . . . "

As he said that, he suddenly paused as he looked at Zong Yuan, who was wrapped up like a dumpling and being carried in one hand by Chuxue .

In shock for a moment, he burst out laughing . "Zong Yuan I didn't think that your Purple Lightning Spear would have such a day? Weren't you arrogant before, how did you end up in such a state? How did you get captured by my cousin; did you anger him and incite that person to attack? You knew that that person was near him, aren't you a little too stupid?"

Zong Yuan's face turned green, muttering, too lazy to reply him . He looked towards Zong Ling with the gaze one uses when looking at a retard . He wanted to tell him to run away and spread the news . However, he wasn't willing to speak after that, thinking that soon Zong Ling would be the one crying .

Zong Shou's brow furrowed at this; It was not the first time he had noticed the presence of that Xuanwu Ancestor .

He was filled with doubts about why this person wasn't willing to reveal himself . Why did he come so late in his battle against Li Yaling? And why did he leave halfway?

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Why didn't even Yin Yang know about this Xuanwu Emperor?

Hearing the two of them speak, he seemed to find out a little bit about that person . Once this matter ended, he should interrogate this Zong Yuan and Zong Ling . . .

Especially the latter! He only let him go because he was worried about Cloud Saint City . Now he didn't have a reason to allow him to slip away . This fellow was like a leech, something he was unable to get away from .

There was also Chuxue, who for some reason upon seeing this Hu Qianqiu felt fidgety and hid behind Zong Shou . Occasionally she would sneakily glance at the father and son, her gaze filled with hesitation, making him really curious . However, he had no intention of asking her about this .

Random thoughts entered his mind for a while before he regained his composure . Looking at the sixty-odd year old man, he didn't need to think and knew that this was definitely Zong Weiran's right hand man, the second strongest person in Gantian Mountain, Hu Qianqiu!

Be it the aura he gave out or what he remembered, it was the same .

In that instant, a strong intent suppressed him . He was unfazed, calming looking towards Hu Qianqiu, slightly bowing, "Hello, Uncle Hu! To make you rush over so many miles in a dozen days, it must be tiring for you, I'm grateful!"

"Not seeing you in three years, your manners are still there! In terms of being tiring, I can't compare with Yin Yang . "

Seeing that Zong Shou wasn't threatened by his aura, Hu Qianqiu was a little surprised . But when he observed him up and down, his face dimmed . He was the same; no internal energy, no soul power .

That was true anyways, how could a Dual Meridian Body cultivate? Even if one changed to practice spiritual techniques, it was also really difficult . He shouldn't have held any hopes . . .

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Suppressing the disappointment in his heart, he stood up and bowed solemnly, "Hu Qianqiu greets the Prince! Why did the Prince want to meet me?"

Hu Zhongyuan couldn't help but frown . He wasn't used to seeing his father being so respectful, especially when Zong Ling was right there .

What ability did the Prince have, for his father to be so respectful? However, Hu Qianqiu stared at him, making him stand up unwillingly and bow too . His expression was really cold, his eyes like sharp knives .

That gaze was like a knife, stabbing over while also showing a warning expression . Zong Shou smiled, not bothering about it .

"I invited Uncle Hu over for two things . First thing is that I want that throne . My father's work cannot fall into the hands of others . Uncle Hu, please help me!"

Hu Qianqiu's tiger body instantly shook in shock . Hu Zhongyuan felt like his chest was about to explode, filled with anger, not bothering about his father he laughed coldly, "You actually dare to say that? You don't know your position! You are just a piece of trash, even a half-Monster . Even if I give the throne to you, how can you keep it? Although Gantian Mountain was built by the Ruler, this concerns the life and death of the hundred races! Do you really want us to be destroyed by Yunxia and Blazing Flame Mountain?"

Zong Ling couldn't help but laugh, spitting out a bone from his mouth, "If you want that Monster throne, then take it . No one will fight with you for it! Be it my brother or that Zong Yang or Zong Shiyuan, we don't intent to fight with you for it . Cousin, you are unable to cultivate; it is not your fault, but I didn't expect you to actually be so dumb . . . "

Hu Qianqiu's face twisted, looking really fierce and ugly, filled with killing intent . After a while he sighed, his expression returning to normal .

However before Zong Ling completed his words, Zong Yuan burst out laughing, totally unrestrained and crazy, revealing a mocking intention .

Zong Ling was unhappy that he was interrupted, wondering if Zong Yuan really had gone crazy . Laughing and couldn't stop? He was getting annoyed, and threw a bone over . "What are you laughing at? What's so funny, I think your Purple Lightning Spear is stupid!"

That bone brought with it a huge force, streaking through the air and bringing with it a whistling sound . Chuxue didn't bother to block the bone, allowing it to smash into his face .

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Zong Yuan acted like he didn't feel any pain, his laugh stopping, his voice turning cold, "Zong Ling, do you remember that day in Cloud Saint City? Who was the fool in the end? What happened today is also amusing! Now you feel good scolding, but in just a short time we will know who the fool is! I hope that when that happens, you don't cry! Hehe, an ant actually dares to laugh and call an elephant short! Forget it, I'm similar to you, laughable and pitiful to an irrecoverable extent . I can't bother to talk to you . . . "

As it went on, his tone became really lazy . Everyone present had no idea what was going on and were filled with questions .

Only Yin Yang smiled . On the other hand, Lian Fan shook his head and revealed a little disdain .

Removing these two people, out of all of them, only Feng Xiao's heart tightened, subconsciously feeling that something was wrong .

That Zong Ling even laughed coldly, not bothering about what Zong Yuan said, taking it as a crazy dog barking .

What his cousin could rely on would be that heavily injured Xuanwu Emperor . He couldn't even protect himself, much less cause any big waves!

Hu Qianqiu's heart was heavy, expressionlessly shaking his head, "Prince, the reason why I didn't take any sides after the Ruler went missing and also rushed here within ten days was because of my gratitude to him . If you want my Iron Tiger race to . . . with just these few words . . . "

Before he finished, Zong Shou waved his sleeves, "Whether or not you agree, let's speak about it later! I have a second matter to request of Uncle Hu!"

A cold light shone and Zong Shou took out that Lightning Tooth Sword once more . Little Gold's body covered it, turning it silver as he pointed it at the carriage .

"I heard that Uncle Hu is really skilled; in Gantian Mountain you are only beneath my father! You are good at the Tiger King Saber; today, may I ask you to give me some pointers?"

When he said that, everyone present went silent, looking at Zong Shou in disbelief . They really couldn't believe that those words came out from his mouth .

Zong Yuan couldn't help but roll his eyes; he knew that this situation would happen . He then opened his eyes wide and looked on, thinking that it was pretty good to be able to see such a spectacular fight before he died .

That Zong Ling forgot to continue chewing the meat in his mouth, his mouth agape and unable to close .

This Zong Shou didn't have any internal energy and actually dared to challenge a Xuanwu Ancestor, did he hear it wrongly? Hu Zhongyuan was dumbfounded,and didn't know why Zong Shou would make such a suggestion .

Hu Qianqiu's eyebrows rose as his expression turned solemn, taking another close look at Zong Shou . He thought about it before saying, "Prince, are you serious? You do know that my saber is merciless! At that time I might not be able to hold back!"

Zong Shou didn't speak, his eyes were calm . Although there was no energy leaking from him, his heart had reached a really calm and composed realm .

He had no other thoughts in his mind, his sword and him became one at that moment .

The other people didn't sense anything, but Hu Qianqiu's eyes lit up, his originally icy blood started to flow once more .

The half-Monster teen in front of him, the son of Weiran, at that moment was One with the Sword!

"Dumbass, go get my saber!"

Hu Zhongyan, who was dumbfounded and not reacting, immediately jumped up beside one of the Windrider Foals at the shout .

With a clean ringing of steel, a seven-foot-long saber with a hook tooth on it was pulled out from its sheath!

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