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Chapter 231: 231
The Princess's face again turned red as she looked down .  

"I'm Aslina Windsor," The Princess replied .

"Aslina Windsor? Are you from the Royal Windsor Family?" Ryder inquired as if he was genuinely surprised .

"Yes . I'm the Princess of the Tiara Kingdom," The Princess replied as she smiled .

"I heard that the Princess of the Tiara Kingdom was as pretty as a flower, but after meeting you, I must say that they were all lies," Ryder let out as he shook his head .  

The Princess lowered her head as her sadness covered her face .

" All those rumors were lies . In fact, you're even prettier . You're as pretty as the moon on the beautiful shiny nights," Ryder said as he looked in the eyes of the Princess .

The Princess looked in Ryder's eyes . Their gazes were locked as none of them took their eyes off . The Princess felt her heart beating faster than she ever experienced .

Ryder brought his face closer to her face . Slowly, their lips came closer . The Princess knew what was happening as her face turned even redder, but she didn't move back .

Ultimately, both their lips met as they closed their eyes .

Ryder placed his hand around the back of Aslina's head as he kissed her deeply .

Aslina also wrapped her arms around Ryder's back as she responded to her first kiss .

After a short kiss, they separated their lips .

"I'm sorry . I couldn't control myself," Ryder told Aslina as he apologized .

"I-it's fine . I'm sorry too," Aslina replied as she lowered her gaze .

"Let's leave this place . That guy might come back," Ryder said as he stood up .

Aslina also stood up . Ryder took his first step, but he pretended to be weak as he acted like he was about to fall down . He wrapped his arms around Aslina's shoulders as he controlled himself .

"Sorry . I guess my legs are still somewhat weak from the battle . You should go and leave me behind," Ryder told Aslina in a solemn tone . "It would be bad if he returned . "

"No! You didn't leave me behind . I'm not leaving you either," Aslina said as she placed her hand on Ryder's shoulders .

She supported him as she started walking . Ryder kept his hands around her shoulders as he started walking with her .

" Princess Aslina . . . " Ryder muttered as if he was hesitant about something .

"You can call me Aslina," Aslina said as she looked at Ryder's face with a smile on her face .

"I like you," Ryder confessed in the open .

"T-this . . . " Aslina didn't know how to react as her mouth opened wide .

"I fell for you the moment you helped me . I know that I shouldn't feel this way because you're a Princess, and you would never be with a guy like me, but I couldn't keep this feeling in my heart . I just had to get it out," Ryder said in a low voice .

Aslina felt her heart ache as she saw the depressed look on Ryder's face .  

"T-that's not it . I like you too," Aslina insisted .

\u003cPrincess Aslina has proposed to you\u003e

\u003cYour favorability with the Tiara Kingdom is increased by five hundred percent\u003e

\u003cAll adverse effects are removed\u003e

"You do?" Ryder let out excitedly as he raised his head and looked at Aslina while ignoring the notification .

"I do," Aslina said as she nodded her head repeatedly .

Ryder hugged Aslina firmly as he whispered in her ears, "I'm so happy . "

\u003cMission Completed: Made the Princess of Tiara Kingdom fall in love\u003e

\u003cRewards are given\u003e

' This is good . The mission is completed, and I got an Ally in the Tiara Kingdom,' Ryder thought as he smiled .

" When we get back, I'll tell father how you saved me . He'll be so happy to meet you and know that I have selected you to be my husband," Aslina let out as she smiled innocently .

Ryder nodded his head .

He knew that even if she said that, there was no way he was going to be married in Divinity . Even in the last timeline, when Aslina was in love with Ryuk, they didn't marry . The Date of Marriage selected by the Kingdom Priests was said to be five years after they met . He had plenty of time to think things through .

Ryder and Alice left the place together and went back to the Royal City .  

Ryder had started walking without the support as he got near the Royal City .

" Princess, you're back!" The Guards saw the Princess and grew excited . They were all concerned and worried since the Princess was kidnapped from the Royal Palace and they couldn't find him .

"I'm back . This Hero saved me and brought me back," Aslina said as she held Ryder's hand with a bright smile on her face .

"I'm going to meet father," She let out as she started walking towards the Royal Palace .

Aslina and Ryder entered the Royal Palace .

Aslina introduced Ryder to the King and explained everything that happened after she was kidnapped . She also said about how bravely Ryder fought the kidnapper to save her life .

"Amazing . Thank you, brave hero, for saving my daughter," The King thanked Ryder wholeheartedly .

"Please don't embarrass me by thanking me, Your Majesty," Ryder replied with a smile .

"Father, there is one more thing that I need to tell you," Aslina said as she lowered her head .

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" What thing? You know you can tell us everything," The King let out as he looked at Aslina .

"I love him," Aslina declared as she held Ryder's hand in front of her Father .

"You do? Why are you so worried about that, though? You know that your marriage has always been my dream . I left the decision of your marriage in your hands, though, including the selection of the guy . If you have already selected a guy, what could be better than that," The King laughed wholeheartedly .

"It's even better that you found such a brave man who could keep you safe . I like your choice, little girl," the King said .

"Thank you, father," The Princess let out as she ran towards her father and hugged him tightly .

" Son-in-law, why are you standing there? Come," The King said to Ryder .

Ryder smiled innocently as he stepped forward and stood closer to the king .

The King held his hand .

"My little girl has given her heart to you . Please never break her heart . She's the most precious person to me in this whole world . Keep her happy," The King said to Ryder as he looked in his eyes .

"I'll keep her happy," Ryder said as he nodded his head .

"Good!" The King laughed happily . He looked towards the Eunuch, who was standing in the back, "Eunuch! Tell the servants to bring some good wine . I'll drink with my son-in-law today . "

The Eunuch left the Royal Hall and came back with the servants and the wines .

Ryder drank the wine with the King to keep him happy .  

" I'll talk to the Royal Priests about the date of the marriage . We'll get you guys married on that day," The King told Ryder .

Ryder nodded his head .

"I appreciate it, Your Majesty," Ryder replied .

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After the meeting and the drinking ceremony, the King told Aslina to show Ryder around the Palace and to keep him company .

Ryder and Aslina left the Royal hall .

"That went well," Aslina smiled as she held Ryder's hand .

"Yeah, that went really well," Ryder replied .

Aslina showed Ryder around the Palace, but in between the trip, Ryder informed her that he needed to leave for some time .

He told her that he would be back in a few weeks since he was in the middle of an important mission when he met Aslina .

"Can't you leave that mission? Stay in the Palace with us," Aslina told Ryder with an emotional look on her face .

"I'll be gone for a short time only . I'll be back before you even know it," Ryder told Aslina as he placed his hands on her cheeks .

"Promise?" Aslina asked Ryder as she looked in his eyes .

"I promise I'll be back . After I'm done with what I need to do, I'll even establish my guild here so that I won't ever need to leave the Tiara Kingdom and your side," Ryder told Aslina .

"Alright," Aslina nodded her head though she still looked sad .

"That's like my good girl," Ryder said as he gave a peck on her lips .

"I wanted to tell your father about it, but he looked so happy . I couldn't bring myself to tell him that I need to leave for a short time . Can you tell him that when you get time?" Ryder asked Aslina .

"I will," Aslina nodded her head . She hugged Ryder, "You can focus on your work without worrying about anything . "

Ryder bid his farewell and left the Royal Palace .

He stepped out of the Royal Kingdom and went back to the forest .

As he got to the forest, he saw Rale standing there . Rale had removed the mask, and he had changed his clothes back to his normal clothing .