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Published at 29th of December 2019 10:41:42 PM

Chapter 15

For just a moment Fang Cheng Ran was blindsided, then he recovered and smiled at Yang Wei . "Of course . "

"It may take awhile . "

"It is the duty of every man to wait for a lady, and it is my honour to wait for you . "

Yang Wei could not help but chuckle . "My mother drilled into me from an early age that men with silver tongues can't be trusted . "

"Then I'll use my actions to change her mind . "

He took Yang Wei to a famous downtown hair salon, and looking at the front of the shop, Yang Wei raised her eyebrows a little . "Isn't this salon for members only?"

A smug smile on his lips, Fang Cheng Ran reassured her, "Don’t worry, my sister is a senior member here . "

At this very moment, his sister, far away abroad, received a confirmation email from her hair salon . She huffed a breath from one corner of her mouth and verified it, her heart sure that it must be from Fang Cheng Ran, that brat, leading some poor girl astray again .

Under the guidance of a stylist, Yang Wei sat down in front of a mirror . The stylist's elegant hands gently stroked her hair . "Did you have a particular hairstyle in mind? A short cut?"

Thinking for a moment, Yang Wei told them, "Please cut it short, then dye it black and straighten it . Thank you . "

"Sounds good . "

While Yang Wei was getting her hair done, Fang Cheng Ran sat on the sofa, reading magazines . Outside the glass windows of the shop, the sky slowly darkened, yet there was no sign of impatience on his face . .

As Yang Wei watched him in the mirror, she felt her nose suddenly become a little sour . Qi Xiao Yan had never even had the patience to be her model, yet this man was willing to sit here, waiting for her for hours .

And hungry, at that .

The stylist finished up Yang Wei’s hair by blowing it dry . “What do you think?”

“Well . . . ” Yang Wei looked at herself in the mirror, feeling uneasy at the drastic change . “It’s quite pretty . "

Her straight, black hair brushed her shoulders . The fall of her hair was excellently done, and the parting had been changed . It was a classically lovely style .

And no one would ever say again that she looked like Song Jin .

Using a cylinder brush to add a few finishing touches, the stylist smiled . "It's pretty because you are . "

Yang Wei looked up at him . "Even if you flatter me like that, I won't tip you extra . "

"Of course you don't have to . It's the duty of men to praise women . " At some point, Fang Cheng Ran had come over, and he smiled at Yang Wei in the mirror . Bending down, he handed her a teal blue card . "This membership card has been filled with money so that you can come back at any time . Just tell them your phone number to use it . "

Yang Wei was a little taken aback . "I can't accept this . ”

Fang Cheng Ran looked at her in amusement . “It’s hardly a credit card . Don't be afraid to accept it . ”

“Um . . . how much money is inside? I'll pay you back . ”

Fang Cheng Ran said, quite deliberately, "Must you treat me so distantly?"

Yang Wei hesitated . The hairdresser next to her smiled at her and said, "It's also a man's duty to pay for a lady . "

Yang Wei glanced at them with a smile, and finally accepted the card in Fang Cheng Ran’s hand .

Upon returning to the car, Fang Cheng Ran tapped his long index finger on the steering wheel . "It's getting late and eating something too greasy right now wouldn't be the best idea . I know a fresh mushroom shop . Why don't we go have some soup?”

Her brow furrowed, Yang Wei suddenly turned to look at him . "Fang Cheng Ran, I am divorced . "

Fang Cheng Ran's movements suddenly stilled, and even the air around them seemed to stagnate briefly . He was silent awhile before replying, "I know . I heard Hao Hao mention it . "

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Liang Ming Hao? Yang Wei frowned, doubtful . How had he known that she was divorced? Had he heard it from another teacher?

She wet her lips . "And do you mind?"

Fang Cheng Ran squinted at her, then chuckled . "I don't mind having put off coming back here last year . "

Yang Wei again wet her lips and lowered her head, saying nothing .

After a while, Fang Cheng Ran’s low voice could be heard from beside her . “He's a university professor?”

“Mmhmm . ”

“Why did you divorce?”

“It was nothing much . I was too naive before marriage, and after getting married, we fought all the time . "

Fang Cheng Ran fell silent, then turned his head to look at her . "Actually, I've had a girlfriend before . "

Yang Wei shot him a look . She knew it! "How many girlfriends have you had?"

" . . . . . . about three five seven . "

Yang Wei smiled and smacked him on the shoulder . "Not bad at all!"

He conveniently caught her hand, placing it on his heart . "But I promise that if you wish it, you'll be my last girlfriend, and in the future, my only wife . "

The words that fell from his lips were the sweet nothings of every girl's dream, words that Qi Xiao Yan had never once uttered .

Yang Wei couldn't help but admit that she was tempted for a moment . Looking up at Fang Cheng Ran, she slowly pulled back her hand . "Fang Cheng Ran, I'm still . . . "

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"I get it . No need to answer me just yet," Fang Cheng Ran smiled back, starting the car . "Now, let's first have dinner . "

Dinner was fresh mushroom soup, and afterward Fang Cheng Ran sent Yang Wei back home . Regret in his voice, he told her, "I can't take you out to see a movie today, but next time I'll buy our tickets in advance . "

Yang Wei blinked, then told him, "I have night classes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays . "

Fang Cheng Ran smiled, his head lowered . "I'll remember that . Good night, Teacher Yang . "

"Good night . "

As she exited the car, Fang Cheng Ran leaned toward the window . "Oh, and before I forget, your new hairstyle is lovely . "

Yang Wei laughed, waved at him, and ran into the apartment .

Upon arriving home, Yang Wei changed into slippers and padded into the living room . The photo frame next to the TV cabinet jumped out at her immediately . Throwing her handbag on the sofa, she walked over to stare at it .

She had to admit that Qi Xiao Yan was incredibly good-looking . He could make even a simple shirt look sexy . From the curve of his brows, the tilt of his eyes, the high bridge of his nose, the line of his lips . . . it seemed as though everything had been precisely calculated and carefully placed, the type of beauty Yang Wei liked the most . His resting expression was so spare that his occasional smiles were even more charming for their rarity .


Yang Wei slapped the photo frame face down on the table . Still trying to seduce me? No way!

After turning every single photo in the living room facedown, she walked into the bedroom . The large wedding photo there contained an enlarged version of Qi Xiao Yan's smiling face . Yang Wei flattened her mouth, found a black marker from the drawer, and moved a stool closer so she could stand on it .

Here, a moustache! And black stripes on your eyes, haha, and then a few sesame seeds . . . By the time she finished her art work, she was in stitches at her own graffiti .

Grabbing her pajamas, she went to the bathroom for a shower . Finding that Yang Hao had sent her a text message while she was showering, she flopped down on the bed and opened it--

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"Elder sister, it really worked! That girl hasn't appeared for the past two days!"

Yang Wei stared at the text message for a while before replying . "Is a first love really so important to a man?"

Her brother replied, "First love for a man is like a dream from which we never want to wake up . :)"

The corners of Yang Wei's mouth flattened . A dream? Throwing the phone aside, she got up and turned her computer on . On the Cape Forum, she added a post to the emotions section .

"What does first love mean to a man? I'll be waiting online, it's urgent . "

After refreshing the page several times, a few responses finally popped up .

"A first love is beautified in a man's memory . No one can surpass it . "

"Like an apple blossom, at the age of seventeen or eighteen, I met you, the most beautiful, at the most beautiful time . "

"My first love is now my wife, and my life is complete ~"

"First love is the cinnabar mole that can never be wiped from a man's heart . " 1

. . .

It seems like first love was very important to men .

Yang Wei turned off her computer and huddled under the covers .

Alas, her first love was Qi Xiao Yan .

She suppressed a sigh and forced away the tears that sprang to her eyes .

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