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Published at 19th of January 2020 04:25:17 PM

Chapter 17

Upon closing her Weibo, Yang Wei decided to throw a few online coins at <Guard Against Marriage> . The novel had recently come to an end, and she intended to celebrate by purchasing the finale for this dog-blood dripping novel .

Only after logging in did she discover that the author had updated an entire 110,000 characters within the last three days! So this was what the hand speed of a Great God reaching their final destination was like! No wonder <Guard Against Marriage> proudly held fast to its seat upon the top ranking spot .

Seeing the long list of readers casting gold the author's way, Yang Wei suddenly felt a little embarrassed to be using mere bronze and threw out a few silver . Afterward, she took in a deep breath and heroically clicked on the last chapter, reminding herself in her heart to remain calm regardless of what might happen .

"At long last, we have complete possession of each other, down to each other's last breath .

My beloved,

I will bury you myself, underground .

Underground .

Under .

Ground . "

Yang Wei: " . . . . . . "

It was like a Hollywood blockbuster in its imagery and impact . Yang Wei sighed in admiration - Great God, was your master Wen Rui'an?!1 Also, did this mean that the two protagonists would continue to wreck havoc in the afterlife?!

. . . Could you at least let the dead rest in peace?

However, this time she left no comments . Instead, she closed out the app and took a nap .

The first class of the afternoon was physical education . As each student arrived, they headed directly to the field, so she didn't bother checking the classroom .

Sitting in her position, she leafed through the freshly handed in assignments from the previous class . She had to admit that Liang Ming Hao's work stood out among the other elementary school student paintings . He had the basic sketching skills down, handled the relationship between light and shadow well, and displayed the unique imagination of a young student in his overall composition .

Although his grades were not exemplary, his family was obviously still willing to enroll him in art class, which was quite open-minded of them . Most parents preferred their child to attend tutoring for subjects such as math, instead of art .

Personally, Yang Wei applauded his parents' decision . She felt that children should not be placed under great pressure so young, lest they turn into nutcases such as Qi Xiao Yan upon reaching adulthood . 2

They had once discussed the upbringing of a possible future child . She had assumed that he would be a harsh and severe educator - though their child might not be admitted to college at the age of fourteen, like its father, surely there would be an expectation that they would enter by the age of fifteen . Qi Xiao Yan had only looked flatly at her and said, "The genes of both parents should be taken into account when planning the future of a child . "

Although he had often complained when Yang Wei did not understand the things he said, she was quite clear on when he was dissing her .

Thus, she had promptly hit him in the face with the cushion she was sitting on .

Although they had been married for a year, they had agreed to put off having children for a while due to her relative youth . But now, they might never have any children in this lifetime .

Flattening her lips, Yang Wei continued correcting the graffiti in her lap .

At that very moment, the sports department representative rushed in, face flushed . "Teacher, Teacher Yang! Lin Shi and Zhang Jingyi got into a fight!"

Yang Wei felt her mouth twitch a little . Wasn't fighting usually the domain of little boys? Why were Lin Shi and Zhang Jingyi coming to blows?

She followed the representative to the field where the students were doing a relay race . Only Lin Shi and Zhang Jingyi were singled out from the group, standing under the tree to be disciplined .

Just by looking at their mutinous faces one could tell that they were both still unwilling to concede .

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"What's going on here?" Yang Wei walked over .

Though the PE teacher was a little stunned upon first sight of her, she smiled wryly and elaborated, "We're having a sports meet soon, so I'm organizing a practice for the relay race . Both these two want to be the ones to take the baton from Liang Ming Hao, and it devolved into a quarrel . ”

Yang Wei: “ . . . ”

Goodness, primary school students nowadays just couldn't be underestimated . A love triangle already at such a young age?!

She sent a scathing glance toward the source of calamity not far away, who, seeing her looking over, waved back happily . Yang Wei rolled her eyes mentally, then smiled at the PE teacher . "I'll take care of them . Please continue with your lesson . "

"I'll see you later, then . . . " The physical education teacher took two steps before turning back . "By the way, your class's He Can returned to the classroom early after roll call . She's been doing this all semester . "

Yang Wei frowned . "I know . I'll check in with her about her situation . "

"Great . " As she walked away, the PE teacher added, "Also, Teacher Yang, your new hairstyle looks fantastic . "

Yang Wei laughed, then looked down at the two girls before her . "Who started this fight?"

"Her! She hit me first, I just fought back!" Lin Shi pointed at Zhang Jingyi, making her accusation in a near scream . Zhang Jingyi glared at her, unconvinced, and retorted even louder, "You were the one who said I was ugly first!"

"You called my nose flat!"

"When did I say your nose was flat?!"

"You did! And you said Liang Hao Ming likes you, not me!"

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"Well, he doesn't! The last time he brought fruit candy to school, he gave it to me!"

"He asked me to eat candied haw with him, and that's way more expensive than your stupid fruit candy!”

“Was not! That fruit candy was imported!”

Yang Wei: “ . . . ”

She took a few deep breaths and tamped down the urge to swear . "First tell me, what do you like about Liang Ming Hao?"

In unison, both girls answered, "He's cute!"

Yang Wei: " . . . "

Shouldn't primary school kids be admiring whoever was most accomplished among themselves? Since when did they start looking at faces?!

Keeping a smile on her face, she hollered toward the playground, "Liang Ming Hao, get over here!"

Liang Ming Hao came trotting up . "What is it, Teacher Yang?"

Yang Wei hooked her lips into a smile . "These two girls just fought over you . Do you have anything to add?"

Liang Ming Hao felt a cold shudder go down his back from looking at her smile . He thought fast, then replied, "Fighting is no good . Students should care for each other and help one another instead using our fists . Fighting can neither solve problems nor unite us, so it should be criticized severely . Also, I don't like rude girls . "

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Yang Wei threw him a 'right on track' look and patted his head with a little smile . "Well said . " Especially that last finishing touch .

Liang Ming Hao smiled, embarrassed . Yang Wei looked back at the two girls and asked, "After hearing what he just said, do you two have any thoughts on the matter?"

Zhang Jingyi sniffled, her eyes red . "Teacher Yang, I was wrong . I shouldn't have hit her . ”

Lin Shi wept alongside . “I shouldn’t have called Zhang Jingyi ugly . She actually isn't ugly at all . ”

Yang Wei nodded in satisfaction . "Being aware of your own mistakes and able to correct them is the mark of a good student . I won't tell your parents about today's incident, but the two of you will have to write an 800-word essay for me . Now, shake hands and make peace with each other . "

The two appeared reluctant, and Yang Wei's smile grew a little dangerous . Seeing that, they quickly shook hands .

Yang Wei nodded in relief, then added in an aside to Liang Ming Hao, "You seem like handing out candy . Tomorrow, you're to bring a jar of fruit candy and hand one out to every single one of your classmates . "

Liang Ming Hao: " . . . "

He tried so hard just now! Why not have a little pity and let him off?

After Liang Ming Hao left the scene, Yang Wei pulled out a pack of tissues to help the two girls wipe their tears and whispered comfortingly, "Girls should learn to love themselves . Even if Liang Ming Hao doesn't like you, cherish yourself . Don't you think it's a little silly to hurt others and yourself over a boy who doesn't even like you?"

The two girls nodded in silence . Dappled sunlight fell on them, like sparkling diamond . Suddenly, Zhang Jingyi looked at Lin Shi and offered, "I'll treat you to candied haw after school today!"

Lin Shi responded eagerly, "My family has some imported candy at home . I'll bring some for you tomorrow!"

Smiling at each other, the two girls walked away hand in hand, and Yang Wei seemed to somehow see a white lily flower blooming quietly behind them .

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