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Published at 25th of March 2020 02:10:53 PM

Chapter 30

Yang Wei examined the paper, then said to Teacher Luo, "I'll check with Liang Ming Hao . "

"Oh, good . " Teacher Luo nodded and smiled . "By the way, Teacher Yang, you look very lovely today . "

Yang Wei laughed, put Liang Ming Hao's test on her desk, then turned and walked out of the office . In the classroom, the Chinese representative was leading everyone in the reading of a text . Yang Wei went in through the back door and knocked on Liang Ming Hao’s desk . “You, come to the office with me . ”

The boy’s heart thudded . Had he done something recently to warrant a parent-teacher conference? Was his red scarf too casual? He followed Yang Wei into the office, trembling uneasily . She sat down, looked up at him, and asked, "Who signed your mathematics paper?"

Liang Ming Hao paused, then said honestly, "My uncle . "

"Your uncle, is it?" Yang Wei smiled . "Your uncle named 'Octopus Ball'1? You're sure it's not 'Dorayaki'?"

Liang Ming Hao: " . . . "

He lowered his head and took a look at the math paper on the table . The two words "Octopus Ball" blinded his eyes .

A deep sense of powerlessness welled up inside Liang Ming Hao's heart . How could his uncle have been so stupid!

He snuffled and looked deeply introspective . "I'm sorry, Teacher Yang . I was wrong . I did so badly on the exam that I didn't dare take it home to sign . I ran across someone holding a signing ceremony and I had him sign the paper for me . "

Yang Wei: " . . . "

This little friend was putting up quite a fight for his uncle .

"Teacher Yang, I have realized my mistakes from the bottom of my heart . I will take the paper home and ask my uncle to sign it again . "

He picked up the paper and attempted to leave . She snatched the paper out of his hand and smiled at him . "This is quite serious . I may have to contact your mother abroad . "

Liang Ming Hao: " . . . "

Sorry uncle . I can only help you this far .

Back in the classroom, holding his test paper, Liang Ming Hao took out his mobile phone and sent his uncle a text message . "To my stupid silly uncle: Good job dropping the ball ^ _ ^"

When first period was over, he received a reply from Fang Cheng Ran . "What?"

Liang Ming Hao sent a photo of his paper's signature . Ten seconds later . . .

Uncle:  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Liang Ming Hao: o(n_n)o~


As Yang Wei was preparing for her next class, the phone on the table vibrated . Caller ID showed that it was Fang Cheng Ran . She blinked, picked up and walked to the window . "Fang Cheng Ran, what's up?"

"Err . . . . . . If I told you I was a huge fan of Octopus Ball, so I imitate his signature, would you believe it?"

Yang Wei cocked her head . "If it makes you feel better . "

Fang Cheng Ran: " . . . "

He was silent for a while before telling her, "I'm sorry . I didn't mean to deceive you . My family looks down on writing novels; they feel it isn't a proper job . I was afraid you'd think the same, so I pretended to work in a hotel . "

"Why would I think so? You haven't stolen or robbed . You rely on your own labor to make money, which is much better than being a rich second generation, eating and playing while sitting idle . Besides, being a writer isn't a profession just anyone can do . ”

Fang Cheng Ran was overjoyed . “Do you really think so?”

Yang Wei shrugged, “I don't have the time to spare on cheering you up . ”

He laughed . Then she added, "But why didn't you tell me that you were working at the hotel while writing novels on the side?"

Fang Cheng Ran: " . . . "

He . . . hadn't thought of that .

Coughing drily, he asked in a suave tone, "Could I invite you out to dinner this evening?"

"I've been busy painting recently . Maybe next time . "

Though somewhat disappointed, he said, "Next time, then . I'll ask again . "

Yang Wei replied, then hung up and continued to work on her lesson . When the current class was over, Teacher Dai stormed into the office with Gu Lei trailing behind her . Yang Wei whimpered a little in her heart . Teacher Dai was surely about to blow her top again, and here she was, unable to flee .

Sure enough, Teacher Dai came over and slammed an exercise book onto Yang Wei’s desk . "Teacher Yang, please do something about your class's Gu Lei! I dictated twenty words in the last lesson, and he got fifteen of them wrong! Fifteen! And they were all so incredibly wrong! I heard that he got full marks on the last math test, so it doesn't look like he's stupid . Is there a problem with how I teach Chinese?!"

Yang Wei silently turned to look at Gu Lei . He was looking back at her, his little eyes accused and wronged . Yang Wei licked her lips and picked up the exercise book on the table . The answers were truly creative .

She put down the exercise book and smiled at Teacher Dai . "Come now, Teacher Dai, don't you currently have another class to teach soon? Leave Gu Lei to me to educate . "

Teacher Yao, English textbooks in hand, chipped in helpfully . "Yeah, Gu Lei probably isn't doing it because of you . The same thing happened with the English words I dictated last time, too . "

Gu Lei: " . . . "

Thank you, Teacher Yao .

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Teacher Dai said a more few words to Gu Lei before leaving . When the class bell rang, Gu Lei was left in the office to receive a different education .

Yang Wei looked at him . "As Teacher Dai said, you're able to take full marks in mathematics . Surely literature can't be that dissimilar . "

"Teacher Yang, don't you think Chinese is so much harder than math?"

"No, I haven't thought so . "

Gu Lei gave her an earnest analysis . "Chinese vocabulary is too complicated! There's emotional sentiments, being complimentary, being derogatory, implying things, being metaphorical . . .  it's all the same word! Yet there's five or six different meanings depending on the context! How do we even speak?!"

Yang Wei: " . . . "

She couldn't say anything to refute him .

"But mathematics is poles apart . Every question has its rules and every step has its principles, just like a stern gentleman . "

Yang Wei: " . . . "

They said his language skills were poor, but his use of metaphor was quite skillful .

"Teacher Yang, from an artistic point of view, don't you think mathematics is beautiful?"

"Not at all," Yang Wei said firmly .  And what kind of art have you been looking at, you little primary school student?

"Aii . " Having failed to talk sense into Yang Wei, Gu Lei felt very sorry for himself . "Since your husband was a math professor, I thought you'd fully understand the beauty of mathematics . "

. . .

Yang Wei looked at him, a wide smile on her face . "Boys who study mathematics never find wives . "

Gu Lei: " . . . "

What a serious threat .

Math teacher Luo, currently teaching in the classroom, suddenly felt a pain in his knee .

Yang Wei returned the exercise book to Gu Lei . "Copy your wrong words twenty times each, then write an essay of no less than three hundred words . Give it to Teacher Dai before tomorrow morning's self-study . "

Gu Lei: " . . . "


In Imperial City University, Qi Xiao Yan remained in the classroom to answer a girl's questions . She had been watching him secretly . He pushed the notebook back to her, fingertips on a certain point . "Show me this step again . "

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The abstruse, esoteric mathematical symbols and theorems hurt her head . She blinked large, limpid eyes at him . "Professor, I still don't get it . Please explain it to me again . "

Qi Xiao Yan closed the notebook, packed up his things and left the classroom . "You'd better transfer that IQ to another department . "

Student: " . . . "

Her two friends sitting in the last row laughed their heads off mercilessly . One of them told her, "I told you this move wouldn't work . You should try being first in the grade, soaking yourself in study every day, and pledging to be admitted into graduate school as Professor Qi's grad student . ”

The first girl stuffed her notebook into her bag and snorted, “As if! You've seen for yourself what Professor Qi's three graduate students have been tortured into . ”

“But they get to talk to him all the time . They get to receive his individual tutoring . "

The two words 'individual tutoring' made the previous girl's mind wander for a moment . Then she heard the other say, "But Professor Qi's pretty much already completely denied your IQ . According to his criteria for picking students, you'd have to be completely reborn . "

" . . . Go to hell!"

While those girls were playing around, Qi Xiao Yan had already left the school building . The cast and crew of <Green Time> was currently filming on the campus, and Song Jin spotted him as he emerged . Their gazes happened to collide, but when he saw her, he simply turned away and walked right past them, no expression on his face . Song Jin frowned a little, then called toward the director, "Sorry . Could we retake?"


When Yang Wei got off work, she was following the crowd out the school gate when a white car parked on the side of the road suddenly honked at her . She made her way around it, and as a result, the honking resounded even more vigorously .

Yang Wei glanced back . The white car slowly glided forward, stopping at her side . When the window in the back seat slowly wound down, a pair of burgundy sunglasses appeared before her eyes . Yang Wei’s forehead wrinkled . It wasn't like she had never been stopped aggressively by anyone before, but it was the first time this had happened with a woman – and one that could normally only be seen on TV, at that .

Song Jin looked her in the eye and asked flatly, "Teacher Yang, can we talk?" Yang Wei involuntarily fumbled with the hanging ornaments on her bag . If this had been any other star, she would have been excited regardless of whether or not she was their fan . Alas, it was Song Jin . To have found her at the school, she must have been investigated . Yang Wei forced a smile . "I'm sorry, may I ask which student you're the parent of?"

Song Jin was taken aback for a moment . "I am Song Jin, Qi Xiao Yan’s junior from school . ”

Yang Wei nodded . “Oh, so you're not a parent . We should have nothing to discuss, then . ” She continued forward after having said that, but Song Jin's car followed not far behind .

"Teacher Yang, please get on . We can talk in the car, and it won't take up too much time . "

"I'm afraid I have nothing to say to you . "

"But I have something to say to you . Please get in the car . "

Yang Wei looked back at her, then went to the other side of the car, opened the door, and sat down . "Whatever you have to say, just say it . "

Song Jin took off her sunglasses and pinned her gaze on her . "Miss Yang, since you have already divorced Qi Xiao Yan, I hope that you will stop pestering him . "

Turning around, Yang Wei gave her a look of ridicule . "Miss Song, have you filmed too many dramas? Are you going to give me a check to stay away from your son next? Well, if you dare give it, I'll take it . Using your money to repair the city roads can be my contribution to society . "

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Song Yan's delicate eyebrows furrowed . After a while, she said, "I really don't understand how Qi Xiao Yan can like someone like you . "

"It's because you don't understand that he doesn't like you . "

Song Jin pursed her lips . "I didn't come here today to quarrel with you, Miss Yang . Perhaps you weren't aware, but Qi Xiao Yan and I were having dinner that night at my place when you suddenly called him away . I can understand that you might have encountered trouble, but Qi Xiao Yan no longer has anything to do with you . So why do you continue to bother him?"

Yang Wei frowned . Looking the other woman in the eye, she said, "If Qi Xiao Yan thinks I'm troublesome, then he is welcome to tell me that himself . That, I would completely understand, but who are you, Miss Song, to make such remarks?"

Sung Jin looked back at her, one side of her mouth pulled up into a little smile . "Though you are also a teacher, Miss Yang, the fact that you two have divorced shows that there are some problems between you . I think you, too, understand that Qi Xiao Yan is a genius . Someone like yourself is hardly suitable to stand by his side . I, however, am different from you . At the age of sixteen, I was admitted to the Department of Mathematics in the Imperial City University with excellent results . Together, we have proved many mathematical propositions . I can put forward opinions on his papers, and we have much in common to talk about . What can you talk to him about? Picasso? Da Vinci?"

Yang Wei endured the tens of thousands of beasts pounding by, and in a smooth and steady tone, replied, "You are right . In the field of mathematics, you do much better than I . Even if the conversation is about Goldbach, you can speak with great interest . " She paused here, and smiled at Song Jin . "But Qi Xiao Yan is searching for a wife, not a student . "

Having said her piece, she left without caring about Song Jin's reaction . All the way from school to home, she cursed Qi Xiao Yan a hundred times in her heart .

She couldn't shake it even after having rolled around the sofa twice . Picking up her phone, she sent a text to Qi Xiao Yan .

He was writing a paper at that moment, but when he heard the phone vibrate, he opened it to check .

Darling: (*·w·)8<╰ひ╯

Qi Xiao Yan: " . . . "

Having sent out a harassing text message, Yang Wei went to the kitchen to make herself noodles . After having dealt with Song Jin, she no longer even felt like making a simple stirfry . When the noodles were cooked, she checked her phone . There was a new text message .

Curly-bae:  . . . Are you sure?

Yang Wei smiled at the phone . Professor Qi had actually understood the meaning of that emoji!2

She did not intend on giving him a reply, and simply began eating noodles . After a while, her phone rang . She stared for a while at the screen, then answered . "What?"

"What's wrong with you?"

Yang Wei rolled up her noodles in her chopsticks and blew on them . "Nothing's wrong with me, but I've got to apologize to you . If I'd known that you were at Song Jin's house that night, I would never have called you . ”

Qi Xiao Yan's brow furrowed all of a sudden . “Song Jin went to find you?”

“Indeed . She seems to have been quite angry with me for destroying your good deeds . "

His fingers tightening on the phone, he explained urgently, "Nothing happened . That night we just had a simple meal . "

"Ha ha, well, you'd better explain that to her .  I don't want to see her ever again . That's all . Goodbye, Mr . Qi . " She hung up .

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