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Published at 2nd of May 2020 04:25:06 PM

Chapter 41

Yang Wei covered her eyes and swiftly caught his hand before it could go any further . "Can you change in the bathroom?"

Qi Xiao Yan looked up . "Does it make a difference?"

"Of course it does!" Changing right here would be far too exciting for a pregnant woman!

He took the jeans into the bathroom without complaint . When he came out again, he was naked from the waist up . Below, he wore low-rise jeans, the edges of his underwear almost showing above .

Yang Wei coughed uneasily and threw him the white shirt he had just taken off . "Put this on, but don't button it up . "

Qi Xiao Yan did as he was told . Yang Wei had him lean against the wall . "Yes, that's it . Raise your head a little, left hand up on your forehead, and fingers in your hair . Great, relax a little . That's good . Now don't move, wait, put your right hand in your pocket . . . actually, forget it, do as you like . "

Yang Wei squinted at him for a moment, pen and paper in her hand . Then she went into the bathroom . When she came out, she used her fingers to sprinkle water onto his hair and face .

Qi Xiao Yan: " . . . "

"That is perfect . Stay still, don't move . " Yang Wei watched drops of water slide down his chin, and hastily lifted up her pen to draw . "Tilt your head a bit more, hold it! Let your eyes go a bit unfocused . . . "

Yang Wei had heard that if a woman saw lovely things during her pregnancy, the child she gave birth too would be equally lovely . She would have liked to take advantage of this opportunity to appreciate Qi Xiao Yan's beauty a little longer, but the pose was obviously a little difficult to hold . If she drew for too long, Professor Qi might burst a blood vessel, so she had to keep her sketch to five minutes .

When she told him she was done, Qi Xiao Yan gave her a look of surprise . "Finished so soon?"

"It's just a sketch . Are you tired?" Yang Wei said, handing over her sketch . "What do you think? Handsome? The lighting isn't great, but the muscles didn't need to be too refined . ”

Qi Xiao Yan took the sketch and looked it over . Then he turned to look at her . “You are very skilled at drawing me . ”

Yang Wei was dazed for a moment, then stared at him with wide eyes . "Are you being smug?"

He put down the sketch and leaned close suddenly . "Since my clothes are off, why don't we do something else too?"

Before she could give him her refusal, she had already been swept up and taken to bed . Qi Xiao Yan laid her down and pressed her down . Her heart thumped violently; his gaze was like a magnetic force, locking her down tightly and not allowing her to turn away .

They were so close together that they were almost kissing .

Yang Wei was so nervous that she almost stopped breathing . Though they had had sex the last time, she had been drunk then . It had been a long time since she had been in such an ambiguous position with Qi Xiao Yan while she was still completely sober .

He gazed at her intently, his eyes pulling hers to him . Ever so slowly, he raised his right hand and stroked a wisp of hair back from the side of her face, tucking it behind her ear . Yang Wei could almost hear the sound of his shirt cuff sliding against her skin .

As his pale, thin lips came closer and closer, she shrank back and closed her eyes .

His lips were soft and warm . The kiss was neither sizzling nor ferocious, but instead leisurely, as if slowly savouring a delicious meal . Very soon, Yang Wei was absorbed into his world, gradually relaxing .

Qi Xiao Yan kissed her for a long time, over and over, continually tasting her as if tireless . The hand that had been on her waist finally became restless, slipping inward along the hem of her clothes . Her whole body felt soft, and her breathing fast . It wasn't until she noticed that his hand had found its way between her legs that she awoke and pushed away the man nibbling on the side of her neck . "Curly-bae, stop . . . ”

He frowned, then pulled back his hand and looked up at her, obviously dissatisfied . "Why?"

Yang Wei bit her lip . "Nothing . It's just that . . . . . . I don't want to do it . . . "

Qi Xiao Yan: " . . . "

Woman were so willful . Always saying that no, they didn't want to do it, not caring about whether the man lives or dies .

"Darling . . . " He buried his head in Yang Wei's neck, his tone like that of a spoiled child .

However, the person in the most pain right then had to have been Yang Wei .

Who said that she didn't want to do it?! She really wanted to push him down! This could only be cruel abuse! But she couldn't, and not only could she not, but she also had to say, against her will, that she didn't want to do it!

"Didn't we buy condoms last time? Did you throw them away?" Qi Xiao Yan's voice was stuffy, and he was still lying on top of her, unwilling to rise .

"It's not because of that . . . " Yang Wei muttered in a low voice . "In short, I'm sorry . . . "

Qi Xiao Yan rolled over to lie beside her, one arm over his forehead . "If you're really sorry, then let's continue . "

Yang Wei: " . . . "

She knew Professor Qi hadn't been loafing about here today purely out of kindness .

"It's getting late . Perhaps you should head home . "

Qi Xiao Yan glared at her grumpily . "How do you expect me to go back like this?"

Yang Wei's gaze inadvertently flicked to his lower body, and her cheeks burned . "You could take a shower . "

Qi Xiao Yan: " . . . "

He really did take a shower, but afterward he didn't put his clothes back on, instead lying down beside her . Yang Wei shrank back, wrapping herself up in the quilt . "What are you doing in here?"

"Sleeping, of course . " Qi Xiao Yan glanced her way, his well-formed eyebrows furrowing into a frown . "What are you doing sleeping so far away? Sleep close to me . "

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Yang Wei's mouth twitched . Mr . Qi seemed to have no consciousness of the fact that they were divorced . Well, her own consciousness of it also seemed to be getting weaker and weaker .

She moved to his side, and he very conveniently pulled her into his arms, taking a few deep breaths of her hair . Yang Wei couldn't help but laugh, "Curly-bae, you seem to be quite hungry and thirsty . "

"Are you planning on sacrificing yourself?"

"Have your five girls1 do it . "

Qi Xiao Yan: " . . . . . . "

As punishment, he bit her on the lip . Suffering from the pain, Yang Wei glared at him and said, "See who cuddles you in bed tonight!"

Qi Xiao Yan smiled and locked her into his arms . "Be good, darling, don't mess around, or you'll bear the consequences . "

Yang Wei: " . . . "

It was an effective threat . Yang Wei slept soundly through the night, and woke up still cuddled in Qi Xiao Yan's embrace . He looked to still be asleep . Raising her eyes to his sleeping face, Yang Wei quietly raised the corners of her mouth in a smile . This man was the father of the little steamed bun in her womb .

"Do you know what you're suggesting by looking at my face in the morning and grinning?" She hadn't noticed him waking at all, but a pair of ink-black eyes were watching her .

Suddenly becoming nervous, Yang Wei attempted to worm out from under his arm . "Who was watching you and grinning? Mr . Qi, I think that recently you've been thinking more and more highly of yourself . "

Qi Xiao Yan raised an eyebrow . "Mrs . Qi, it excites me whenever I hear you call me Mr . Qi . " He kissed her . Yang Wei howled in her heart . You cursed Qi Gou Dan2! You just wanted to be excited! No matter what I said, you would still have been excited!

When Qi Xiao Yan had had his fill of kissing, he buried his head next to Yang Wei’s ear, his breathing still harsh, and whispered, “Darling, do you want to do it now?”

Yang Wei: " . . . "

As it turns out, Professor Qi had not yet given up . She pushed him away and went straight to the bathroom, leaving Qi Gou Dan on the bed, as lonely as white snow .

When she got out, Qi Xiao Yan was already making breakfast in the kitchen . Glancing toward the door, she took a watering can and began watering the flowers on the balcony .

During the meal, she worried the whole time about Qi Xiao Yan suspecting something if she began throwing it back up, but for whatever unknown reason she had no feeling of nausea that day .

"I'm seeing a lot of lemons in the refrigerator . Have you been really into lemons recently?" Qi Xiao Yan asked, spreading a little jam on his bread . Yang Wei choked on the lemonade in her mouth, coughing . "Ah, I bought some sparkling water, and it adds vitamin C . It's refreshing, too . "

He nodded and said nothing . After breakfast, Qi Xiao Yan told her that he had to go back to write a thesis and left, leaving Yang Wei feeling greatly relieved . She took a small pill bottle from her handbag and poured herself a glass of water so she could take her folic acid tablets .

She was often fatigued recently . Yawning, Yang Wei made up her mind to take a nap . She woke to a call from Fang Cheng Ran . His voice was a little nervous, just like a little boy who had made a mistake in her class . “Um . . . It’s been a week . Are you still angry?”

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“No, but did you solve your problems?"

Fang Cheng Ran sighed . "The website didn't come after me, but some fans are saying that they cannot accept romance written by a man, and are even posting negative reviews . "

"That sounds terrible . "

"It doesn't matter . Many great gods have two or three alt accounts, and just changing one's appearance can make you a hero . "

Yang Wei laughed . Seemingly relieved, Fang Cheng Ran asked, "Are you free this evening? I'll make amends by treating you to dinner . ”

Pausing, Yang Wei said seriously, “Fang Cheng Ran, I have decided to be with Qi Xiao Yan . ”

On the other side, the hand holding the mobile phone tightened . He was silent for a long time before asking, “And would you like to marry him again?”

“Yeah . ”

“Have you considered it carefully? After all, you've divorced once, and the same problems will likely come up again in the future . "

Yang Wei thought for a moment . "You are right . That's why I haven't told him yet . I want us to give each other a little more time . When we both grow to the point that we have enough confidence to make this marriage work, then divorce will no longer be so easily mentioned . But I figured that first I should let you know . "

Fang Cheng Ran sighed . "I understand and respect your decision . I wish you every happiness . "

"Thank you . " Yang Wei felt a little bad . "You are an amazing man, and I know in the future you will find an equally wonderful girl . "

"Of course I will," Fang Cheng Ran laughed . "I'll leave you alone then . Goodbye . "

After crisply hanging up, he used the Wait for Three More Minutes account to post a Weibo -

Heart broken qaaaaaaaq

Fans: . . .

Great God, do you have any idea of the situation you're currently in?! Your whole family is mad at you! Could you not be so KY3 while still sailing at the edge of the storm? To hell with your broken heart!

A few who had made a made a special trip to Weibo just to blacken his name were completely at a loss for words .

Later on, someone who claimed to be part of the public relations department of an entertainment company complimented the way Wait for Three More Minutes had handled this public relations crisis as exemplary . Not only had he smoothly transferred attention to a different matter, but his cute tone and obvious misery had even won the sympathy of his older female readers . Out of ten, she awarded him 9 . 5 points .

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The remaining 0 . 5 was left as room for further improvement .


Yang Wei was no longer paying much attention to Weibo . Since she knew she was pregnant, she was attempting to avoid her phone as much as possible . . . ahhh, she didn't know how long she could hold on .

There was a drawing class that evening, and she decided to grade their homework ahead of schedule . It was the last lesson that day, and she wanted to know what levels everyone had achieved in their graduation project .

At the start of class, she pasted all the pieces into the drawing software . "I've been looking at your graduation projects . Many of you have improved quite a bit . Those who haven't yet handed in your graduation projects, please do so quickly . "

Then, with her graphics tablet, she began grading and revising each piece . "Classmate Future Mr . Perfect's piece is very well finished and has excellent composition . However, since your magician has a ball of magic in their hand, this also serves as a source of illumination . Two sources of light will affect the relationships between light and shadow . " While revising, she added, "When still mastering light, go for just a single light source . "

Future Mr . Perfect: Got it qwq

"Now, Classmate Cocoa . . . " Yang Wei looked at a girl in school uniform with a love letter and a shy face, "What does this painting have to do with magic?"

Cocoa: It's the magic of love~(^_^) -

Yang Wei: " . . . . . . "

"Alright . " Yang Wei corrected the body structure, then suggested "If you add a five pointed star necklace, she'll look more like a magical girl . In addition, your contrast could be stronger, and take note that there should be shade under the tree . "

She re-painted the shade, then turned to the next piece . "Classmate Nine Nine Eight painted a witch riding a broom, didn't you? But where is the broom?"

Nine Nine Eight: Invisible ~o(n_n)o~

Yang Wei: " . . . "

What was wrong with the students in this class?!

Future Mr . Perfect: Are these the legendary invisible wings? 2333333

Somewhat weakly, Yang Wei said, "If you didn't want to paint the broom, you could have drawn a witch who wasn't flying . . . " She added a broom with a few simple strokes, then some details to the witch's clothes .

Li Gou Dan: Teacher, I just handed in my homework :)

"Alright, let me take a look . " Yang Wei finished up Nine Nine Eight's homework and went to grab the newly uploaded assignments . Li Gou Dan's work had recently been uploaded, and the piece stunned Yang Wei .

Li Gou Dan's stick figure style was gone . Although it was still rather rough, the nose was a nose, and the ears were ears, and there were details in the hair . The background depicted a small garden . Although there were only a few blue roses in it, the composition was carefully designed and the whole piece harmonious . They had always been good at the relationship between light and shadow . In this painting, the contrast between light and dark had been meticulously strengthened according to her teachings, causing the subject to really pop .

But that wasn't the main point . The point was that the woman in the painting was her!

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