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Chapter 14

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7 months ago...

"Bolton, grey died. Report to the base now."

That was the message that his superior had passed onto him that afternoon 7 months ago.

On his way to his base, he kept thinking about the last conversation with him.

"I'm going to be a father," he said happily. Joy was seeping through every single one of his pores.

"That's great. I'm so happy for you buddy. You've been wanting this for a while now."

"I'm retiring after this last mission. Some quality family time is way overdue."

Gary Grey joined the airforce 10 years ago. He was an excellent man in every way. Due to our special positions, time spent with family, although short, was very meaningful.

The last mission he spoke off was a solo job. Who would have known that it'd be his last job? What was his pregnant wife to do? His family? The unborn child he never got to meet?

All of these thoughts swirled in my head. The mood was even more depressing when I walked into the room where the rest of my team was. I was the youngest member since I hadn't joined the military for very long.

These guys became my older brothers and mentors. I just lost a brother, and it hurt so damn much. Putting my loved ones through this was unimaginable, but I loved who I was now. I loved my job, I loved the action and the thrill. Would I be able to give it up?

I ended up taking over the job, and thankfully it was over in 3 weeks. I headed right home, and seeing my family again made all my tension dissolve into nothingness. Family dinner was lively, and I did my best to rein my emotions in.

"Should I let her know that am back?"

"I promised!"

"She's waiting..."

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I picked up my phone to let Claudia know I was back. She wanted to meet up, but I wasn't really sure how to face her.

After struggling with it the whole night, I made my decision.

I could not bear to get her involved.

The farther she was from me, that'd be one less person getting hurt when something happened to me.

Thankfully, I hadn't let my feelings known to her.

"Winnie, I'll just watch you from the background like I did 4 years ago."

"...But who was that guy all over my girl?"

"I hadn't even hugged her yet he had the nerves to?"

"Why was she laughing so happily with a man that wasn't me?"

"She wouldn't be cheating on me, right?"
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