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Chapter 25

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Right after dinner, the girls converged in Claudia's room. They discussed about what they had each been up to.

Seraphina, 19, was busy with college. She chose to major in Biology with a Chemistry minor. She was a senior so her work load was a bit much. She'd be off to graduate school in a year to major in Biochemistry. She was basically school crazy at this point.

Flora, 22, was preparing for her wedding. Frank the doctor had proposed to her on her birthday. They had had their own fair share of ups and downs. The wedding wasn't going to be something big. It was Flora's choice, and everybody respected that.

"So tell us how you've approached him," Flora said. They felt bad for her. Her path to love was a difficult one, and her man was even more difficult.

Claudia sighed heavily before narrating her story. Justin was definitely a military man through and through. His mind was difficult to read, and he also stood by his words. He drove her crazy day by day, but that had just strengthened her resolve to break him.

She had seen him on many occasions, but there were 3 notable meetings that they had. After receiving his locations from Kevin, she'd hurry over. Thankfully, he almost only went out in the evening, so there wasn't much collision with her work.

One time he was leaving a coffee shop. From the looks, it seemed like he had a meeting. She rode on her scooter, pinkie, and followed him as he walked on the sidewalks.


There was a flash of surprise on his face when he saw her.

"Let this big aunt take you out to eat."

Her voice was a tad high, placing both of them in the spotlight.

"Go away," he replied coldly.

"What would you like for dinner? Me or me?"

In her mind, she felt like it was a good pickup line.

Justin stopped in his tracks, "I'm taking a break from meat." Then he left quickly. Claudia didn't bother to give him a chase.

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The second time, he was headed out for a jog. She was also in her workout attire, so she joined him leisurely. She didn't say anything, she just accompanied him quietly.

It was just meant to be a light jog. Why was it taking an hour? She thought to herself. Finally, he stopped and she stopped along with him.

"If you follow me, we'll jog as a couple everyday. You won't be lonely anymore. I'll take care of you. You don't even need to lift a finger."

"I'm a very good girl. I have a great family. My case is that of a 'buy 1 get 3 free' promo. You have me, and I come along with 3 extra families. Who doesn't love a big family?"

Justin let her finish her speech before sending her away with a cold "leave."

The third time, she met him at Jazz. She drank a lot because she couldn't take anymore rejection. This time around, she didn't sit on his laps. She laid her head on his thighs and played with the buttons of his shirt. He let her.

"I'm a CEO. Why don't you be my kept man?" She said as she let out several hiccups in between.

"I may not look responsible, but I'll take care of you." There was a hint of pleading in her voice.

Before she could hear his usual "leave," she fell asleep. Caleb once again hurled her from Justin's side and took her home.

The girls listened closely, and there was just one word on their lips.

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