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Chapter 4

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After finding out from my cheerleader that Claudia was going to intern at Tanya's salon, I cracked my brain to figure out how to spend time with her.

I was due to graduate in the Summer, and my next plan was to join the military, Airforce to be specific. I was really hoping that my choice this time would bring some fun to my dull life. I was yet to find what I was really interested in, and school definitely wasn't it.

My parents took the news with mixed feelings. My mom was totally against it. She wanted me to be around so she could keep her eyes on me. She was afraid that I'd be hurt, and she couldn't afford for that to happen.

My dad accepted it rather well. He comforted my mom saying I needed to find my own path. Although it was a difficult choice, he chose to believe in me.

Kevin on the other hand still wouldn't talk to me. My baby brother and I grew up very close. He was my irreplaceable best friend. He took the news way harder than my mom. He was also against me studying out of state, but he gave in because he knew the University there was better. Military though, he can't seem to swallow that up. It hurt me so much when I saw the tears drop from his eyes. He wouldn't let me in, so I just had to wait it out.

'That's it!" I thought to myself as I experienced a eureka moment.

'I just need to get her to cut my hair. I need it anyway, but she's still an intern.'

'Customers are always right. I'll insist on having her cut my hair. That's settled.'

I knew once I showed up in front of her, I'd turn greedy and want to spend more time with her. So, I came up with the perfect plan: cutting my hair short every 10 days until her last day there.

'Will she find that weird and turn me away?' I couldn't help thinking that. I knew I needed to ease myself into her life and not scare her away. I just couldn't think of a better plan.

It was mid-May and spring was still flourishing. She wore a pink flare gown with a belt around the waist. She had on white toms with her hair tied in a ponytail. She looked so perfect.

"Welcome. What would you like to do today?"

I knew she smiled at me out of politeness, but it still made my heart skip a beat.

I was really talking to her. I maintained my sanity by keeping calm but inside of my head was a mess.

I was nervous, happy, stunned, speechless, and freaking excited all at once. She spoke to me.

Time went by faster than I wanted. In a flash, it was her last day as an intern and probably the last time we'll see since training was going to start in 2 weeks. My mom had come around, but Kev is still distant. He avoided me like plague, and he doesn't eat much these days. It broke my heart to see him that way.

She looked as cheery as always. I wondered if she'd feel sad about me leaving for the military.

"I'm joining the airfore," I said as she ran her hand through what was left of my hair.

Her hand shook. I felt it. Although she smiled, I could sense that her mood had plummeted. Did this mean she'd come to care for me?

I watched her cut my hair for the last time through the mirror. Her delicate fingers, her maroon hair. I noticed that she pouts whenever she's concentrating on something. I took in all of her features as much as I could. These memories would comfort me during my service.

When she was done, all I wanted to do was look at her for as long as I could.

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"Will I see you again?"

I was stunned when she asked that. Did this mean I'd successfully planted myself in her life? She wanted to see me again. My excitement wasn't expressed on my face, but my heart felt it all.

"I'll be back."

Then I turned away. More like, I ran away. If I had overstayed my welcome, I'd have drawn her into my embrace and begged for her to tell me to stay.

I will definitely be back... and by then, you'll be mine.

Kevin was in my room when I reached home. His mood seemed to had improved, and I sighed in relief. I wanted my brother to always be happy.

"There's no going back?" He asked with his head lowered.

"It's decided," I replied gently.

"You'll come back?" He still looked away from me.

"... a better man. I'll keep in touch."

He stood up and walked towards me. He finally looked me in the eyes.

"That's a promise!" Then he embraced me.

He needed to grow up faster so we could enjoy better days together. Winnie needed to grow faster also, so I could whisk her away to paradise.

I was looking forward to our days together...
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