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Chapter 54

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3 months ago...

"Thank you so much for coming Caleb," Seraphina hugged him.

Claudia filled her in about what happened between him and Stephanie. She always knew that b*tch was up to no good.

"Of course! I wouldn't miss your wedding for the world. You look gorgeous by the way." He had a huge smile on his face.

He was the only guy she talked to back in school. He had a really good relationship with the 3 amigos. He was particularly closer to Claudia because they were both cheery characters.

After the bride left, Caleb scanned around. It was an intimate affair, so he knew most of the people there.

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"Caleb," he looked towards the place the voice came from.

"Claudia... What's up?" He saw her dragging a lady towards him.

"Caleb meet Beatrice, Beatrice meet Caleb," she said, breathing heavily. She spent a lot of energy convincing Beatrice to meet with him.
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Hopefully, things turn out well for the two people who had been disappointed by love.
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