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Published at 18th of October 2017 06:28:33 PM

Chapter 45


Liu Bei POV

“That’s right!! Over there!” I said as I pulled the reins and turned in that direction, “Quick, let’s get there! Jia!!”


The cries of our horses echoed in the mountains as we turned and galloped towards the column of smoke .

I never thought that this day would actually come, that I would eventually make it to Zhuge Liang from the day I started in this era, right as the Yellow Turban Rebellion was in its dying stages . It’s honestly a miracle that I have been able to get here and there were times when I never even dreamed that I would survive and make it to this point, but now…


“… Un, this is it . ” I nodded as I looked up at the stone tablet which had ‘Crouching Dragon Ridge’ engraved on it .

“So this is Crouching Dragon Ridge huh?” Yun Chang said as she nodded .

I nodded back and looked at the building up ahead as I dismounted, “Come, let’s get there on foot . ”

We are going to see a great sage after all so it’s better if we continue on foot .

“Oh~ And to think big brother doesn’t really pay much heed to proprieties usually too~” Yun Chang commented sarcastically .

“It’s better to do so at times like these especially when the other side is a great sage . ” I said and cleared my throat before continuing ahead with Yun Chang and Yi De following behind me on foot as well .

Along the way, I could not help looking about . I do not know if this is the effect from knowing Zhuge Liang stays here but it feels like the surroundings and the decor differs from usual . Of course, if you ask me how it differs, I really cannot answer .

“We’re here huh?” I said as I took off my grass circlet and looked up . There was no nameplate at the top of the door plate . There were no walls either and there was just some sort of tall grass fence surrounding the perimeter .

“Yun Chang, Yi De, please stay silent later . I’ll do the talking . ” I said to the 2 of them who nodded in response before clearing my throat and knocking slowly on the door .

*Dang* *Dang*



Just as I was wondering if I should knock again, someone called out from inside and I felt like my nervousness went up significantly . Soon, the pitter-patter sound of footsteps could be heard, sending my heart racing .

Soon . Soon, we will meet with Zhuge Liang . My excitement was once again ignited and I instinctively reached back to the feather fan .


Wu! The door is opening now!

I quickly looked up and saluted formally and properly as I bowed and waited for the great sage’s reply .

I am here now, Zhuge Liang“

“Ah, who is this, who is this~”

Eh? I looked up and saw that it was a young child of about 7-8 who seemed to be a boy . Is… Is this Zhuge Liang?

“Umm, may I ask who are you all?” He asked as he took 2 steps towards us and looked at us with curiosity .

“Eh? Me?” I was stunned for a moment before I realised that she was talking to me, “Ah ah ah ah, I’m Imperial Uncle Liu Bei, Governor of Yu state, Marquis of Yi- Yicheng Village and General of the Left . I have come to seek an audience with the Teacher . ”

These were words that I had rehearsed umpteen times before but I still stammered midway through and had no choice but to salute and bow in the hopes that my sincerity could cover those mistakes .

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“Greetings, Teacher .

“G-greetings, teacher . ”

The other 2 behind me gave their greetings as well . Our delivery was not perfect but this much should suffice . I will also have to introduce Yun Chang and Yi De to Zhuge Liang later on .

“Ah… W-what is all this about?”

“Eh?” I looked up and saw that the little boy looked extremely befuddled and confused, “May I ask what is the matter?”

“Your name,” He said as he calmly pointed at me, “Your titles were too lengthy so I really don’t know what your name is . ”

Ah, I suppose so . It would indeed be difficult for a little child like him to remember all of my titles and identify the name after that .

“Well you can just call me Liu Bei . ” I said and then pointed behind, “And this is Guan Yu, and this is Zhang Fei . ”

“Just give me 1 name . ”

“I am Liu Bei . ”

“Liu Bei huh?” He nodded and took out a piece of silk from his sleeve pocket, “Umm, you’d best write your name here in case any misunderstandings occur . ”

“Eh? Write my name?” I asked, feeling like something was not right and decided to peer into the house .

Just as I sensed that no one was inside, Yun Chang asked, “Umm, may I ask if the master of the house is not in?”

“Ah, un . ” The child nodded .

Hu… So she is not in huh? But this really cannot be helped since we decided to come on over without even sending any greeting beforehand, I thought as I wrote my name on the piece of silk . By now, I have gotten somewhat adept with the traditional script . In the beginning, they all thought I was very untidy when I wrote in the simplified script by reflex .

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“Here,” I said as I got down on my knees and handed the silk back to the boy, “When your household’s master comes back, please let her know about our visit today and tell her that Liu Bei has something very important to speak with her about . ”

“Un, alright . ” He said as he looked at the piece of silk .

Ah… What a pain . I thought as I sighed and looked up at the sky . I did not think that something which should have been simple has now become rather complicated .

The journey here has not been easy either and now I will have to make it another time . Once I think about this, my nervousness vanished into thin air . I feel like an idiot after getting so excited about this too . But there’s no use complaining if she is not here after all .

… Ah?

“U-umm, child!”

“Ah?!” He got a shock and squealed when I suddenly spoke to him again and nearly dropped the piece of silk, “Is there anything else?”

“Just in case, I would like to ask when the Teacher will be back? If she isn’t going to be out for too long, I would like to wait for her . ” I said and turned back to look . There was not really any place that we could comfortably sit at but that was not too much of a problem .

“Oi, big brother . ” Yun Chang called out and continued with a doubtful tone, “Do we have to seek out this hermit? Lord Sima Hui has recommended others to us right? It’s still not late so shouldn’t we go and find the others while we have time?”

“No can do,” I shook my head, “One must be patient when waiting for others and not seek out alternatives at the first sign of trouble . Especially when one is dealing with hermits . ”

“Ah . ”

I just uttered whatever came to mind but it actually convinced Yun Chang who kneaded her forehead as she lowered her head .

“Big brother is right . Looks like I’m still lacking as a warrior huh?”

“Un, there’s no problem if you want to wait here . ”

“Eh?! Really?” I uttered in surprise as I held the child’s hands .

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“But it might take a while . ”

“That’s fine, that’s fine . I’ll wait . ”

“Ah, Xuan De, the ground is dirty . ”

“That’s fine, that’s fine . ” I said as I sat down on the ground . Yi De tried to pull me up but I dissuaded her against it and looked at the child expectantly, “So how long will it take for the Teacher to be back?”

“As short as a day or 2 or perhaps more than 10 . ”

I looked at the child’s calm face for a moment before calmly getting up and dusted my buttocks before turning to Yun Chang and Yi De, “Alright, it’s not getting any earlier so let’s go back now . ”

“Ah, you’re going back now?” The child asked .

What do you think? ‘As short as a day or 2 or perhaps more than 10’, what kind of answer is this? You might as well have told me to wait for a lifetime . If it really was just a day or 2, I would actually wait but there’s no way I am going to squat around in a remote forest for weeks .

Naturally I had to observe proprieties so I did not voice these and left the child with some final words, “Child, we’ll be leaving, yes . When your house’s master returns, please tell her to send us a letter and we will come right away . When the time comes, I hope that she will be present . ”

“Alright, I’ll let her know . ” He nodded .

“Un . ” I replied and mounted my horse before slowly riding off . When I turned back, I saw that the door was already closed . Looks like the child does not think too positively about us, “Hai, our timing was really bad huh?”

“Yes, I didn’t think that nobody would be present . ”

“Looks like my assumption that a hermit would be residing in his or her residence for all 4 seasons in a year was too naive huh?” I thought as I looked up at the skies, feeling extremely downcast .

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