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Chapter 6

Volume 3 Chapter 6: Don’t tell me this is the poisoning by Ji Ping (1)


Ah~~~ My head hurts so bad~~~~

I lay on my seat as waves of pain assaulted me which made me frown and left no strength in me to concentrate on the bamboo scroll in my hands .

Was this from overexhaustion? … I’d thought that sheer willpower alone would render me invincible but who knew that my body would give way so quickly .

“My lord, are you alright . ” Just as I was moaning softly, a gloomy but clear voice came from the back of my seat . “Should I get a physician to have a look at you?”

This voice, and this strange entrance… Is it Cheng Yu?

“Ah, I’m fine, just a little bit of overexhaustion . Nothing a little rest won’t cure . ” I forced a smile and tried to turn to face her but because I hadn’t moved my neck in a while, it was difficult to do so and I gave up after a few times . “Ah, speaking of which, where is Xun Yu? She’s not together with you?”

These 2 are usually like Li Dian and Yue Jin and are always together, probably because of how similar their personalities are .

“My lord, are you confused? Hasn’t Xun Yu gone with General Dian Wei to attack Zhang Xiu?”

“Oh, right . I almost forgot that . ” I slapped my head as I realised what I forgot– Ah! My headache got even worse… “Now that I think about it, those 2 mist have left about the same time as Liu Bei . ”

It’s been 7 days already since then .

— My lord, though I’ve left Zhong Kang behind, please be extra careful in this period when I’m not around .


For some reason, I recalled what Dian Wei said to me before she left .

It was really unexpected for E Lai who was usually so reckless to be so prudent and cautious that I couldn’t help but be on my guard since then .

“My lord, I have something to say regarding Liu Bei . ” Cheng Yu’s small face suddenly appeared in front of me as she locked her 2 sleepy eyes on mine .

“Un? Go ahead and say it . ” I answered casually as I rose up carefully whole enduring my head wouldn’t sway, and gingerly picked up the tea cup on the table and sent its contents drop by drop into my mouth . “Although I can more or less guess what it is you want to say . Apologies for this, let me wet my throat first . ”

I bent my wrist, and the warm tea flowed into my mouth . As I stared at the flow of tea, “Ha~ Much better . ” I exhaled a hot breath filled with the scent of tea and set the cup down . “What you want to say is, Liu Bei should be killed right?”

“…” Silence means my guess is right . “Then my lord, can you tell me the reason why you haven’t done so?”

“Un, actually . ” Before I could finish my explanation, another voice cut me off .

“Actually, if we kill Liu Bei, then our lord who already suffers from a bad reputation will be even more hated by the people . If our lord loses the support of the people for good because of this, few talents would be willing to join our lord . ”

“… That is correct, Feng Xiao . ” I clapped in admiration, and then lowered my head . “But can you not emerge from under my chair so suddenly next time?”

I opened my legs, and looked at the ghost-like face of the young girl that appeared . Though this isn’t something that will scare me, it’s not something that I can get used to either .

Guo Jia would be perfect if not for her face that looks like that of a dead person which she uses to scare people . I wanted to cure her ailment but she wouldn’t allow it and kept dragging things on .

“Yes…*Hmph*…” At least Guo Jia is obedient, and she continued after crawling out from under my chair . “But my lord, I don’t understand why you let him lead the strike on Yuan Shu . ”

“Un? What about it?”

“…” She was silent at my question, but from Guo Jia’s expression, she should be thinking ‘My lord, are you acting or are you for real’, and continued after a short while . “My lord, why didn’t you confine Lord Liu Bei in Xuchang? My lord should know that Liu Bei is dangerous right?”

“I do . ”

“My lord knows that Liu Bei will eventually be a force to be reckoned with?”

“I do . ”

“Then why did you let him go? Has my lord’s brain fried out?”

“I’m still your lord, so be a little more respectful when you speak to me . ”

“… Ke . ” This fellow actually snickered, looks like she knows I won’t punish her for this .

But Guo Jia is as ruthless as always huh… Indeed, letting go of Xuan De is a big mistake . Whether it is now, or in the history books in the future, this is and will be seen as a mistake .

“Maa, I have my own plans . ” I said as I stood up, but was soon assailed by the headache which hurt so much I had to hold on to the table for support .

“My lord, are you alright? You look like you might die in front of me just like that . ”

“Haha, Feng Xiao, that joke isn’t very funny . ” I laughed dryly . My headache finally lightened up slightly and I got up as I rubbed my temple .

“Alright, you 2 get out first . I’m taking a nap . ” I said as I waved them away, and made for my sleeping quarters as I yawned .

The 2 who were usually mysterious in their mannerisms did not say anything more, nor did they pursue the question from earlier, and withdrew after they bowed .

Now that I think about it, I haven’t slept last night right .

Hai~~ No matter how much time I manage to squeeze out, the scrolls on my desk never decrease .

Why I let Xuan De go… Huh?

I wasn’t exactly clear with Guo Jia, because this wasn’t something nice or easy to say .

That’s right, if I had to give a reason… It would be because I lack confidence .

I lack the full confidence that I can conquer the world and restore the Han, and so I let Xuan De go, to leave an alternate route for the Han .

Of course, whether heaven chooses me or Xuan De is a matter for later .

(TL: In the original, perhaps Cao Cao thought the same, because Cao Cao let Liu Bei leave even though his advisors had said no beforehand . )

“Aiyo~” I moaned like an elderly person as I sat on the bed with difficulty and lay down on the bed– “Ouch!”

Looks like I can’t do much else for a while… Ah, I’m so tired~~

I sighed helplessly and flattened my hair before I closed my eyes .

I don’t know if it’s because of exhaustion or my headache, but I lost consciousness shortly after lying down .

— Lord Cao Cao, don’t move about .

Un? Who’s calling me?

— Don’t worry, it’s alright .

I think I’ve heard this voice before, but I don’t have a deep impression of it .

— I just need to slice open your head with this knife…

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“Wa!!!” I awoke from my dream state in a fright on hearing this and grabbed the axe from under my pillow and slashed about me .

Was there an assassin?!

“Ah~~ Lord Cao Cao! Don’t move about so much! It’s me, I’m Hua Tuo!”

Who? Hua Tuo?

On hearing this, I calmed my nerves and set down the axe before rubbing my eyes and looking to the side . What appeared in my eyes was a girl with black wavy hair curled up in a seat, hugging her head as her shoulders trembled .

Hua Tuo… Oh, she’s Xuan De’s subordinate .

After remembering this, I lowered my guard slightly .

I then looked outside the room and saw it was late afternoon .

I didn’t think I would sleep for so long .

“What did you come here to do?!” I turned my head back and asked Huo Tuo as calmly as I could .

Even if she was Xuan De’s subordinate, I can’t drop my guard too much . As I thought so, my grip on the axe tightened somewhat .

“I met Lord Guo Jia on the way to the inn, and she asked me to take a look at your headache . ”

“Hou~~” That Feng Xiao is so busybody . “But I heard you were talking about slicing open my head… What about it?”

Hua Tuo saw that I was willing to listen to her and got up from her curled up position and happily took out a small, sharp knife .

But this action, unquestionably made me frown again .

“Ah, Imperial Chancellor Cao need not worry, this knife is for curing diseases . ”


I didn’t reply further, and just bade her to continue, as I was curious to see what she might say .

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“Your illness now is not too serious yet . I felt about your head just now, and found a small hard bit . ”


“And so, all I need to do is extract that bit with this small knife and it will be alright . ”

“…” What kind of fantastical and reckless method is this? To actually cut open my head? This is the first time I’ve ever heard of it . “… And what if something goes wrong?”

“It’s alright . ” She said casually, and looked like she was brimming with confidence .

Alright? After hearing her describe the process, I’ve already gotten quite pale .

Though I’d heard from Xuan De that Hua Tuo’s medical techniques were top notch, having me open my head all of a sudden is a little too much .

“No, no need . ” I laughed anxiously, and waved my hand . “It’s not serious, and I’ll be fine with some medicinal soup . ”

“… Maa, your illness is indeed not serious . So medicine should be able to work . ” Hua Tuo said with a tinge of sadness, but did not pursue the matter .

“Un, let’s do that then . Let’s talk about something more normal, how have you all been these few days?”

“Maa, we’re doing okay . Apart from some problems when teaching them cooking, everything else is still going well . ” Hua Tuo said as she wiped the knife and kept it in her bag .

Hai~ This Xuan De, he actually left some people in Xuchang . He clearly has never thought about escaping .

(TL: This didn’t happen in the original of course, since Liu Bei wanted to leave . )

“Well then, what’s your next step to recovery?” Hua Tuo brought the conversation back to my illness . Seems like she feels responsible .

“Un, that’s right . ” I’m not too knowledgeable about my body… “Hua Tuo, you’ve spent some time with the palace physicians . Who do you think is the best of them all?”

“Eh? You’re asking me?” Hua Tuo paused in thought at the unexpected question . “If it’s up to me to choose, I would choose Ji Ping . She is decisive in her diagnoses and precise in measuring medicinal herbs . Though she’s new, I’m sure her future is bright if she can do all this despite being new . ”

I did ask her, but she said a little much . It’s only a small matter, but whether it’s her or my strategists, why do these people keep making such a big fuss about it?

“Then let Physician Ji Ping bring my some medicinal soup tonight . ”

(TL: In the original, Cao Cao suffered from chronic headaches, which is possibly due to a brain tumour . It clearly wasn’t serious though, as he lived to 65 . )