Double Souls - Chapter 1

Published at 18th of January 2019 07:04:48 AM

Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Prologue

The suburb of Davao City Philippine

In a small humble house, a black ribbon hanging in the upside of the doorframe, indicating a mourning sign . Funeral procession already ended sometimes ago and in that house, there are only left two peoples, one is a boy and the other is a middle-aged man . Other guests have already left after saying their condolences . In the small wooden table in the middle of the room, there's a woman portrait, two burning candlesticks, and few fresh flowers . The boy is kneeling down in front of the portrait, cupped his hands in the chest, and seems to do some prayers for the deceased . The middle-aged man just standing silently behind the boy . When the boy finally finishing his prayer, the middle-aged man started speaking,

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"Richard, your mother has gone, what are you going to do now? Do you want to go to college? I can help to pay tuition fee"

The boy called Richard answer it "No uncle Horta, you already give us so many favors, I'm afraid I can't pay back enough your kindness . Besides, I don't want to go to college!"

The middle-aged man who called uncle Horta frowned, "You want to work?"

Richard didn't answer it immediately, after thinking a while, instead answer the question he asks Horta a question "Uncle Horta when are you going overseas again?"

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"My ship will depart one week later…hold on, what's on your mind kid?"

"Uncle, all my life I've been here in Davao . When I was a kid, you often tell me stories about countries and cities that you have visited with your ship . I want to see it with my own eyes!"

"You…you want to go around the world? Why don't you take sailor certificate and work on my ship? Can you go around the world in that way?

"No uncle, I've made up my mind . First, you already help me so much, second, there's country and cities that not connected with the sea . I can't go there by ship" .

"I think I now understand what the word 'boys, be adventurous' means … . Hahahaha… fine, I'll bring you in my next sailing . You'll need a passport then, I help you get one, also I must say that my ship is freighter don't expect any luxurious cabin there" .

"Thank you, uncle! As long as I can board your ship, that's enough . I don't mind sleeping in storage or kitchen"

"Don't mention kid… . hey why don't you stay in my house, rather than live alone here? You already like an older brother to my kid, Maria, and Benny, My wife wouldn't object too I guess . "

"I'm good uncle, I just want to cherish any memories that my mother left in this house with me before I go abroad"

"Good, I won't force you then . If you need anything don't hesitate to ask . I take my leave now, Bye"

"I will, bye uncle!"