Double Souls - Chapter 5

Published at 18th of January 2019 07:04:44 AM
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Chapter 5

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During his stay at Mr . Steven house, Richard also meets Mr . Steven's son, Mr . Stephen Cheng, several times . He comes to visit his father once every 2 weeks . When Mr . Steven introduced him to Richard, what Richard receives is a cold attitude although Richard already tries to speak in polite manners .

Although Richard did not know why he gets such cold shoulder, he tries not to make it into the heart . He tries to think positively, maybe Mr . Steven's son has a prejudice against foreigner like him . So, when Mr . Stephen came, after delivering some tea to them, Richard only stay in his room, busying himself with something . Mr . Steven who realizes awkwardness between this two people, only keeps silence, not asking nor explaining anything to Richard .

After his job in construction site over, Mr . Steven introduces Richard to a fish trader in the market . His job is to deliver fish to the customers . Most of the customers are the restaurant, from them Richard also got another job as a dishwasher at night . From his works thus far, Richard manages to save some money for himself .

But this peaceful situation only last for some months . When Richards been stay in Mr . Steven house for six months, suddenly Mr . Steven health is worsening . He starts coughing and has less appetite . Richard who worried about Mr . Steven condition, urge him to check his health at the hospital, but Mr . Steven rejects it with saying, "This is just old man sickness, with enough rest, it will be fine" . Richard can't do anything about that and just hope Mr . Steven will get well soon .

When Mr . Steven's son knows about his father sickness, he demands his father to move and live with him . But Mr . Steven rejects his demand, and they arguing for that matter . Their words were quite loud that Richard can hear it from outside the room . After his son leaves, Mr . Steven only can smile wryly and shakes his head when he sees Richard looking at him . After thinking a while Mr . Steven gives Richard sign to accompany him in the living room .

Mr . Steven: "Richard, I know you've heard what I and my son discussed right?"

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Richard: "Sorry, Mr . Steven, I didn't mean to eavesdrop but I only heard a little"

Mr . Steven: "It' alright, we talk in high tone anyways . He wants me to leave this house and stay with him"

Richard: "Isn't that good Mr . Steven? You can live with your son and your daughter-in-law and your grandchild too"

Mr . Steven: "I'm afraid this matter is not that simple Richard . If I move to live with him, he has reason to sell this house, that's not something I want to"

Richard: "Uh, I understand that Mr . Steven . You must have many good memories with this house and don't want to lose it"

Mr . Steven: "Besides, if I move to my son's house . Where are you going to live, Richard?"

Richard stunned . He's indeed fortunate enough to able get a place to live in the first place he arrived in Hong Kong . He knows soon or later he must leave this house if Mr . Steven wants him to leave .

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Richard: "Actually I also have no idea about that . Can uncle give me advice about that?"

Mr . Steven: "Hahaha … I do not ask you to leave yet Richard, but if something happens and you must leave this house, I give you my friend's address, you can ask him a room for rent"

Richard: "That's alright uncle . I don't want to be a freeloader either"

Mr . Steven: "I know you're not that kind of person Richard . I never thought you're freeloader here . With you here, I have somebody to talk with and this house also cleaner than before . "

Richard: "Ah, I only did what I could do for this house, Mr . Steven"

Mr . Steven: "I also glad to have you here Richard"

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So the conversation ended here and another month passed by peacefully . But Mr . Steven health isn't getting better somehow . His cough getting heavier and intensifier and this make Richard worried . With all his effort and persuasive talk finally, he managed to get Mr . Steven to check his health condition in hospital . Using Mr . Steven's car, he brought Mr . Steven to visit the nearby hospital and accompany him during the health check . For several months he already training to drive a car, and even though he still has no driving license, he can drive the car smoothly .

The result from the health check isn't good news . Mr . Steven was diagnosed have lung cancer and already in the final stage, means any curative treatment can't remove cancer completely from the lungs . They predicted that Mr . Steven life only last six-twelve months remains . All they can do is prolonged the lifespan with some medical treatment to stop cancer cells from spreading further in Mr . Steven body . This result shocking Richard minds, he doesn't understand why good people like Mr . Steven must die so quickly .

Mr . Steven himself looks calm when hearing the medical result . He doesn't look shocked or anxious about his disease . During their way back home from the hospital, Mr . Steven told Richard

Mr . Steven: "Richard, don't make that sad face like that . I'm not dead yet but you already look that sad"

Richard: "Please uncle, don't you worried or scared when the doctor told you that you only live less than a year?"

Mr . Steven: "Hahaha … death eventually will come to everyone . Why we should scare?"

Richard: "Aren't you afraid of that?"

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Mr . Steven: "Of course I'm afraid . I'm afraid when I die, there's no one around me, and when they found me, I'm already in the rotten state . But now I have you with me . Can you granted this old man selfish wish Richard"

Richard: "What is it, uncle?"

Mr . Steven: "Accompany me until my time come . Could you?"

Richard only nodded, he can't make a sound because his chest somehow feels so heavy after he heard Mr . Steven's simple wish .

Mr . Steven: "Ah, there's another request from me . Don't tell my son about my sickness . "

Richard: "Yes, uncle"

There's no more talk between them until they arrived home . Both of them busy with their own minds . And the next day Richard act as usual, although he still feeling sad inside his heart .

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