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Chapter 642

"Senior Sister… Can I sit here?"

While Xie Yujia wiped the tears with her fingertip, she heard a gentle voice beside her .

She slightly turned and saw Xu Ke, who was in first-year, sitting down in front of her with a smile on his face and a cup of coffee in his hand .

The rain got a little heavier outside, and there were still very few customers in the shop . With so many empty seats around them, Xu Ke still picked the seat opposite to Xie Yujia .

"What's the matter, Senior Sister? Are you upset about something?" Xu Ke stirred his coffee with a little golden spoon and asked sincerely .

Xie Yujia looked at him and realized that she started crying while she was having her coffee . She was a bit embarrassed .

"I'm alright . " Xie Yujia slightly shook her head . Then, she pushed herself up from the table to stand .

"Senior Sister, you seem to be afraid of me . Why don't you sit for a bit longer?" Xu Ke stirred his coffee while looking up at Xie Yujia innocently .

Xie Yujia thought for a little, looked at him, and slowly sat back down .

Xu Ke seemed to be here for Hao Ren . Xie Yujia felt a bit wronged, but she didn't want to leave just like that since she was concerned about Hao Ren .

"Waiter, another cup of cappuccino please . " Xie Ke turned around and waved . Then, he smiled at Xie Yujia and said, "It's on me, Senior Sister . "

"That's ok . Let me pay for it myself . " Seeing the waiter bringing the coffee, Xie Yujia took out her money and handed it to him .

Xu Ke looked at Xie Yujia and smile . He didn't insist on paying .

Hua . . . The rain got a bit heavier .

"Senior Sister, you are beautiful . " Xu Ke stared at Xie Yujia for a few seconds as he narrowed his eyes and smiled .

He looked exactly like a freshman who just got out of high school, innocent and excited .

Xie Yujia looked at him and asked after a few seconds of silence, "You are from the metal-elemental dragon clan, right?"

"Yes . Senior Sister, you are cultivating a human technique," Xu Ke said .

"I don't know what history you and Hao Ren have, but you are probably here for him, right?" Xie Yujia asked .

Xie Yujia was a bit discouraged as she spoke . Hao Ren didn't mention much about Xu Ke to her . It seemed like he didn't tell her a lot of things, and she was always worrying about nothing .

"My master is very interested in one of Senior Brother Hao's techniques, so he wants me to borrow it . " Xu Ke sipped his coffee and said slowly .

"What if Hao Ren won't lend it to you?" Xie Yujia asked .

"With my master's bad temper, he might just kill him," Xu Ke took another sip and said calmly .

Xie Yujia opened her eyes wide and looked at him in alarm .

She was wearing a colorful knitted sweater, and she was sitting in front of the grey window . In this scene, she seemed mature and beautiful . Even her surprised look was cute .

"Can I pursue you, Senior Sister?" Xu Ke suddenly asked .

Xie Yujia was almost at the same level of popularity as the Lu sisters, so many guys at school started to notice this beautiful but quiet girl . However, no one dared do anything since she was Hao Ren's girlfriend .

Xie Yujia was stunned after she heard that .

"Senior Brother Hao doesn't seem to treasure you very much," Xu Ke continued .

This remark suddenly got to Xie Yujia's heart . She gritted her teeth and replied, "I don't need you to tell me anything . "

She seemed a little emotional today, but she still defended and protected Hao Ren when others spoke badly of him .

Hao Ren's attitude was dubious, and it appeared that Zhao Yanzi had the upper hand .

Xie Yujia found herself to be a little silly . Even Old Grandma, who didn't care about these things, didn't think the relationship between Hao Ren and her would work out .

"If Senior Sister gets into trouble one day, it might be me instead of Senior Brother Hao who will protect you," Xu Ke added .

"I'm not interested in you," Xie Yujia picked up the umbrella beside her, and she stood up and walked to the door of the cafe .

She planned to poke around for Xu Ke's information but didn't expect him to change to such a topic . She got anxious immediately, and she walked toward the dorms in the South in the rain with her umbrella .

Xu Ke looked at Xie Yujia's beautiful figure through the window, narrowed his eyes, and smiled as he thought, "If Hao Ren doesn't treasure such a pretty girl, he'll lose her one day . "

He . . . was fond of more mature girls like Xie Yujia .

Beep! Beep!

The jade pendant on Xu Ke's neck made a sound .

"What's wrong, Master?" Xu Ke asked with his head down .

"The situation in East Ocean is getting more and more complicated . Act soon! Don't think there's nothing I can do now that you are not in Taiyi Cave!"

"Relax, Master . I have already figured out a way," Xu Ke answered in his usual calm manner .

"Humph," The Taiyi Cave Master didn't sound convinced . He continued, "One more thing I need to warn you . Do not bother Su Han . I'm nearly sure about her identity now . "

"What is her identity?" Xu Ke asked immediately .

"You don't need to know that!" The Taiyi Cave Master's stern voice came out of the jade pendant .

Xu Ke pouted and took a sip of his coffee, making a sound on purpose .

"I'll give you two weeks to get the Mystic Water Sword Techniques . If not, don't blame me for being ruthless," The Taiyi Cave Master threw Xu Ke a warning madly before the jade pendant turned into its usual color .

At this moment, Zhao Yanzi and the Lu sisters looked around in Hao Ren's dorm curiously .

"You have quite a lot of books!" Zhao Yanzi had her finger near her lips, looking up at Hao Ren's bookshelf . There were many books, and they were all very thick .

The Lu sisters cleaned Hao Ren's dorm with smiles on their faces . They hadn't been here for a while, and Hao Ren's dorm was as messy as a game room again .

Zhao Jiayi and the other guys weren't back yet . They might have been stuck somewhere by the sudden heavy rain .

Zhao Yanzi was going to ask Hao Ren to take her to Hongji Square for dinner, but she gave him a break due to the rain . They went to the cafeteria in the dorm building instead . After dinner, the rain suddenly got heavier on their way back .

Zhao Yanzi suggested going to Hao Ren's dorm to get out of the rain, and Hao Ren had to say yes .

Hua . . . The rain kept getting heavier . East Ocean City hadn't seen any rain for a while now . Therefore, the past two days made them feel very refreshed .

The wooden door of the dorm and the glass door to the balcony were both closed . Although it was raining cats and dogs outside, the dorm room was pretty warm .

Zhao Yanzi climbed onto Hao Ren's upper berth and flipped around the books by his pillow . It looked like she was trying to see if Hao Ren had anything inappropriate .

Hao Ren looked at her and shrugged, finding it very amusing .

When Zhao Yanzi climbed up, her little pink underwear was exposed under her blue uniform skirt, but she had no idea .

"Your bed seems pretty comfortable!" Zhao Yanzi lied on Hao Ren's blanket to try out the bed .

Hao Ren thought, "Why are you making such a tempting move . . . "

"Get off; get off!" Hao Ren sighed as he waved at her .

"Are you hiding some dirty books here?" Zhao Yanzi carefully examined Hao Ren's bed again to see if he were hiding anything inappropriate .

"No!" Hao Ren rolled his eyes .

Zhao Yanzi finally gave up searching; she looked a bit disappointed . She hopped off Hao Ren's bed directly, and Hao Ren quickly reached out his hands to catch her .

Zhao Yanzi was too energetic to be quiet for even a minute .

The Lu sisters cleaned up Hao Ren's desk in no time, and they moved on to Zhao Jiayi and the guys' desks . If this weren't the male dorm building, and it would be embarrassing to run back and forth from the washroom, they would even wash the dirty clothes Hao Ren left in the basin under Zhao Jiayi's bed .

This small four-bed dorm room wasn't enough for Zhao Yanzi to explore . She hopped onto the floor and pulled open the balcony glass door .

The chilly wind from outside blew in a few drops of rain .

Zhao Yanzi stood on the balcony and was stupefied for a bit . Then, she asked Hao Ren with a stern look, "Oh . . . your dorm building is very far from me?"

From Hao Ren's dorm balcony, she could clearly see her classroom and dorm!

Hao Ren could easily spy on her every day, yet she had no idea!

"Um . . . Hao Ren didn't know how to get out of this . Indeed, he watched Zhao Yanzi do morning exercises here every day . He could also see if she were paying attention in class through her classroom window .

A guy opened his balcony door from Room 304, the room next door . He got out to take his clothes back while he suddenly noticed a pretty little girl in her school uniform only half a meter away from him on the balcony of Room 302 . He was suddenly stupefied .

"What are you looking at? Have you not seen a girl before?" Zhao Yanzi shouted

The guy blushed and quickly took his clothes before he went back into the room .

"There's a storm outside . We can't get back now!" Zhao Yanzi went back into the room . She touched her wet hair with her hand .

"I'll take you back . . . " Hao Ren slightly sighed .

"I think your dorm is pretty nice," Zhao Yanzi tilted her head and said .

"Um . . . " Hao Ren also tilted his head to look at her, not knowing what to say . "Are you thinking of staying over?"

"Um . " Zhao Yanzi nodded as she blinked .

Pu . . . Hao Ren almost had blood coming out of his nose . Although he had heard of girls sleeping over in the guys' dorm rooms, he had no idea that this kind of thing would happen to him .

"Stop it, Zhou Liren and the guys will be back soon," Hao Ren said .

His phone rang as soon as he said that .

"Are you at the dorm, Ren? It's storming now, and we are going to spend the night in the Internet cafe . Cover for us if the dorm manager comes to check our room!" Zhao Jiayi shouted on the other side of the phone .

"Um . . . " He hung up before Hao Ren could say anything .

Due to the sudden storm, many guys would spend the night out . The dorm building seemed a little empty .

"Linlin and Lili, why don't you guys stay over here too," Hao Ren asked the Lu sisters who were still cleaning the floor .

Hao Ren was a bit worried about spending the night alone with Zhao Yanzi in the dorm room, but he realized that it came out wrong as soon as he said it . The Lu sisters laughed before he could put it the right way, "No, Gongzi . We won't disturb you and Little Zhumu!"

They raised a red energy sphere hand in hand and flew out of the balcony door . It was just a storm, and it would be nothing for Zhao Yanzi .

However, since Little Zhumu was going to attack, they left her the stage .

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