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Published at 19th of March 2019 07:43:18 AM

Chapter 644

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Zhao Yanzi opened the glass door to the balcony and hopped over the railing suddenly

"Hey!" Hao Ren was fast like a bullet as he dashed out of the door from his bedside . Two white sword energies were created from the bottom of his feet, and he grabbed onto Zhao Yanzi's wrist as she fell .

Zhao Yanzi smiled lightly . Then, she kicked on the railing of Room 202 downstairs before jumping onto Hao Ren's sword energy easily .

She had always been a great athlete . Now that she had recovered a bit of her realm, she had gotten faster .

Every dorm room had their lights out, making the south dorm buildings look very quiet . Only a few street lights were shining with yellow lights .

Zhao Yanzi backed up half a step and leaned against Hao Ren's broad chest . Her ponytail flew into Hao Ren's face, and it was as smooth as silk .

Her face was still blushing, but she wasn't mad . If it were any other guy who touched her chest through her shirt, he would be dead .

But since it was Hao Ren . . . Zhao Yanzi didn't even know what to do .

Hao Ren put up a red energy sphere and suddenly flew into the air on his sword energies . Zhao Yanzi always liked to surprise him, but this was a bit too much for him .

The sword energies descended at a 45-degree angle, and they went over the fence between the south dorm buildings and LingZhao Middle School .

Then, Zhao Yanzi hopped down Hao Ren's fast sword energy onto the ground swiftly .

LingZhao Middle School was also dead quiet . All the students were deep asleep, so the academic buildings were empty .

Hao Ren put his sword energies away and landed beside the sports fields of LingZhao Middle School as well .

The quiet campus was similar to Hao Ren's middle school . Hao Ren thought to himself as he walked beside Zhao Yanzi, "If I met someone like her when I was in middle school, I probably would fall deeply in love with her . "

Hao Ren's dorm area still had some street lights on, but the new campus of LingZhao Middle School didn't have any lights on at night .

However, because of this, the moonlight after the rain appeared to be even brighter .

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The puddles on the ground reflected the moon . Every time Zhao Yanzi hopped over them, she would break the moon reflections into pieces .

She suddenly turned back to look at Hao Ren . She wanted to give him another kiss, but she was afraid of him touching her chest again .

"Come on!" She went back a few steps and wrapped her arms around Hao Ren's .

Hao Ren sped up immediately with her dragging him . The campus was so quiet since there were just the two of them .

The school had just been put into use, so the security cameras weren't fully functioning yet . Therefore, Hao Ren and Zhao Yanzi weren't worried about being noticed at all .

There was a bulletin board beside the sports field . The pictures from the recent Athletic Games had already been posted there, and quite a few of them were Zhao Yanzi's pictures . They captured her strong and vigorous moments .

Zhao Yanzi was indeed popular at school, and there were quite a number of boys who had a crush on her . Hao Ren could imagine lots of them pretending to read the news here during the day while they actually looked at Zhao Yanzi's photos .

If it weren't for the glass window and iron lock on the bulletin board, Zhao Yanzi's photos would have been stolen by the boys a long time ago .

The boys at LingZhao Middle School could only watch Zhao Yanzi from a distance or look at her photos, but Hao Ren had her right beside him . No wonder the boys were very jealousy when Hao Ren appeared in LingZhao Middle School .

"Are we going to walk like this until sunrise?" Hao Ren turned to Zhao Yanzi as they walked in front of the bulletin board .

Zhao Yanzi's face was blushing; she didn't dare to go back to Hao Ren's dorm . She suddenly realized that Hao Ren was a 'pervert . '

However, she didn't find him annoying at all .

Hao Ren didn't dare to take her back to the dorm since she didn't say anything; he didn't want to get into trouble . Zhao Yanzi used to always have a bad temper, yet she was shy and awkward now . It was very interesting .

"We'll just walk around . " Zhao Yanzi pouted .

Hao Ren touched her through her bra, and it was still making her heart beat quickly . She pretended to be tough and always 'educated' Ling as an 'experienced' person .

As a matter of fact, she had never been touched by a guy .

She gave Hao Ren her hug, her first kiss, and her first . . .

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She slightly lifted her head to look at Hao Ren's face in the moonlight and wondered, "Will I be very sad if we broke up one day . . . "

Hao Ren seemed like a high-schooler to her, so she didn't feel weird dating him .

She felt the pressure since there were pretty girls like Xie Yujia and the Lu sisters around Hao Ren all the time . On top of that, Hao Ren's realm had gotten higher and higher . Even the East Ocean Dragon Clan was almost moving around Hao Ren .

Once the agreement on the dragon core was complete, what could the East Ocean Dragon Clan and she do if Hao Ren didn't want her anymore?

She felt like Xie Yujia was a better match for Hao Ren overall . Although Xie Yujia's realm was a bit lower than hers, Xie Yujia knew how to make elixirs and had Old Grandma, who was a Soul Formation Realm cultivator, behind her back . She was also gentler and more caring . . .

Zhao Yanzi bit her lips as she felt a little down . She had always pretended not to care about Hao Ren as if he was trying really hard to be with her, and she still had many pursuers if she broke up with Hao Ren .

However, she knew that she cared a lot for Hao Ren . Otherwise, she wouldn't be mad as soon as she saw him with Xie Yujia .

"I'll take you back home after we walk a bit more," Hao Ren said .

Zhao Yanzi and Hao Ren were both buried in their own thoughts .

Hao Ren didn't feel anything special about this girl before . However, he was now attracted to the character that was hidden under her playful cover .

She claimed that she didn't worry about him when she clearly worried, and she claimed that she didn't like him even when she did . . .

At first, Hao Ren found her hard to see through . But slowly, he knew that she did it out of self-protection .

She seemed rude but was in fact very filial; she seemed ignorant but was in fact very kind-hearted; she appeared somewhat haughty but was in fact quite modest; she seemed lazy but was in fact very hard-working . . .

Hao Ren saw a girl who was opposite to Little Carrot in her . Her grades and personality were different from Xie Yujia, but her kind-heartedness and innocence were the same .

Hao Ren didn't want either Xie Yujia or Zhao Yanzi to be wronged . He wasn't the best at resolving conflicts, but he was trying his best .

Hao Ren and Zhao Yanzi kept walking until they saw a familiar figure in front of them .

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Xie Yujia walked with her head down . She suddenly noticed two people walking toward her on the dark campus . When she looked up, she realized that they were Hao Ren and Zhao Yanzi in the moonlight .

Zhao Yanzi was also surprised to see Xie Yujia .

"Yujia?" Hao Ren said loudly .

"Um . . . " Xie Yujia looked at them in surprise, and her heart sank a little .

She wasn't in a good mood today; the cold rain seemed to have poured into her heart, making her uncomfortable all evening .

Therefore, she left her dorm to take a walk outside . There were no street lights in LingZhao Middle School, and it was pretty quiet, so it was perfect for her to think about her problems .

She considered leaving Hao Ren, but she didn't want Old Grandma to punish him for it; that would put Hao Ren in danger . She was still thinking about it until she suddenly saw Hao Ren and Zhao Yanzi taking a walk together at midnight .

Zhao Yanzi opened her eyes wide and noticed the sadness in Xie Yujia's eyes . Xie Yujia was taking a walk alone in the middle of the night .

Zhao Yanzi felt as if there were a dice rolling in her heart and smashing around .

She wasn't old enough to comprehend many things, and she rarely considered standing in other people's shoes . She sure wasn't as caring as Xie Yujia .

When Zhao Yanzi saw Xie Yujia wandering around at midnight, she thought about the time when Xie Yujia almost sacrificed her life to save her on Fifth Heaven, and she felt like she was looking at herself . Zhao Yanzi felt sorry for Xie Yujia suddenly .

"It's chilly at night . Let me know if there are any problems . " Hao Ren stepped forward a few steps, took off his own shirt, and put it on Xie Yujia's shoulders .

He left his jacket in the dorm, and now that he offered his shirt to Xie Yujia, he was half naked . Xie Yujia only had a cotton T-shirt on, so she appeared to be pretty lightly-dressed in the late night after the storm .

"Nothing . It's good to see you two . " Xie Yujia squeezed out a smile .

"You are so fake!" Zhao Yanzi suddenly stepped up and knocked Xie Yujia's shoulder .

Xie Yujia didn't have time to react, and she was forced to take a few steps back as she frowned and covered her shoulder with one hand .

"If you like him, you should say it out loud . I like Hao Ren a lot, so I wasn't happy when I saw you and him together . " Zhao Yanzi stared at Xie Yujia and said slowly but clearly .

Xie Yujia looked at Zhao Yanzi; she was anxious at the sudden change .

"You are holding back, and Hao Ren is also holding back . This is his shortcoming, but I still like him . I really don't like the way you guys are!" Zhao Yanzi continued abruptly .

She couldn't hold back anymore since Hao Ren and Xie Yujia were both quiet and holding back their emotions . Xie Yujia had always liked Hao Ren, but she forced herself to be a bystander . Hao Ren cared about Xie Yujia, yet he pretended as if their relationship was normal .

Zhao Yanzi hated to see this!

She hoped that Xie Yujia could compete with her directly! Even if Hao Ren said that he liked Xie Yujia more, she would still want it directly!

She didn't know how to let out her anger since Hao Ren and Xie Yujia were too soft toward each other, causing the anger in her accumulated . She liked Hao Ren, but he needed to let her know if he liked other girls!

She hated guessing and playing hide-and-seek!

A fight would even be better than this!

Xie Yujia didn't fight over Hao Ren with Zhao Yanzi, but she was still trying to get near him!

"If you're a real competitor, then come out and say so!" Zhao Yanzi almost shouted it out .

At least she could get a clear answer from it even if she lost . Hao Ren's attitude was very unclear .

"If I lost to Xie Yujia, I'd have a good cry and accept this outcome!" she thought, "You are only brave enough to fight when you are brave enough to lose! Xie Yujia is only acting like this because she is scared to lose!"

Xie Yujia stood where she was, staring at Zhao Yanzi who was going on a tantrum .

"Yes, I like Hao Ren a lot," Xie Yujia gritted her teeth and said .

"Good! That's it! I like him too!" Zhao Yanzi lifted her head and said directly .

Hao Ren didn't expect things to turn this way; he looked at them, stupefied .

"That's it!" Zhao Yanzi grabbed Hao Ren's wrist and asked angrily, "Out with it . Who do you like more!"