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Published at 19th of March 2019 07:43:12 AM

Chapter 646

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Xie Yujia, Zhao Yanzi, Lu Linlin, and Lu Lili all ran over from one direction .

Hearing from different sources that Grandma was returning to East Ocean City today, they had all rushed over .

Hiding Little White in her school bag, Zhao Yanzi had rushed out of the classroom as soon as the school bell rang and rode Little White to the train station .

She encountered Xie Yujia and the Lu sisters in the sky, so they had landed together .

"Zi! Yujia! Linlin! Lili!" Grandma's eyes lit up . Not caring about Hao Ren's strange mood, she opened her arms and took them in .

"Grandma," a crisp voice came from the distance .

Wearing a white cotton blouse and a black short skirt, Su Han walked over elegantly . In black stockings and silver high-heels, her legs alone were too much for men to handle .

Hao Ren's heart raced when he saw Su Han's simple yet tempting outfit .

"Little Su!" When Grandma saw Su Han, her eyes curved up as she yelled happily .

"Ugh . . . Little Su . . . " Hao Ren thought to himself as his heart almost jumped out of his chest .

"Hehe . I knew you'd come back today, so I came to pick you up," Su Han said with a smile .

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In fact, she was the one who had taken Xie Yujia and the Lu sisters to the train station . Her newly-refined longsword was very fast, and no one dared to block her, who was an inspector .

She traveled across half a city with the girls .

"Good! Good! Good! These are specialties I brought just for you . " Grandma picked up one heavy knitted bag .

She had been a bit disappointed when she saw only Hao Ren coming to pick her up . To her surprise, all the girls that she had missed came to welcome her home .

She was especially happy when Su Han, the most mature and considerate one, had also taken the time to come to see her .

"Let us . . . " The girls fought to pick up the rest of the bags for her .

Su Han had walked to the crossing and got two taxis .

The people around the train station were amazed to see five beautiful girls carrying dirty knitted bags and helping an elderly lady into a taxi, wondering who the elderly lady was and how she had so many pretty granddaughters .

Hao Ren put the knitted bags into the trunk of the taxi and followed Grandma into the car .

Xie Yujia sat beside Hao Ren, and the three seats in the back row were full . Gritting her teeth, Zhao Yanzi got into the passenger seat reluctantly .

Su Han and the Lu sisters got on the second taxi, following Grandma back home .

"Little Yujia, you got thinner," Grandma picked up Xie Yujia's tender hands and sighed a little .

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Xie Yujia smiled shyly . She had indeed lost weight with her mind full of Hao Ren each night recently .

"Grandma, I'm thinner too!" Zhao Yanzi immediately turned her head and interrupted .

She was jealous that Grandma showed concern only for Xie Yujia . If Grandma favored Xie Yujia more, she would lose all the advantage that she had accumulated before .

Grandma looked at her up and down and said, "No . Little Zi is plumper . "

"Ah? Not at all!" Zhao Yanzi tried to refute . After all, girls were afraid of being fat, especially when Grandma said she was plumper while Xie Yujia got thinner . Didn't it mean that Xie Yujia has lived miserably while she has been happy?

"Hehe, your chest is plumper," Grandma said with a smile .

"Oh . . . " Zhao Yanzi opened her mouth slightly and looked down at her own chest . Then, she saw Hao Ren looking at her chest at Grandma's words .

She turned back immediately and blushed .

Hao Ren looked at Grandma and thought that she was definitely not hiding anything on her mind .

"While I was away, did Little Zi and Little Yujia get along well?" With a benign smile, Grandma asked gently .

Xie Yujia glanced at Zhao Yanzi who was sitting in front of her and remained silent . If she replied with good, she was afraid that Zhao Yanzi would accuse her of being fake .

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Seeing the silent, Grandma asked, "What is it?"

"We got along well, Grandma!" Zhao Yanzi turned her head and said .

"Good! I'm relieved!" Grandma patted her chest in satisfaction and continued, "When I was in the countryside, I worried most about you girls . I hope you can take care of each other . "

Hearing Grandma's words, Zhao Yanzi felt guilty when she thought of the way she had treated Xie Yujia in the past .

Xie Yujia had some tears in her eyes, knowing that Grandma cared for her the most .

The taxi came to the residential area by the ocean, and Xie Yujia and Zhao Yanzi fought to take the bags into the house after the taxi arrived, eager to show their best side before Grandma .

The other taxi stopped behind them, and Lu sisters came out of the car with Su Han .

It was still drizzling, but it didn't dampen their passion toward Grandma as they held an umbrella for Grandma .

"How have you been lately, Linlin, Lili?" Grandma asked them .

"Very well! We missed you very much, Grandma!" The Lu sisters were full of sweet words .

"Hehe . . . I'm back now . When I was in the countryside, I worried about you girls the most . . . " Grandma said while she walked to the house .

Her words touched the Lu sisters while Hao Ren didn't know how to react, knowing that Grandma had said the same words to Xie Yujia and Zhao Yanzi only ten minutes ago .

When he was still thinking about it, Su Han entered the house after paying the taxi driver . Grandma picked up her slim hands benignly and asked, "Little Su, how have you been lately . . . When I was in the countryside . . . "

"Ugh . . . " Hao Ren was at a loss for words .

After entering the house, the Lu sisters, Xie Yujia, and Zhao Yanzi got busy immediately, straightening up the living room, putting away Grandma's bags, and boiling water for tea .

Grandma didn't need to lift a finger while Xie Yujia and the others did everything for her .

The cold seaside home turned lively instantly despite the drizzle outside .

Due to his troubled thoughts, Hao Ren didn't achieve a breakthrough after cultivating for one night on Fifth Heaven .

Seeing Xie Yujia and Zhao Yanzi talking and laughing by Grandma's side and fighting to take tea to Grandma with some competitiveness on their faces, he knew the storm had passed .

Only with a calm mind could one cultivate successfully . If Hao Ren had known that the girls were okay yesterday, he probably would have elevated to a higher realm .

At a closer look, he realized that Xie Yujia had reached mid-tier Foundation Establishment Realm while Zhao Yanzi had reached top-tier Foundation Establishment Realm . They had obtained some progress last night since their troubled minds were cleared by a lot!

Meanwhile, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili's realm had risen back to Qian-level from Kun-level!

He then glanced at Su Han . She emitted a pale light, which was a sign of reaching the peak stage!