Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1381

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Chapter 1381

Seeing the elders and disciples of Skycloud Pavilion arriving on the scene, Jiang Chen smiled slightly . This was just what he wanted . He was going to unveil the true colors of Tian Muyun in front of everyone, so that he would have a reason to eliminate this menace and help him lay the foundation before taking control of Skycloud Pavilion .

Daoist Yufeng appeared along with the other senior elders . There was no way they wouldn’t appear given such a huge commotion . Most of these people had followed Ouyang He from the very beginning . As for the followers of Tian Muyun, most of them were people in Law Enforcement Hall and they had already been destroyed by Jiang Chen .

“Jiang Chen, we are all of the same sect . Do you really have to turn it into a life-or-death battle?”

Daoist Yufeng said with a sympathizing look . He had a divine and sage-like demeanor . He had put all his heart and soul into Skycloud Pavilion . Currently, Skycloud Pavilion had turned restless . Jiang Chen’s declaration of battle against the Pavilion Master gave him an indescribable heartache .

Although he wasn’t the person in charge of Skycloud Pavilion, he had seen how Skycloud Pavilion grew from scratch . Like Ouyang He, he had regarded Skycloud Pavilion as his own child . It was the fruit of their efforts .

“Daoist Yufeng, I’ll explain everything the momentTian Muyun arrives . ”

Jiang Chen held his fists at Daoist Yufeng . He had very high respect for this elder .

“What do you want to explain?”

Just as Jiang Chen’s words faded, another powerful momentum flew over from the interior of Skycloud Pavilion . Who could it be if it wasn’t Tian Muyun?!

“Tian Muyun, you sure have advanced to Immortal King . Good, not bad . ” Jiang Chen’s eyes fell upon Tian Muyun .  

Sure enough, this bastard had advanced to the Immortal King realm just like what Jiang Chen had predicted . This would make the battle more interesting . If Tian Muyun is still a half-step Immortal King, such a battle would be somewhat pointless .

“Jiang Chen, I have to say that you have too much audacity to show up again . Also, the Evil Lord should have come along with you right? Ask him to reveal himself . Today, I will kill the two of you in front of everyone so that I can regain the face that I have lost that day . ”

Tian Muyun made no attempt to hide his killing intent as he spoke . He swept around with his divine sense and found no trace of Yang Bufan . This raised some doubts in him .

“Humph! I, alone, am enough to kill you . If the Evil Lord is here, I’m afraid you will have to kneel and beg for mercy instantly . ”

Jiang Chen harrumphed coldly . What he said wasn’t a lie . Given Yang Bufan’s current cultivation base, Tian Muyun could not match Yang Bufan . If Yang Bufan was really here to kill Tian Muyun, Tian Muyun would have no other choice other than to beg for his life .

“Hubris! Jiang Chen, it seems like you still don’t know the power of an Immortal King . Do you think that after making some advancements in your cultivation base made you capable enough to fight me? Today, I will make you die on the battle platform, after that, I will go to Evil Abyss and kill that Evil Lord . I, Tian Muyun, am the true king of One-Line-Sky . ”

Tian Muyun’s momentum fluctuated wildly . With a leap, he reached the battle platform, seemingly about to launch a strike at Jiang Chen .

“Wait a minute . ” Jiang Chen clamored abruptly .

“What? Are you scared?” Tian Muyun sneered .

“Scared? If I was scared, I wouldn’t be here today . But before fighting, I would like to unveil some ugly secret of yours . I have come today to eradicate the menace of Skycloud Pavilion . ”

Jiang Chen’s voice was apparently louder than before . Of all the people, only Tian Muyun himself frowned after hearing the word ‘menace’ .

“Jiang Chen, what tricks are you going to show this time?” Tian Muyun’s eyes were as sharp as a cold blade, radiating chilling intent .

“Speaking of tricks, you are the one who really impressed me . Tian Muyun, can you see what this is?”

Jiang Chen said, then took out the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd that emitted an overwhelming Qi .

“Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd!”

Countless exclamation of surprise sounded from all direction . Many of them were no stranger to the halberd . It was the Natal Immortal Weapon of Ouyang He . The weapon represented Ouyang He . After his death, the halberd had vanished . Now that it had appeared again in Jiang Chen’s hand, it shocked every one of them .

“Jiang Chen, where did you get the halberd from? What about Master Ouyang?” Daoist Yufeng seemed incomparably stirred .

Instead of answering Daoist Yufeng’s question, Jiang Chen shifted his gaze to Tian Muyun . He was eager to find out what Tian Muyun’s expression would be .

“Tian Muyun, given your intelligence, I suppose you have already guessed what is going here . ” Jiang Chen said coldly .

Tian Muyun’s expression was incomparably unpleasant, but he said nothing about it .

“What’s actually going on here?” A late Golden Immortal elder couldn’t help but ask .

“Daoist Yufeng, elders, Senior Ouyang has already passed away . Before his passing, he handed this halberd and the cultivation method named Heavenly Dragon Nine Strikes to me . But he had an unfulfilled wish, that was to help him kill the malicious being . That year, Tian Muyun attacked Senior Ouyang while he was at the critical stage of advancing to the Immortal King realm . Senior Ouyang was only able to escape by burning all of his life essence . Subsequently, Tian Muyun claimed that Senior Ouyang died, and that he was the most eligible disciple to become the new Pavilion Master of Skycloud Pavilion . ”

Jiang Chen spoke aloud . Finally, the secret of Tian Muyun was revealed . He knew that no one would believe him if he spoke without evidence . With the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd in his hand, these people had no choice but to believe him .

“What? How could this be possible? I never thought Pavilion Master would be such a person . He even dared to kill his own master? Is he still human? Master has treated him like his own son . ”

“Jiang Chen shouldn’t be lying here . That year, when Senior Ouyang passed away, only Tian Muyun knew it . None of us saw the scene with our own eyes . The Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd is the most important treasure of Senior Ouyang, something that would always be with him . Now that it’s in Jiang Chen’s possession and even the Heavenly Dragon Nine Strikes was given to Jiang Chen, this has to be the truth . ”

“It seems that knowing one’s appearance and character isn’t equal to knowing one’s heart . How dare he do such an insane thing in spite of how well Master Ouyang treated him?”

…………… . .

For a moment, everyone in Skycloud Pavilion felt pained, changing the way they looked at Tian Muyun – turning the respect and admiration that they had for him into hatred and disgust .

“Tian Muyun, is what Jiang Chen said true?”

Daoist Yufeng’s eyes had already turned red . Although he was reluctant to believe Jiang Chen, he knew that there was no need for Jiang Chen to lie, because if Jiang Chen wanted a life-or-death battle with Tian Muyun, he had no reason to create such an absurd lie to delude everyone . Additionally, the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd was in his hand, which made it really convincing .  

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