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Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2039

Published at 8th of November 2019 05:30:09 PM

Chapter 2039: 2039

Wouldn’t Spare His Life

Jiang Chen’s speed was just too fast . Nothing would happen if he sat back, but once he took action, his attacks were always unstoppable like lightning until the opponent was defeated .

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In particular, once he cast a skill like Azure Dragon’s Five Steps, all five steps would be trod out continuously .

The later steps of the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps were more terrifying . With Jiang Chen’s current strength, one step was enough to crush a part of the vault of heaven .

While Huang Tianbao was still in shock, he saw Jiang Chen knocking over him and he dared not take any negligence at that moment .

“One Flower One World!”

Huang Tianbao had realized how strong Jiang Chen was, knowing that although Jiang Chen was only a Second Grade Great Sovereign, his true colors could not actually be underestimated . Jiang Chen seemed to be almost at the same level as him, or even much stronger than a normal Fifth Grade Great Sovereign .

Huang Tianbao shouted loudly, casting out all the strength he had . The Great Sovereign Law was rippling above his head, and forming up the shape of flower petal in front of his chest . There were mystical scripts on top of the petal . The petal seemed like it contained an entire universe of energy that could destroy the heavens and earth .

This was Hung Tianbao’s most powerful attack . He mastered the power of space and had comprehended the essence of One Flower One World by himself .

Unfortunately, he didn’t know that this strike actually meant nothing to Jiang Chen .

One Flower One World was a kind of essence of the Great Dao that normal people could not comprehend . Those who could comprehend the essence must be a genius of the heavens and earth, but obviously Huang Tianbao was still not qualified .

Jiang Chen was the one who really mastered the essence of Great Dao . Firstly, it was the Dao of Slaughter, and now he also comprehended the essence of Ten Thousand Dao Unite . Thus, in his eyes, he could see through the essence of different kinds of Great Dao merely with a single glance .

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Huang Tianbao’s strike of One Flower One World looked impressive, but it was actually without much substantial strength . He only instilled his formidable strength into the strike, turning it into a mould of the One Flower One World . This strike of his was still a great distance from the real essence of Dao .

Huang Tianbao might still be able to bluff his way past people with this particular strike, however, it was still a long way to go to bluff his way past Jiang Chen .

In Jiang Chen’s eyes, this was only the most common skill of attacking .


The battle still continued without pause . The third step of the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps was extremely ferocious as it treaded on that mystical petal . That particular petal that contained universe of energy was unexpectedly crushed beneath Jiang Chen’s foot . Huang Tianbao’s strike created no threat at all .

*Deng Deng Deng … . *

They were actually not on the same level at all . This time, Jiang Chen’s strike had caused significant shock on Huang Tianbao . The shock pushed Huang Tianbao more than ten steps away, only then did he managed to stabilize himself with great effort . He had a ghastly expression on his face . Other than feeling terrified, he looked somehow pale .

Apparently, Huang Tianbao had suffered serious injury from the attack just now .

However, in comparison to the physical injury, the mental shock he received was the greatest . He finally understood what Hei Sha had told him when he came out of the Miniature Fengchi World . Hei Sha said that Jiang Chen was very incredible, and he was not a match for him, even though Jiang Chen was only a half-step Sovereign at that time .

Huang Tianbao finally knew that he could not predict a monstrous genius like Jiang Chen with his common sense . What a pity, he had known this fact all too late .

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* Bang! *

Jiang Chen left no chance for Huang Tianbao to react and immediately trod out the fourth step . The fourth step was filled with dreadful strength that was much stronger than the third step .

Huang Tianbao was completely frightened . He started feeling immeasurable pressure from Jiang Chen . That was a kind of absolute pressure filled with unbearable strength . As the master of Leopard Hall and a formidable Fifth Grade Great Sovereign, it had been a long time since he felt suppressed in this kind of way .

“Damn! Why is this bastard so strong?”

Huang Tianbao’s eyes were filled with blood . With his ranking and status in the Immortal Court, if he was defeated by a Second Grade Great Sovereign disciple, it would be extremely humiliating .

* Clang*

Huang Tianbao shook his hand in a flash, taking out a leopard head war blade . The war blade was incredibly powerful, giving off a dazzling radiance of light .

This was an extremely powerful Great Sovereign Weapon, Huang Tianbao’s favorite battle weapon . Casting out this leopard head war blade helped Huang Tianbao to advance his lethality .

However, Jiang Chen’s speed was just too quick and left no chance for Huang Tianbao to showcase his combat weapon .

As soon as Huang Tianbao’s combat weapon released some kind of might, it was crushed underneath Jiang Chen’s foot .

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* Bang! *

This was the fourth step of the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps . One could imagine how strong it was, especially at the moment when Huang Tianbao’s condition was not as good as he was when the battle first started .

When the strength of the fourth step fell on the combat weapon, the oppressive strength kicked the blade away directly .

“What the heck?”

Huang Tianbao was furious to the point that his blood was almost spurting out . When the combat weapon was flung away, he indeed spurted a mouthful of blood . However, the blood was not out of anger, rather it was out of the injury caused by Jiang Chen’s terrifying strength .

“Huang Tianbao, you are nothing more than this . ”

Jiang Chen expressed great imposing manner . Instantly, the fifth step came out on Huang Tianbao’s head and Jiang Chen looked like a matchless demon king . His terrifyingly huge foot was formed and his imposing manner completely shrouded Huang Tianbao, leaving no chance for him to escape .


Confronting Jiang Chen’s fifth step, Huang Tianbao eventually showed deep fear because he sensed the taste of death .

At this final moment, Huang Tianbao truly understood the dreadfulness of Jiang Chen . This heaven defying genius had advanced himself indeed . Even though he was a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign, he was not a match for Jiang Chen . Perhaps, only a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign like Star Sovereign in the Immortal Court could suppress Jiang Chen .

“Oh my god! This is so terrifying . Huang Tianbao is not a match for Jiang Chen at all . This is too startling . Who would believe this if they didn’t see this with their own eyes?”

“Oh no . Jiang Chen’s Azure Dragon’s Five Steps is indeed too destructive and strong . If Jiang Chen wants to kill Huang Tianbao by stepping upon Huang Tianbao, he will die without any doubt . ”

“Ferocious . He was the master of Leopard Hall . If he dies, that would be a huge loss to the Immortal Court . ”

…… .

No one foresaw that this would happen . The result of the battle was out of everyone’s expectation . Everyone was dumbfounded by Jiang Chen’s strength and this was unbelievable .

Now, Jiang Chen wanted to kill Huang Tianbao, then the death of Huang Tianbao would be a significant matter to the Immortal Court .

“Jiang Chen, when it is possible to let people off, one should spare them . ”

Ling Liqun finally said something . His face was filled with great shock . Instead of taking any action, Ling Liqun only tried to stop Jiang Chen verbally because the battle between Jiang Chen and Huang Tianbao was a life-and-death battle . This was the custom of a life-and-death battle, so even Ling Liqun could not break the the rules .

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