Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 789

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Chapter 789

Intense Battle


“Jiang Chen, release elder Wu at once . ”

Luo Chang Qing’s Qi fluctuated, unleashing his fearsome power sphere . He didn’t expect that Jiang Chen would be this powerful from the very beginning . A Sixth Grade Minor Saint was instantly subdued by him . The scene had given him a huge blow for not putting Jiang Chen in his eyes . Now, he realised that he had to fight in person just to kill him .

“Release? Okay, I will release his corpse . ”

Jiang Chen smiled coldly . His True Dragon Palm gripped . All the force was placed on elder Wu’s head . Along with a ‘Ka Cha’ sound, his head exploded and turned into a fog of blood . He waved his hand, hurling the headless corpse to Luo Chang Qing and said . “As you wish, now he’s yours . ”


Luo Chang Qing raged . He had never seen such a frenzied man that is also extremely audacious . It was still fine if he came here just to cause troubles but he had killed a respected elder of the Heavenly Sect . The scene was truly unbearable .

“All of you would have to die today . ”

Jiang Chen’s murderous aura burst out across the sky as he casted the Five Elemental Spheres, he then lunged at Luo Chang Qing .

“Since you want to die so badly, I would grant your wish . ”

Luo Chang Qing’s murderous intent was even stronger than Jiang Chen . He also immediately casted his power sphere and lunged towards Jiang Chen . He had already forgotten when was the last time he fought . As a head of the Heavenly Sect and a high and mighty Seventh Grade Minor Saint, he wasn’t required to use his powers because if he did, people would simply die .


The two power spheres collided together before bouncing each other off . Jiang Chen was sent flying away roughly three hundred meters before coming to a halt . But then, Luo Chang Qing’s face turned ugly . He stared at Jiang Chen with horror .

“This is not possible . How can someone possess five types of power sphere at the same time?”

Luo Chang Qing felt that he had encountered a monster . This was unimaginable . He felt that his knowledge in cultivation all these years had been overturned by that exceptional power sphere .

“This man is terrifying . Fortunately, his cultivation is still below mine . I must finish him off today . ”

Luo Chang Qing gritted his teeth . His eyes turned even more ferocious .

‘It seems like I still need to transform in order to fight a Seventh Grade Minor Saint . ’

Jiang Chen said to himself . Just now, he deliberately attempted to test his ability but it didn’t turn out as he had expected . Although he could fight a Seventh Grade Minor Saint, it would be impossible for him to kill his opponent . As such, he needed to transform .


Jiang Chen roared facing the sky . The clouds far above all crumbled . An ancient chaotic power suddenly erupted from his body . His appearance changed entirely . His body had grown a fold bigger . Blood-red scales covered his skin, which made him look extremely ferocious and scary .

Yan Chenyu who was standing behind was in shock, leaving her mouth wide-open . This was the first time she saw Jiang Chen’s human-dragon form transformation . Naturally, she would be astounded .

“Don’t be afraid, Xiao Yu . This is a shape shifting technique . In human-dragon form, Jiang Chen’s combat strength would be increased by ten fold . Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to kill the Seventh Grade Minor Saint . ”

Big Yellow said .

Yan Chenyu nodded but Jiang Chen’s current look still terrified her .

“What is this monster?”

“This is a shape-shifting technique? I can sense that his combat strength has increased by a lot . ”

“This guy is really a freak . Why haven’t I heard about such transformation before?”

All the elders’ facial expression changed tremendously . Jiang Chen had made them dumbfounded . It was hard for them to believe that there was actually such a powerful technique in this world; if they didn’t witness it, they wouldn’t believe it .

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Luo Chang Qing’s facial expression became uglier . He could feel Jiang Chen’s combat strength multiply and was even greater than before . Even he, a Seventh Grade Minor Saint could feel the pressure coming from Jiang Chen .

“Great Grand Elder, we have to attack now and kill him . The rest of you, attack as well . Kill those two people and the dog . No, we must leave that monk alive . ”

Luo Chang Qing said . Killing a monk in Western Domain was akin to seeking death . The consequences of killing a genius of the Great Lightning Tune Temple were beyond their capabilities to bear .

“Roger that . ”

All the Minor Saint elders nodded . They weren’t fools . Their opponent was many times stronger than they had imagined, otherwise, their master and the Grand Elder wouldn’t need to fight him together .


Grand Elder made a step forward, causing a large crack in the spatial zone . Black wild gales were gushing out of the cavity .

At the same time, the remaining over thirty Minor Saint experts launched their attacks on Yan Chenyu and Big Yellow .

“Kaka, trying to kill master dog? You aren’t strong enough . ”

Big Yellow laughed wildly . A pair of golden wings emerged from his back, and he disappeared all of a sudden . He had broken through the defensive barrier of the Minor Saints and stopped above the Heavenly Sect . He opened his big mouth and roared downwards against the buildings and disciples below .


It was another Soul Crunching Tune . Wails were heard from below, along with the collapse of the buildings, turning them into ruins .

“Mo****f******, stop that dog!”

Someone cursed . A Sixth Grade Minor Saint immediately lunged at him . Big Yellow was a Third Grade Minor Demon Saint . He could fight a Fifth Grade Minor Saint, but not a Sixth Grade Minor Saint . However, his speed was absurdly fast . It was absolutely not easy for a Sixth Grade Minor Saint to kill him .


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Big Yellow laughed uncontrollably as he continued to move quickly above the Heavenly Sect . The Sixth Grade Minor Saint couldn’t catch him at all . This dog appeared at another side in just a blink . He was wrecking Heavenly Sect deliberately . His simple attack was a crowning calamity to the ordinary elders and disciples .

*Swoosh* *Swoosh* *Swoosh*

Seven to eight Minor Saint experts had split to circle Big Yellow . The group included two Sixth Grade Minor Saints . Despite this strategy, Big Yellow could still circle around the area swiftly, angering them all .

On the other side, three Minor Saint had surrounded Tyrant . Two were Second Grade Minor Saints and one was a Third Grade Minor Saint . They didn’t put this First Grade Minor Saint monk in their eyes . Their orders were to besiege him, not to kill .

The remaining Minor Saint had surrounded Yan Chenyu to attack her but her face didn’t look any different . She wasn’t the same as before . Her strength could even pressure a Sixth Grade Minor Saint . Plus, she had special abilities, like the Nine Yin Meridians and the heart of the ice god, making her skills even more deadly .

“Tyrant, I advise you to not mix in muddy water . ”

A Second Grade Minor Saint said to Tyrant .

“Amitabha . ”

Tyrant replied with a word which monks always used . Then, he struck with a palm attack at the closest Second Grade Minor Saint – Karmapa Seal .

An image of the large Karmapa became visible . It moved at maximum speed and like a huge mountain, smashed the Second Grade Minor Saint instantly .


He let out an agonizing wail . He was struck dead by Tyrant’s palm . The other two Minor Saint’s face changed instantly . They didn’t think that this monk, who looked ordinary was such a monster . He could already kill a Second Grade Minor Saint even if he is still a First Grade Minor Saint . This monk was too cruel . They did not intend to kill him, but the monk left them no choice .

“Amitabha . ”

Tyrant’s face remained unchanged, like a high ranked senior monk . This time he had returned to claim the inheritance of Ancestor Greenlotus . He had acquired three of the lost supreme seal, namely Acala Seal, Karmapa Seal and Lion King Seal . Each of the seal was terrifyingly powerful . It contained the essence of the Buddha Sect . Although he was only a First Grade Minor Saint, the power of the seal could directly kill a Second Grade Minor Saint .

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“Damn! Catch him!”

The Third Grade Minor Saint was infuriated . He launched his palm and lunged at Tyrant, intending to get a grip of him .

On the other side, Yan Chenyu was showing off her incredible power . Although there was a Sixth Grade Minor Saint, she didn’t fear them . Her icy aura rushed out, freezing the entire void . Her power sphere was the legendary Ice God Sphere . In a few breaths time, none of them could lay a hand on her, but two of them were killed by her instead .

Luo Chang Qing and the Grand Elder both witnessed this scene . They were dumbstruck . How could there be so many abnormal beings in this world? Furthermore, all of them appeared before them at the same time . The current scenario was just too frightening . Their Sect continuously suffered losses and casualties . Their Minor Saint elders were falling like flies . Furthermore, the dog was wrecking their buildings . Luckily, he was already surrounded by several Minor Saints, but none of them could kill him as he was too cunning .

Luo Chang Qing and the Grand Elder had incisively seen through the scenario . Both the big yellow dog and that icy woman was impossible to get rid of, unless they hunted them down personally . Thus, they decided that Jiang Chen must be eliminated as soon as possible . Once Jiang Chen was killed, the rest of them wouldn’t be a threat anymore .


Luo Chang Qing shouted along with the Grand Elder, lunging at Jiang Chen .

Two strong Seventh Grade Minor Saints had unleashed their Qi, covering the sky . Their murderous intent was soaring up to the sky and their power sphere had wrapped around Jiang Chen .

“Five Elemental Spheres . ”

Jiang Chen unleashed his power sphere, the powerful Five Elemental Spheres . This made him the most abnormal being in this world .


The dragon wings behind his back flapped . A wild wind was created from it . In the next moment, he appeared in front of the Grand Elder and clawed at him with his sharp dragon claws .

“Heavenly Dominant Palm . ”

The Grand Elder wasn’t slow in his response and immediately sent out one of his powerful combat techniques . A brilliant palm seal charged at Jiang Chen . In fact, he had no idea that if he confronted Jiang Chen directly, the next thing that would welcome him was his destruction and death .