Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 812

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Chapter 812

Like A Tortoise in A Jar


The thought just naturally came to Dark Liuyun, he guessed that it was Jiang Chen’s doing . His Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion had been fine for so long but was destroyed as soon as Jiang Chen arrived . He wouldn’t believe that this was done by the people of Dark Generation . No one in Dark Mulberry City would dare to commit such an act . Coincidentally, Jiang Chen and his friends were the first group of people that arrived in their city when the domain opened today .

In the courtyard, Jiang Chen was pacing back and forth . His body was full of murderous intent and his face was filled with coldness . Even though he had destroyed the Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion, Jiang Chen still had a lot of fury contained inside of him that was ready to erupt at any given moment . He would never forget the pitiful conditions of those girls, especially the pathetic and despairing eyes of the little girl – Ying Er . These scenarios were like steel needles that had pricked his heart . The only way to express his anger was to kill Dark Liuyun on behalf of the eight girls .

“Brother Chen, what happened to you?”

“Little Chen, your face looks very unpleasant . ”

“Chen Er, did you find something bad?”

The three of them could clearly see Jiang Chen’s strange behaviour . It was totally different from the time he went out . They could feel a volcano-like thing about to explode inside of him .

“Such a heartless and evil man… Dark Liuyun must die . Anyone who entered the Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion, the entire Dark Generation must die . ”

Jiang Chen said in a very cold tone . The green veins on his fists were twitching . His willpower was as strong as steel for he had already been in numerous battles and had watched countless of people die . Usually, he would be able to maintain his composure regardless of anything that he faced . However, today’s incident had really ignited his fury to the extent that he couldn’t control it anymore . The heaven should know how Jiang Chen felt when he killed those girls .

“Brother Chen, what had actually happened?”

Yan Chenyu asked .

Jiang Chen took a deep breath to calm his racing emotions . If his mind was born without rationality, he would have annihilated the entire prefecture .

Then, Jiang Chen told them everything that he had encountered just now . Their faces instantly changed, especially Yan Chenyu’s . The cold air that she released could freeze a barbaric ancient beast to death . Tyrant and Dan King were angered despite having not seen those scenes in person . They could already imagine that Dark Liuyun would certainly do the same thing to Yan Chenyu . The consequences would certainly be dire if he succeeded . Of course, he wouldn’t .

“Amitabha . ”

Tyrant held both of his palm together . His face looked sad before he opened his mouth and cursed . “Motherf*cker! He is worse than a monster . The punishment below the 18 layers of hell won’t be enough for him . This is truly infuriating!”

“Ai, many young princes of Dark Generations have a hobby like this . I wouldn’t even know that they treated human girls like toys for pleasure if it wasn’t for Chen Er . They are overly violent . ”

Dan King sighed . Anyone could imagine how much it would hurt the families and friends of those girls once they found out the truth .

“Brother Chen, we must not let that Dark Liuyun go . ”

Yan Chenyu said coldly .

“Not just Dark Liuyun . ”

Jiang Chen showed a cold smirk . Everyone here knew about Dark Liuyun’s ‘good’ deeds, be it the guards of the city or the guards of the prefecture . They treated their prince’s deed as a normal thing in their daily lives . Jiang Chen wanted to take revenge on behalf of those eight girls including those girls who were already dead . He wanted those people to accompany the girls’ death .

“The time is almost up . Less than an hour to go . That dude will be here very soon . ”

Tyrant said .

“I have destroyed his Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion . He won’t have any problems guessing that it was my doing . I am sure that he is overwhelmed by fury now . He would be the first one to reach here as soon as the time is up . ”

Jiang Chen smiled coldly .

“Oh ya, little Chen . Perhaps we can do this the easy way . ”

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Tyrant smiled . “The dark element is prevalent in the physique of the Dark Generation . That means the edifying light might work on them . If they can be edified, it would save us a lot of effort . ”

“I haven’t thought of that, but the attribute of this world is different from the Saint Origin Realm . There are only light and dark element here, and the Dark Generation are the only living creatures here . I’m afraid that the edifying light won’t work on them because the environment of this world required them to be evil . ”

Jiang Chen said .

“We’ll know after trying . ”

Tyrant smiled .

An hour passed by very quickly . The four of them were sitting in the courtyard, waiting for the arrival of Dark Liuyun . Sure enough, Dark Liuyun was punctual .

“My guests, how is your stay going?”

Dark Liuyun’s voice had already reached them even before he arrived, his tone wasn’t as polite as it was during the day . Perhaps, he didn’t have to hide it anymore . Politeness was completely unnecessary to those people who are about to die . To him, they are no different than insects .

Behind Dark Liuyun was an old man with a peak Sixth Grade Minor Saint realm cultivation . The both of them carried a ferocious smile . Maybe it was because of the night sky, they looked exactly like a devil in the gloom .


Jiang Chen struck his spell as soon as they appeared . He casted the edifying light . It went straight through Dark Liuyun’s body with a swoosh . Dark Liuyun’s eyes frowned, he checked his body and found no injuries . In his opinion, Jiang Chen tried a sneak-attack on him but didn’t know that he had already lost his combat strength . As such, Jiang Chen’s attack didn’t do anything to him .

Jiang Chen kept the edifying light . He shook his head to Tyrant . The result was just as he predicted .  The edifying light wouldn’t work in a strange world like the one they were in . This world is not the same as the Devil World . The devils in the world would succumb to the edifying light . Although the Devil World was also an independent spatial zone, it needed the support of the Saint Origin World to exist . In other words, the lands of the Devil World was connected to the land of the Saint Origin World, as well as the natural elements of the world . Void Triangular Domain was not connected to any other worlds . The natural disaster in this world was affected by the source of the world . As such, the people of Dark Generation wouldn’t succumb to the edifying light .

Jiang Chen really didn't plan to use the edifying light . The best way to deal an animal like Dark Liuyun was to use a direct force to pulverize him .

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“Prince Liuyun does have a lot of free time to make a visit in our compound in the middle of the night . ”

The four of them were sitting on their seats, showing no signs of standing up to greet them .

“Jiang Chen, let me ask you one thing . Was it you who destroyed my Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion?”

Dark Liuyun asked straightforwardly .

“That’s right . It was I did that . I have also promised to avenged them . ”

Jiang Chen’s body was full of murderous intent, he was holding himself back from lunging forward to rip Dark Liuyun into pieces .

“Son of a b*tch! These lowly humans . You just wasted my hospitality . You have killed my guards and general but I didn’t account that for your debts . I continued to greet you warmly . It is really hateful that you returned my kindness with ingratitude . ”

Dark Liuyun’s expression darkened, thinking of his Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion that had been destroyed by this bastard .

“Haha! I have seen many shameless people but they were not as shameless as you . Your degree of shamelessness has reached an unreachable level . Did you really think that putting poison in tea means showing your warm hospitality to us?”

Tyrant cursed .

“It seems that you have already known about it, but all of you have already temporarily lost your cultivation . You are as weak as insects in front of me . I could easily kill all of you with a single breath from my mouth, but I would never let all of you die so easily . You will be tortured boundlessly to death, aside from this beautiful lady . It is totally worth it to exchange the Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion for such beauty . ”

Dark Liuyun had finally revealed his true self . Since his opponents had already lost all their cultivation, he could just do whatever he wanted .

He walked towards Jiang Chen and raised his palm to send a slap . He must control his strength, otherwise the fun would be over if Jiang Chen died .

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A loud noise resounded throughout the courtyard . But, the one who received the slap wasn’t Jiang Chen, it was Dark Liuyun . He was sent flying away by Jiang Chen’s slap, hitting a rock at one side . The impact had smashed the rock into pieces .


Dark Liuyun spurted out a mouthful of blood with a ‘Wah’ sound . His face was full of surprise .

“You still have your cultivation . ”

Dark Liuyun’s eyes were in disbelief . The thing that he was amazed the most was Jiang Chen’s strength . He was a powerful Fifth Grade Minor Saint whereas Jiang Chen was only a Third Grade Minor Saint . How could he possibly be sent flying by someone who was two grades lower than him? As a matter of fact, his strength was enough to defeat an ordinary Sixth Grade Minor Saint . He had a feeling that Jiang Chen didn’t use his full force in his slap, otherwise he might already be dead .

“Don’t worry about it . My thoughts are aligned with yours . I won’t let you die so easily as well or else it would be very unfair to those you have tortured and harmed . ”

Jiang Chen’s tone suddenly turned very cold . The moment Dark Liuyun came to the courtyard, he had already become the tortoise trapped in a jar, awaiting to be slaughtered .

“Impossible . I saw you drank the whole cup of Sequoia Dragon Tea earlier . ”

Dark Liuyun couldn’t believe the facts that was right in front of him because he clearly saw Jiang Chen gulping down the tea earlier . He was sure that Jiang Chen wasn’t pretending back then .

“There are still a lot of other impossible things to discover and this is just the beginning . ”

Jiang Chen smiled coldly .