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Dragon Order of Flame - Volume 1 - Chapter 4.12

Published at 31st of May 2017 06:28:34 AM

Chapter 4.12

Chapter 4 Part 12

The Orc Controller that had led over 100 Orcs with the use of the Giant Lizard, was now running through the mountain trails while panting . Orcs were known to never retreat during a battle, and would often be considered to be fighting with madness . However, the Orc controller being born a bit special and knowing this fact, it did not want to die . As its minions were fighting the humans and were losing the battle, it decided to run away .

‘Humans, I will not forget this humiliation . I will rule over a stronger dragon type and get my revenge . ’

Burning with resentment, the Orc Controller’s walking speed came to a crawl . It was because it had thought it had run far enough, and that there wouldn’t be any human pursuers .

However, its judgment was wrong . Being sensitive to the auras of different species, it could feel that a human was quickly getting closer .

“Are you a pursuer?!”

Lamenting the fact that its body was slow, the Orc Controller once again began to run . Having a robust body of an Orc, it was still faster than the average human .

However, it was useless . Its senses could feel that the human pursuer was still rushing towards him at an immensely quick speed .


Suddenly, the sound of shaking trees could be heard from behind, as something flew over like a bird and landed in front of the Orc Controller’s face .

“Oot cha . ”

Using the speed of a monkey to travel between the tree branches, the one blocking the Orc Controller’s path was Luke . Seeing the familiar light brown hair and blue eyes, the Orc Controller’s eyes grew wide with surprise .

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“You’re the human that killed Calvad!”

“As I thought, it seems like a Controller is able to feel the death of its dragon type?”

As Luke was making invidious remarks, the Orc controller asked with a growl in its voice .

“How did you follow me?”

It would understand if it was the humans from before, but Luke had been chased by the Giant Lizard, so it was impossible for him to follow it .

“Hoot . ”

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As if waiting for its opponent to ask him that question, Luke laughed . He raised up his hand and started waving it as if he was teaching it a lesson .

“As long as I have my detector Volkar, you will never be able to run from me!”

<First you use me as an Orc Shaman detector, and now I’m an Orc Controller detector?>

As Volkar was mumbling with a discontented tone, Luke ignored him and raised a fist up .

“It would be different if you were a normal Orc, but seeing as how you’re an Orc Controller, I would be very worried for the future if I let you go . For that reason, you will have to die here today . ”

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“You rascal!”

Realizing that it had nowhere to run, the Orc Controller brought out its thick sword, and rushed forward with a spirit that did not lose to the Orc Warriors .

The sword was swung, but Luke did not even think of evading as he continued to stand in the same spot . He lightly lifted his left hand and drew a circle above his head . The sword that was falling forward, hit the circle, and deflected off to the side – hitting nothing but air . As the direction of the force was suddenly changed, the Orc Controller lost its balance, and it was thrown into Luke’s embrace . And, as if waiting for this moment, Luke’s right hand flew in towards a defenseless face .

Pu uk!

The sound of a watermelon breaking could be heard as the Orc Controller’s face sunk in, and it lost its life .

“… . That’s for treating my brother like a fool . Well, I guess I’ll be able to use it against him for the rest of his life . ”

Wiping off the blood that was splattered on his hand, Luke turned around . This time, he really did head towards the village .

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