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Dragon Order of Flame - Volume 1 - Chapter 4.2

Published at 11th of May 2017 10:10:47 AM

Chapter 4.2

Volume 1


Chapter 4 Part 2

“… . . Uh ra ra??”

(Djinn: Hard to describe, but I would say it’s similar to “What the?”

Luke opened his eyes as the sky changed to an astonishing color, and the rays of sunlight were too bright for his eyes to see . (In the dream of course) . When the dream ended and Luke’s conscience was brought back to reality, Luke felt a sudden stiffness overcome him, making it difficult to breathe .

“What is, this?”

As time passed, Luke could feel everything returning back to how it was . The overwhelmingly enormous and detailed sensitivity of a dragon was reverting back to a human’s . At first, these 2 feelings were colliding with each other, making the body feel distressed . But, as time went on, the body became used to it .

That is to say, it is the difference between a normal human’s worthless perception, compared to a well-polished, to the limit, extrasensory perception (aka ESP) . However, the gap between the 2 are too big to compare . Generally, it was difficult to imagine that one’s perception was so contemptible .

“Volkar, what kind of masterpiece is this?”

Luke asked, as frustration overcame his heart . After some time passed, Volkar finally responded back .

<This is no masterpiece . Just a mistake . >

“What do you mean by mistake? The fact that I could see your memories through a dream?”

<That’s right . For reference, I was also able to see your memories within my dream . Seems like you had a lot of interest in women . I never would’ve thought that when you were younger, just because you thought a random girl’s back was beautiful, you followed that girl around for several days, just so you could figure out her name, all just for some other guy to come and confess his love to her, and as you watched them become a couple, you ended up crying all night by yourself……>


Yelled Luke, as he was reminded of his embarrassing childhood past .

As Luke was trying to control his breathing, he mumbled .

“Euuukk, Why is it that we both got to see each other’s past, yet mine ended up being something like that? This is unfair!”

<What did you see in your dream?>

“That is…… . . ”

Luke described his dream to Volkar, and Volkar spoke .

<That happened 2,704 years ago . Dirkus is a really strange guy . Out of all the dragons, he’s the strangest . >

“He’s the dragon that made it possible for you to explore the world right?”

<That’s right . >

“What type of guy is he for you to be calling him strange?”

<As I’ve told you before, we dragons are solitary figures that do not care about other existences . However, that guy is different . >


<As soon as he figured out a way for us to explore the world, he reached out to all the dragons to boast and annoyingly bothered us to try using it . Thanks to him, it became a trend to us dragons . Although we dragon’s contacted each other when we developed new magic, or needed help with a research we were working on, no one made as big of a fuss as that guy did . >

“Someone with good sociable skills…… . If all the dragons’ personalities are exactly as you say, I can see why he’d be considered a freak . ”

<That’s not all . Generally, when a dragon needs to use a tribe, it would either use them as attendants or troops to be placed near the outer parts of its residence . However, Dirkus put about 2,000 above average, intellectual tribes of different species into a location near his residence and became its overlord . By doing this, even if he didn’t go out to explore the world, he could still socialize with the different species . He was also very interested in their culture . Whenever we spoke to each other, he was always doing something strange, like playing with a human made instrument, or participating in a theatre……… . >

“… . . goodness, what an interesting dragon . ”

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Luke could feel that the dragon named Dirkus, was someone with lots of interest .

What Luke discovered as he was fighting Volkar in the past, was that dragons did not make contact with humans unless it had to do with the evil sorcerers, or if the fearless humans instigated an attack on them .

This was also the case, even when Volkar was insane and stampeding around everywhere . Luke figured he could try and borrow the strength of another dragon, so he went to the residence of a known dragon to ask, but was responded back with a cold attitude . Luke wasn’t even allowed to see the dragon’s face . Because the dragon was giving off a “who cares what happens to you guys” attitude, the angry Luke tried to start a fight with the dragon in order to see what it looked like, however, he ended up having to run away and barely kept his life .

If Dirkus really is such a strange dragon, wouldn’t it be possible to gain his helping hand?

Volkar snorted as Luke gave out his opinion .

<I won’t stop you from attempting it, but there is one thing you should make do with remembering . >


<Dirkus likes draconians, drakes, elves, mermaids, and even birds . Especially being in the body of a man, he’s a dirty guy who likes relationships with other female species . However, if it’s a human, he will hate them equally whether they’re a man or a woman . >

“… . . why?”

<Because only humans will start a fight with a dragon, whilst not knowing their own place, and will create ridiculous amounts of disaster if they were to borrow strength from us dragons . Not only that, but humans are always trying to enslave other species, like the ones Dirkus likes . >

“Mmm… . ”

It would definitely be difficult for Dirkus to like humans, if he’s affectionate towards elves . Humans have done far too many cruel acts to them .

“Still, I think it’s worth a try . What, either way, our relationship with elves need to be fixed at some point, so tell me where Dirkus resides at later . ”

<That much I can do . Even if it might not change anything . >

Volkar spoke apathetically . It was easy to tell by his tone that, although he can help, he wasn’t expecting much out of it .

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Luke asked .

“Anyways, what’s going on today? You said it was a mistake, but what exactly are you calling a mistake?”

Through their dream, they were able to see each other’s memories .

It’s the first time for something like this to happen, since returning back to the past 2 and a half months ago . Luke felt that it was best to learn the exact reason for this happening, and not let it pass over just like that .

Volkar responded back .

<Until now, I’ve made it so that you and I would not be able to understand each other’s thoughts, unless it was done through ‘talk’ . I actually have to put a lot of effort in doing this . >

“Only through ‘talk’? What does that mean?”

<You and I must go through the process of ‘talking’ in order for us to converse with each other . Although I do not have a body and am residing within you, I must ‘talk’ with you as if I had a body of my own in order for us to communicate . Of course, we may be able to understand each a little if we were to accidentally release some of our feelings . However, deep feelings and thoughts, or speaking with just the mind is impossible . >

“Of course . But, you’re saying that that was your intent?”

<Having 2 souls in 1 body is a very dangerous situation . Honestly, the distance between you and I is not as far apart as you think . You may not know the condition of the souls, because you are the owner of this body . However, I must always put in an effort to stay as far away from your soul as possible . I’m sure a dead brain like you can kind of understand what I’m trying to say, and the meaning behind being able to feel another’s emotions . >

“Even slight changes in my feelings, I was confused as to whether it was yours or mine . Once I sat down and thought about it, I would later figure out that it was actually your emotions……Isn’t there a mind control spell that dark magicians used to use that’s similar to this?”

Understanding what Volkar was stating, Luke couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable .

To freely be able to understand another person’s thoughts meant that one was becoming contaminated with the other’s memories and feelings . Their experiences and emotions become your delusions, and your ego itself will start to fall apart .

Volkar replied .

<That’s correct . If I didn’t restrain myself, our memories and feelings would intercept and put our egos into a dangerous state . Our souls are alarmingly close to each other right now . >

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“Shit . I have a ticking bomb inside my body . So dangerous . ”

Luke’s mind was going insane with what Volkar was implying .

While Luke has only lived for 37 years, Volkar has lived for over 8 millennia . In other words, the amount of memories Luke had compared to Volkar was incomparable . If the final wall was to be breached, and was tofall apart… . then……

‘My ego could be the one to be destroyed . ’

What would happen after the 8 millennia of memories were to destroy the 37 years’ worth of memories?

Luke was finding it hard to breathe as he thought of this unthinkable possibility . Until now, Luke just thought of Volkar as an annoying existence within him, but for it to actually be such a deadly situation…

‘If by chance, Volkar had evil intentions, I’m sure it would be very simple for him to take over my body……’

Thinking this way, Luke started seeing Volkar in a new light and gained new trust in him . Either way, Volkar wanted to stop himself from doing the evil sorcerer’s bidding, saved Luke’s life, and sent him back to the past . And, although they gripe at each other on a daily basis, Volkar has continued to treat Luke with care .

Volkar spoke .

<I’m just a body less soul, and because of that, my strength is heavily restricted compared to the past . The ability to control my memories and emotions have definitely dropped compared to when I had the body of dragon . Thus, resulting in the influence of your small and weak human body . I will once more say this, Luke Astal, hurry and learn how to use magic, so that you may separate yourself from me . Your life and destiny are within magic, and it is not the time for you to be stubborn with strength training . >

“Mmmm… . ”

Having realized the severity of the situation, Luke couldn’t stop himself from groaning .

However, he did not confirm that he would be learning magic at this moment . He figured he would go forward with it later in the future .


Chapter 4 Part 2 Completed .

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