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Dragon Order of Flame - Volume 1 - Chapter 5.1

Published at 6th of June 2017 12:04:33 AM

Chapter 5.1

Chapter 5 Part 1

Luke was once again dreaming of a past that wasn’t his .

It was a very long time ago, much further into the past than when he was born .

Clearly knowing that this was a dream, Luke realized that he was in the shape of an enormous Dragon . He was 60 meters long from head to tail, and was bent forward looking at something . It was a similar feeling to being on top of a cliff and looking downward .

Of course, that dizzy feeling was only being felt because Luke was a human . The original owner of this body Volkar, was used to this feeling and did not feel the same as Luke .

“Dirkus . ”

Volkar spoke as he bent forward looking at the existence that was the size of an ant .

“Long time no see . As always, are you still staying here?”

The one that answered with a pleasant voice had a white body and vibrant colored wings . It looked like a big bird, but looked similar to that of a human . It was a type of bird that could not fly, so it lived above unreachable mountains, and was said to be rarer than even elves .

Volkar spoke .

“Every time I see you, your body is always changing . ”

“It’s because my partner has changed . ”

DIrkus responded with a laugh .

Sharing the same senses as Volkar, Luke was very surprised to be able to see such a small figure in detail . As if grabbing an ant and bringing it close to the eyes, no, even that wasn’t enough . Maybe it was the same feeling as using magic to be able to see it so clearly? Either way, the figure in front of Volkar was very detailed .

‘Such overwhelming senses . ’

Waking up from the previous dream that Luke had of Volkar, he realized how pitiful a human’s senses were . It was the same feeling as how a sick person would miss his old body, before he got sick . This was the same situation . No, Luke was able to feel it more vividly now than before, because he had accepted the fact that this was not his dream .

Everything was extremely vivid . Luke could feel even the most subtle of pressure differences, temperature differences, the bugs crawling around the area, and even distinct sounds that are being produced everywhere .

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The moment Luke perceived all these things, he fell into a state of panic . He could not believe the fact that Volkar was easily ignoring the massive amount of information coming in, and was just casually speaking to another being .

Volkar asked .

“What’s your reason for coming here today? The multi-dimensional identification experiment that you requested last time won’t have any results for another 428 hours . ”

“Ah, I’m not here for that . I came here to give you an invitation . ”

“An invitation? To your place?”

“Yes . You know that I gathered some guys and created my own village right?”

“I do . ”

“Those guys just formed a large band not too long ago, and they want to throw a concert for me . I figured it would be more fun if there were more people, so I’m going around sending out invitations . ”

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“How futile . ”

“We don’t have anything else to do anyways, unless those devils appear again or a rift opens . Theatre might be a no go for some people depending on preference, but music is something that can be appreciated by everyone . Paldar, Ordus, and Kerban have already agreed to come . Sometimes you just need to switch up the mood . All the other dragons don’t really care for the things that happen in the world, but you’re just too extreme . It’s been 1500 years since I’ve taught you how to create a separate body to travel the world, yet you’ve been stuck here researching magic . Do you really not know how to have fun besides studying and researching magic?”

“No . ”

“Hey, you can stay within your hole once in a while, but to have done it for 1500 years, I’m worried you might become a fossil . Either way, I’ve put a lot of my attention to this event, so come . You can scan for the devils with your main body . ”

“I’ll think about it . ”

“Nothing big is going to happen just for saying yes, so why don’t you just agree to coming? You’ll be able to enjoy a very different type of music, because of the many different species that are joined together in the band . Paldar and I also created a game using our magic . It’s a game where you use magic to create a world similar to this one and to control its ecosystem . With your skills, I’m sure you can make quite a fun world, no?”

“That at least sounds interesting . I’ll go . When is it?”

“… . . you really don’t have any interest in anything else besides magic, huh, you neet . ”

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Dirkus was dumbfound with Volkar as he grumbled to himself . Compared to Volkar, Dirkus felt that he had an abundant amount of emotions .

“It’s going to be exactly 1 month from now . Since you’re going to have to make a duplicate of yourself anyways, make sure you look pretty before you come out . Alright?”

“I’m never going to make a female body . Just thinking of you drooling as you look at my body makes me want to puke . ”

“I’m glad to hear that you still have some emotions . I can now relax . Well then, I’ll see you at the time of the event . ”

Dirkus smiled as he started using magic . Space magic, which even the human wizards and witches could not grasp the basic foundation of, was released and Dirkus disappeared – leaving Volkar alone within the big open space .

Volkar rubbed his chin and with a serious expression, muttered .

“A neet is it…… . . ”

Hearing what Volkar muttered, Luke could not contain his laughter as he laughed out loud and woke up from this dream .

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