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Dragon Order of Flame - Volume 1 - Chapter 5.8

Published at 27th of June 2017 06:49:46 PM

Chapter 5.8

Volume 1


Chapter 5 Part 8

The next day, hearing the news of Luke’s departure, Marvin stood for a moment with a blank expression . The maid that had passed the news over to Marvin, stared at him with wonder .

“…… . . Young master?”

“Ah, I just thought of something else right now . Alright . You can leave . ”

Marvin quickly came to his senses as he sent his maid away .

And just as his daily routine was, Marvin conducted his studies of being a noble in the morning, and then grabbed his sword and walked towards the training grounds during the night . Although Luke was now gone, Marvin’s daily routine had not changed .

“Ah . ”

Walking without thinking, Marvin suddenly realized that he was currently walking towards the forest . If he was going to train by himself, or if he wanted to train with one of the knights, Marvin just had to go towards the drill hall . Yet, he was currently walking towards the secret training ground within the forest, where he had trained with Luke .

“Chet . It’s become a habit . Well, I guess it’s good for training alone, so I’ll continue to use the area . ”

Although Marvin was alone, he spoke out to himself as if giving an excuse, and arrived at the training ground .

Holding his sword in the vacant space and by himself, Marvin felt lonely for some reason . He ran around within the vacant space, swung his sword several times, and then mumbled to himself .

“It was quite small when two people were using it, but it’s much more spacious when I’m alone . ”

When he and Luke were training together, he was always annoyed that the training ground was too small . When he dodged Luke’s attack and stepped back a little, he would always end up running into a tree . However, using the place by himself now, it didn’t feel small at all .

“Ah . ”

Marvin noticed a tree that had a deep scar within it . The damage that looked to be done from a sword was made by Marvin after he had learned a special skill from Luke . Right below the scar, a deep and round imprint could be seen . It was an imprint made from Luke’s fist .

Reaching out to touch the scar, Marvin suddenly heard the compliment that Luke had said to him .


‘Oh, you’re pretty good, huh? You seem to have built up enough strength within your body to be able to do this so easily . That’s right, if you focus your ki for a moment at the tip of the sword, you can do something like this, even if you don’t touch your opponent . I don’t have to explain to you the advantages of this attack, right?’


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“…… . . Heung! I know, even if you don’t run that cocky mouth of yours . ”

Although Luke wasn’t there with him, Marvin spoke to himself as if he was .

For some reason, Marvin did not feel like training anymore . Sticking his sword into the ground, Marvin lay himself in the middle of the vacant space . As he looked up and stared at the sky, he recalled all the stories that Luke had told him regarding the outside world .


‘Sierra? You only think she’s pretty, because you’ve been living in a remote place like this . If you go to a city that’s bustling with more people, there’s an abundance of pretty girls . If you travel the world, your standards will also grow a little bit higher . ’


“Always talking nonsense . ”

Marvin grumbled while using his own arm as a pillow . Suddenly, realizing that he’s only been thinking about Luke this whole time, Marvin’s face turned a little red . Not long ago, he had wanted to wholeheartedly get rid of Luke from the family, yet now he was thinking about him?

Did he, by chance, actually accept him as an older brother?

The moment he thought of this, Marvin quickly shook his head .

‘No way . There’s no way something like that can happen . That damn cheeky fellow wanted to befriend me, yet he left without even saying goodbye . It would be normal for me to get mad . Isn’t that right?’

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After convincing himself, Marvin sighed . His mood was weird today, so he figured there would be no point in training any further .

“The outside world…… . ”

He suddenly thought of the words that Luke had said to him, as he told Marvin his stories of the outside world .


‘If you’re a man, you should travel the wide-open world . ’


“Yeah, that’s true . ”

Watching the cloud floating up in the sky, Marvin’s lips curved upwards .

He himself was going to leave, to the wide-open world that Luke had spoken of . He wanted to experience many things that he would never be able to experience if he stayed within this territory . He also wanted to meet a breath taking, beautiful girl, save people who were being overpowered by evil people, and wanted people to shower him with looks of respect .

“You can’t have fun by yourself after filling my thoughts up with all of this . Right, Luke?”

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He asked as if he was asking Luke that was far away from him, and began planning his trip within his head .

And, one sunny day, about 3 months after Luke had left, Count Astal received another shocking incident . He had received another letter from his son for the second time, and all he could do was release a dispirited laugh .

The content of the letter within his hand went something like this .


I will go and see how wide the world is . I will regularly send news to you, so please don’t worry .


Marvin Loan Astal .


Naturally, there was an uproar within the Astal Castle, and the Count’s wife fainted from the shock . And, looking far out into the distance, Count Astal lamented .

“Both my sons are really impatient with wanting to make my head hurt . ”


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