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Dragon Order of Flame - Volume 2 - Chapter 6.12

Published at 9th of August 2017 03:34:43 AM

Chapter 6.12

Dragon Order of Flame


Volume 2


Chapter 6 Part 12

“Sigh, is this finally their home base?”

Luke was standing on top of a tree and sighed as he stared out at the enemy base . Although the only damage that had been done to him thus far was from little scratches while moving around in the woods, he had depleted his ki and was exhausted from fighting the bandits . If this was him from the past, this amount of work wouldn’t have even fazed him, but the body he was in now was weak all around .

<By the way, did you have to keep confirming how many of the bandits were dead during the fight? Even the Viscount seemed to be in a foul mood . >

Every time Luke fought and killed his enemy, he had to make sure to count his kills to get the proper reward from the Viscount later . It seemed like this act seemed to be petty in Volkar’s perspective . However, Luke shook his head .

“If I don’t, then it’ll become easy for him to feign innocence . Even more so, since the money that he owes me right now is getting close to 20,000 reb . ”

Because Luke worked as a mercenary in the past, he knew from experience that he had to make sure that everyone knew how much he was due for . Especially in a situation like now, where he’s taking the most active role in the party .

Amongst the nobles, there were quite many of them that would give an adequate amount of money, then call it even by announcing it as a distinguished military service . It was human nature to promise empty promises when they needed something, and then feel that it’s a waste once the deed was over or close to being done with .

“I detest getting ripped off with money . If by chance I get ripped off, I’m going to go inside that guy’s house, and steal myself some interest before I leave . ”

As Luke spoke such words, he suddenly found something strange, then furrowed his brows . It was because he had found disparate existences amongst the bandits that were preparing for battle .

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“Damn shit heads . They’ve captured quite a lot of them . ”

A group of around 20 people, filled with women and children, were currently being dragged out while they were still tied up . It was obvious that the bandits were trying to sell them in order to make a profit .

“And, what’s that now?”

Luke had found something surprising amongst the people that were currently being dragged out . Although they were wearing the same shabby attire as the rest of the group, there were 2 that had features that were comparatively different from everyone else .

<They’re elves . >

Even Volkar recognized the two and spoke .

They were existences that lived in forests where human feet couldn’t wander into . They had a lifespan that was 5 times longer than humans, and they eternally stayed young, even until their death .

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Bright black hair and bright eyes, as well as pointy ears . One seemed to be in their early 20’s or mid 20’s, if compared to human age, and the other seemed to be around 17 or 18 years old .

“What is this? How are there elves mixed in with the group?”

<They were caught by the bandits?>

“That’s an obvious answer . However, for  mere bandits to capture elves…… . No, isn’t it impossible with these guys’ standards?”

<Aren’t elves pretty weak when they’re by themselves?>

“If you compare them to human standards, they’re sufficiently strong . Of course, in a fight, their stamina and physical strength is weaker than a child’s, however because they’re able to communicate with the spirits and utilize their inner strength, they’re difficult to deal with . ”

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Elves lived deep within forests and would never come out from it . Every human man in power wanted to have an elf for themselves, but there wasn’t a single one of them that was able to realize such a dream . Which is why, if an elf was to be sold behind the scenes, a huge amount of money would be moving back and forth .

“I think the reason why Viscount Nadal is so hell bent on getting rid of these bandits, is because he wants to obtain those elves . Although, I’m quite curious as to how a mere Viscount was able to get his hands on them in the first place . ”

<Are Viscounts unable to get a hold of elves?>

“It’s not necessarily proportionate to one’s property or titles, but by the looks of it, Viscount Nadal doesn’t look like he would have the money to afford them . Either way, I should save them . ”

<Save them?>

“Yes, it’s a given that I should be saving the people, and I should also help those 2 elves escape so they’re not caught again by the Viscount . ”

<Why are you trying to do that? Do you have some sort of special feelings for elves?>

“I need to make an exchange with the elves . ”

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