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Dragon Order of Flame - Volume 2 - Chapter 6.8

Published at 25th of July 2017 08:10:34 PM

Chapter 6.8

Chapter 6 Part 8

The situation with the subjugation team was a total mess . And, it was understandable, because out of the Knights that were supposed to be the core of the team, only half we’re still alive .

6 of the Knights were dead, and the rest were at the brink of death because of deadly burns . Even the 3 that had rushed in at the beginning, were unable to fight due to heavy injuries .

With this said, there were currently only 2 Knights that were able to fight, and adding Viscount Nadal into the group, it equaled to 3 .

“If these guys don’t receive attention from priests, things can get really dangerous for them . ”

Spoke the mage . He was a mage that was an official member of the Royal Wizard’s . Of course, he wasn’t a high-ranking mage, since he was out here in a backwater country . However, he still had the skills to be able to resist the explosions without a single burn on him .

<The burns are quite severe . If a human with a weak life force was to be left alone like that, they will probably die through infection . >

“Through infection? What do you mean?”

“Hm? Do you not have the basic knowledge to be able to understand what I said?”

Although Luke had a slight understanding regarding magic, he only knew some principles behind it, and the effect that would be demonstrated from it . As for biology and medicine, he knew nothing of the sort besides the things he’s heard of or have gone through personally .

Understanding this fact through several discussions, Volkar spoke with a sigh .

<There are a mountain of things to teach you . I guess I also need to understand the actual level of human knowledge . To think that you’re unaware of so many things . >

“I’m sorry for being ignorant . Damn it . Anyways, keep your mouth shut for the time being . ”

As Luke mumbled, he then walked towards Viscount Nadal . He seemed to be unleashing his anger to the person who looked to be the adjutant .

“What do you mean retreat! Don’t even say such damned words!”

“But Viscount, the damage is too great . If we don’t retreat and organize our strength……”

“I told you not to say such preposterous things! If we were to retreat and the enemy was to run away during that time, everything will be in vain! You should know as well right? If we were to lose them here, everything will be up in flames, and more than anything, do you want to feel the wrath of Marquis Kalmath?”

“I understand your worries more than anybody else, however, we don’t know what tricks these guys will play with…… . ”

Watching the two going at it with vigor, Luke abruptly interrupted them .

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“What are you going to do?”

Viscount Nadal quickly turned his head and stared with a fierce glare . Having lost his Knights in a single moment, his eyes were truly fierce, but Luke did not even bother with him .

As Viscount Nadal was about to say, “fuck off” in the heat of the moment, after realizing that the person he was looking at was Luke, he quickly held back his anger . Although Luke was young, he was worth a fortune and was a practitioner of gangchesul, and had also played an active role during this battle .

“I’m obviously going to destroy them from their roots . ”

“Isn’t the damage you received severe? You should first retreat, then organize your strength before…… . ”

“It doesn’t matter . I can take care of them with the remaining forces! No, I must!”

Luke slightly furrowed his brows at Viscount Nadal’s reaction . It seemed like a rational decision was out of the picture .

Seeing Luke’s reaction, Viscount Nadal’s attitude changed . With a sly smile, he continued to speak .

“And, I have you as well, don’t I? The enemy has already come to light . We should be able to mop them up with our remaining forces . ”

“However… . . ”

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“Ah ah, I get it . You consider your reward to be too little, because you have more work to do now with less Knight’s . Understandable . What if I add on another 3,000 reb to your current reward?”


“Chet, you’re quite greedy . Alright, I’ll give you 5,000 more . This is the most I can provide for you . ”

“Sigh, Well, if you really need to see an end to this, there’s nothing I can do . I’ll do it . Only, I want us to move more discreetly . ”

“That’s of course . We need to capture those vicious thieves, and make them wish that they were never born into this world . ”

“Alright . Then, I will scout out the surrounding area until everything is organized . ”

Luke spoke with a bitter expression, and retreated away from the Viscount . As soon as he was away from the group, he got into the trees and made a slight detour from the road . As he proceeded to move forward, he spoke .

“It’s weird . ”

<What is?>

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“I don’t get why the Viscount is so obsessed with subjugating the thieves . ”

<Isn’t it because his subordinates were done in by them? He was also almost burned to death by the enemy, so I think it’s normal for him to be angry . >

“He’s a bit too rational for it to be that . It’s obvious that he’s angry, but seeing as how he’s trying so hard to keep me here with higher rewards, he’s definitely making a clear judgment . ”

Although they had suffered damage through the bandits’ tactics, their remaining military strength of soldiers and mercenaries, were still about 130 strong . And, they also had 2 Knight’s and a mage from the Royal Wizard’s . It was more than enough force to deal with 100 thieves . It wouldn’t have been weird to have continued with the subjugation, even if Luke wasn’t part of the plan .

However, Viscount Nadal had grabbed ahold of Luke . It was because he understood the strength of the bandits through the fight that they had gone through . That is, he is trying to continue with the subjugation, knowing how dangerous the situation was .



Chapter 6 Part 8 Completed .


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