Dual Sword God - Chapter 11

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Chapter 11


Drip . . .


Within the collapsed cavern, sparkles of moonlight were flowing through the small cracks of the clustered rocks and boulders . There was a long trail of blood on the floor, which led all the way to an obscure corner . A fair distance away, the radiant moonlight shone through the cracks of the collapsed boulders .

Looking closely, a figure was lying on the ground . He was covered in blood that flowed all the way down his body onto the solid stony ground, his clothes were torn to pieces, his hair was in disarray, and his skin was ruptured in multiple areas .

Feng Yu felt as if he was now on the verge of death . He tried to move around . Sadly, his arms and legs were broken . Giving himself a quick inspection with the little strength left from his inner conscious, he realized that he was suffering from multiple internal and external injuries . If it weren't for the fact that his body was tempered beyond that of an ordinary cultivator at the same stage because of practicing the <Nirvana Flame Cultivation Technique>, he would have already long since perished .

"Sigh . . . To think I barely made it away . . . cough!" He coughed up some more blood, and his vision started to get dizzy .

Looking around the cave, he saw the sword 'Black Lightning' in a distant corner . Slowly, he tried to reach his hands out in front of him to crawl towards it, but his arms were broken and in extreme pain, he could hardly move them properly . He had to use his entire body's strength just to push himself forward because of his broken bones .

After a long while, he got to 'Black Lightning' leaving a long trail of blood behind . Upon seeing the state of the sword in front of him, he began to feel a pain inside his soul . This sword had saved his life at the most crucial moment when he placed everything into one final attack; it erupted with all its prestige using its full power to protect his life, only to be left with nothing to protect its core . Finally, resulting in a few broken pieces becoming useless scrap metal .

"If it wasn't for you . . . I would have died . . . from now on . . . the sword . . . is . . . my . . . life . . . " Feng Yu muttered while trying his hardest to stay conscious .

He bit the broken sword with his teeth and tried his hardest to flip his body over .

Thud! PUFF!

"AHH! Cough! Cough!" After barely managing to turn himself over, he coughed out a mouthful of blood while screaming due to immense pain . He then spat the sword out onto his chest and hugged it with his broken arms .

"The . . . Monkey Liquor . . . " Feng Yu tried his hardest to will some essence into the storage ring, after which he the Jar appeared in front of him on his chest . Slowly, he pushed his hands forward hitting the Jar over then biting into the cork .


After a bit of struggling, the cork was popped off by his teeth . Without wasting a single drop of the liquor, he spat out the cork and started to drink from the Jar .

After a bit of time, the monkey liquor in the Jar was gone . Feng Yu felt his insides burning as if they were continually being destroyed and rebuilt, again and again . He coughed out a few more mouthfuls of blood and was now losing consciousness .

"Cough! I . . . Will, Not, Die, Again!" Feng Yu said while blackness was slowly beginning to overcome his consciousness .

Gazing at the condition of the sword on his chest, his vision became firm . "Soon, I will repair you . . . and together . . . we will journey . . . to the peak of this world . . . Part---ner . . . " Feng Yu muttered with the last of his consciousness as he fainted into a deep sleep .


Feng Yu was currently in a space curled into a fetal position . He was surrounded by an endless sea of fire .

"Where am I? Did I die again? Sigh . . . how could this be my fate?" Looking at the sea of fire that surrounded him, he didn't know why, but he felt comfortable in his heart . He felt as if he had returned to his roots .

Soon, the fire that was around him began to change . It was no longer the color of ordinary flames . It turned bright scarlet with a bit of a golden hue giving off a noble prestige .

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"WHYYYY?" An ancient and profound voice filled with dignity began to resound throughout the flaming world .

Feng Yu was stunned . After hearing the voice, he shouted, "Who! Who are you?"

"WHY . . . DOES THE PHEONIXXXXX . . . FEAR . . . IT'S DEMISEEEEEE . . . ?" the voice replied .

Feng Yu felt confused, "Who are you! and What's with your question? What being in existence doesn't fear its death?"

"WHO I AMMMM . . . DOESN'T . . . MAATTEEERRRRR . . . YOU SHOULD CARE MOREEEE . . . ABOUT WHAT . . . YOU AREEEE . . . . " said the voice .

Feng Yu thought for a moment, "What I am . . . not who I am . . . " Suddenly, he remembered the <Nirvana Flame Cultivation Technique> and the phrase used by the ancient will .

"From fire, I came . . . and through fire, I live again . . . the blaze of the nirvana shall exist for all . . . eternity . . . " enlightened Feng Yu suddenly came to an understanding .

As if feeling the stage of enlightenment within Feng Yu, the fire surrounding him began to grow more intense and was now glowing in a golden hue .

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"WE ARE THE PHOENIX . . . THROUGH OUR NIRVANA . . . . WE EXIST, THROUGH ALL . . . ETERNITY . . . . " Feng Yu and the Eternal Ancient said as their voices synchronized, resounding throughout the flame space .

BANG! The world was thrust into an endless fire, and Feng Yu's form instantly vanished from existence .

Within the cavern, Feng Yu's form that was laying on the ground suddenly started to glow in a scorching golden red color . Soon, the clothing on his body began to burn and turn into ashes, as the golden-red light continued to grow . Finally, it surrounded a space of 10 meters creating a ball of golden-red fire .

Feng Yu was now floating inside this ball of flames, curled into the fetal position . He looked like a Fire God that descended from the 'Purgatory Realm . ' His blood began to glow, and a powerful ancient aura soon began to radiate from his entire being .


All the family elders and main descendants were gathered here seated in the lotus position . The collateral members were out handling the day to day tasks of the family .

At the center of the family members were two men seated within a central formation, each connecting to the elders and then the juniors .

They were Feng Yunlong and Feng Junling, today they both felt that they were on the verge of genuinely awakening their bloodlines and wanted to use this chance as a means of helping the others in the family stimulate their bloodlines . Although it was a long shot, it was better than just going at it alone and leaving the other members struggling to derive the seal on their own .

Suddenly, there was a significant change in Machen Town; one that would be remembered for countless eons to come .